Dave Navarro Rocks the Cruelty-Free Look
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Dave Navarro Rocks the Cruelty-Free Look

Appearing naked, with bleeding eyes, musician Dave Navarro’s new PETA ad is pretty dark, even for someone known for his edgy sense of style.

He might look a bit gory here, but by lending his face to PETA’s campaign against animal testing, the Jane’s Addiction guitarist is actually showing his compassionate side once more.

Navarro was appalled to learn about the hundreds of thousands of animals worldwide who are poisoned, blinded and killed each year in tests for the cosmetics industry. “They’re not taking a bunny rabbit and putting mascara on it. They’re injecting a chemical directly into its eye to see what kind of adverse reaction happens to it”, he says. “In many cases, parts of their body are ripped open. They’re all alive, and they’re all aware. It’s torture for the animal—it’s terrifying and painful and probably one of the cruellest things done in the name of vanity.”

So what’s Navarro’s advice for stopping this cruelty? Only buy cosmetics made by companies that refuse to make animals pay the price for their products. And if you want to do more, please take a moment to e-mail the European Commission asking that it ensure that all animal-tested cosmetics are banned in Europe without delay.

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  1. avatar sally peake says:

    how can anyone hurt innocent animals ,watch them in so much pain,and still sleep at night ???one word (why) xx

  2. avatar Elizabeth Drayton says:

    stop testing on animals; it’s so cruel. Haven’t we got enough cosmetics? No? then let the people who wear the stuff be tested. After all, we still have to make sure it’s safe for people so test on them.

  3. avatar ANNA MAIETTA says:

    stop it now , now, cruel and barbaric. stop it ban it worlwide.

  4. avatar Catherine Keohane-Johnson says:

    Worldwide ban required on this now. There is absolutely no reason to torture poor animals for vanity’s sake. We have enough on the market now, so no need for any more.

  5. avatar christine hutt says:

    No animal should be tortured it’s BARBARIC. There is no reason to test cosmetics on these poor creatures!!

  6. avatar Fred Nye says:

    They do it for the money,always have,always will,simple as that.If they had a spark of humanity in them ,it would stop.

  7. avatar Brenda says:

    Please stop testing products on defenceless animals

  8. avatar gill bleasdale says:

    This needs to stop. This is barbaric. Help end it now. no animal should be treated like this. They dont have voices , we need to be their voice. Please lets help these innocent animals now x

  9. avatar vibeke liv meinhardtr says:

    Stop this cruelty….it is inhuman and there are other ways!

  10. avatar Linda Ågren says:

    Save all animals from qruelty!!

  11. glad to add my name to this pertition

  12. avatar Sonia says:

    I can’t believe that animal testing is still carried out in the 21st century – surely there is enough knowledge of cosmetic ingredients/components to negate the need for any further testing? Please end the suffering of these poor animals now; as previously stated, we must speak on their behalf – hopefully if enough of us do, our voices will become a shout and we will be heard.

  13. Please make animal testing illegal.

  14. Make animal testing illegal, why can’t these products be tested on people?

  15. avatar Muriel Gibson says:

    No more torture on poor innocent creatures for cosmetic purposes

  16. avatar cathy richardson says:

    this day and age and people still use animals to test on!!! Its totally outrageous. And sickening. Animals are innocent. And these heartless pricks think its ok to use animals. Of course….. Animals don’t have feeling or experience pain do they… Regards.com. The people who test on animals should be tested on themselfs to experience what that poor animal goes through. But those people are nasty evil gutless swines. Imagine them in a room with us guys…. Lol. That would knock the smile of their faces

  17. avatar Catherine Marechal says:

    Please make animal testing illegal.

    • avatar Catherine Marechal says:

      arrêtez de tester des produits sur animaux, prenez les violeurs d’enfants !! ils n’ont olus rien à perdre, les animaux eux ont tout leur amour et leur calin à donner à des êtres humains sans aucune restriction de couleur de peau, de poids etc….

      STOP !

  18. avatar Teresa Allaway says:


  19. avatar Lynda Corns says:

    Animal testing HAS TO STOP, what are you trying to prove by still carrying out this barbaric practice………ashamed to be human

  20. avatar melanie drewitt says:

    This is a barbaric practice and should be banned!

  21. avatar TULA JONES says:

    Please do not torture any more innocent animals -it is barbaric!

  22. avatar Eloise Walduck says:

    This is totally unneccessary, no more barbaric treatment of any animal, yes and How do you sleep at night after making yet another ridiculous cosmetic and causing so much emotional pain, suffering, torture to innocent animals

  23. avatar Truda Taylor says:

    Animals suffering just for human vanity is not necessary or moral. It belongs in the Dark Ages.

  24. avatar shirley says:

    Animals need us to protect them not abuse them

  25. avatar amanda gardiner says:

    i dont unnderstand how this is to continue in this day and age it has to stop their are other ways to test products

  26. avatar A says:

    Doesn’t he wear leather? Ugh

  27. avatar sara says:

    No need anymore , no need at all..it needs to stop! I wonder if we started testing products on their pets how soon it would stop?

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