Camilla's Niece Tells Fortnum & Mason That Foie Gras Has No Place on British Shelves
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Camilla’s Niece Tells Fortnum & Mason That Foie Gras Has No Place on British Shelves

“Sfoie gras duck protesthocked and sickened” – that’s how Emma Parker Bowles felt after watching footage of what happens on the French foie gras farms that supply Fortnum & Mason.

PETA UK’s video, which shows how force-fed geese and ducks have thick metal tubes rammed down their throats three times a day, sometimes rupturing them, made Parker Bowles determined to speak out and urge Fortnum & Mason to stop selling this vile product. “There is no justification for this cruelty, nor is there anything ‘British’ about foie gras”, she says, echoing the sentiments of His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, who had foie gras banned from Royal menus, and Sir Roger Moore, who calls it “torture in a tin”.

Two-thirds of the British public agree with Emma and support a complete ban on the sale of foie gras in the UK. (It’s already illegal to produce it here.) And after that bastion of tradition, the House of Lords, removed foie gras from its menu last month, it’s clearer than ever that the tide is turning against the cruelly produced foodstuff.

Make your voice heard to stop the sale of foie gras, too! Take action here.

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  1. avatar Deanna says:

    End this cruelty

  2. avatar Eliza Hardy says:

    Those poor animals this is outrageous I HATE what they’re put through its so INHUMANE!!! The pain they must be put through is unimaginable…

  3. avatar Cuvelier Patricia says:

    The human beings have to come back to their senses and should be more conscious
    about what they’re eating…. the suffering of all those innocent animals !!!

  4. avatar Paneels says:

    Please eat the delicacy “FAUX GRAS DE GAIA” instead of true foie gras that is produced by torturing and then killing ducks whereas the Faux Gras is vegan.

  5. avatar sarah Harris says:

    How can anyone actually enjoy eating this product when they know what suffering these animals have gone through to “FILL A TIN” !

  6. avatar Jan Whiteley says:

    This terrible cruelty has to stop. Who wants products derived from the torture of animals???

  7. avatar BROWN-JONES says:


  8. avatar Juliet says:

    Why they need to force feed the ducks?

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