WINNING: Full Ban on Animal-Tested Cosmetics in the EU Looking Good!
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WINNING: Full Ban on Animal-Tested Cosmetics in the EU Looking Good!

A spokesperson for EU Commissioner Tonio Borg just sent us a letter today confirming that Mr Borg will not propose any delay or compromise on the cosmetics marketing ban due in March 2013, which would end the sale of all cosmetics and toiletries containing ingredients tested on animals. Actually testing cosmetics on animals is already outlawed in the EU, but starting at the end of March, companies that test elsewhere won’t be able to sell their products here either. Not only does banning testing save hundreds of thousands of animals from cruel and unnecessary experiments, it also promotes the development of new and innovative testing methods that can be used for other types of safety tests as well.

This is a very positive sign for animals, consumers and science! Keep watching this blog for updates!

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  1. avatar Danny little says:

    Stop the cruelty !

  2. avatar Corrie Foster says:

    That’s great news EU Commissioner Tonio Borg!!! Merry Christmas to you :)

  3. avatar Sian Davies says:

    Brilliant news ! Keep on fighting. You have my admiration

  4. Wonderful news. Great job to all who fight animal exploitation. May we hope for a complete ban later in the future, on all kinds of animal testing??

  5. avatar Elodie Bosco says:

    So happy to read this! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

  6. avatar ANNA MAIETTA says:

    brilliant. keep it up. GOD BE WITH YOU.X BLESS.

  7. avatar Khushboo says:

    Yayy….hope the rest of the world follows..and not only in testing cosmetics on animals…but using fur and other animal stuff in clothing !!

  8. avatar Tanya Scott says:

    This news is the best Christmas gift I could ever receive…. it actually brings tears to my eyes. The thought of animals no longer having to suffer for our vanity has been a long time coming and is well overdue. I’m proud to be a PETA member. Well done everyone.

  9. avatar Karen Lewis says:

    Great news
    Just the rest of the world to work on now!

  10. avatar Lulu Barham says:

    I am also very happy to read this! Well done PETA for all your hard work……

  11. Great great great news! Thanks PETA for all the support!

  12. avatar Dee Steed says:

    Can we have a list of companies to avoid until this goes through please.

  13. Good news. And now hope for the next steps against stopping animal testing.

  14. avatar matthew says:


  15. avatar trish says:

    bring it on!!

  16. […] (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is a UK based charity that aim to protect the rights of animals. They are campaigning to secure the ban of testing cosmetics on animals in a bid to prevent any […]

  17. Brilliant news, this has made my Christmas xxx

  18. avatar Barbara says:

    Seeing is believing! I can only hope someone will mean what they say at long last – we could do with some good news. Somehow I think it is too good to be true. Cruelty to animals will still go on and on in the farming world while farmers and farming associations such as NFU exists and make the rules. IT WILL.. IT WILL.

  19. avatar Shell says:

    This better happen! THANK YOU PETA xxxxxx

  20. avatar Jemma Thompson says:

    That’s good news!

  21. avatar Hollie-J says:

    Brilliant news!!

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