The Hobbit: PETA's 'Horses' Crash the Premiere
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The Hobbit: PETA’s ‘Horses’ Crash the Premiere

Fans were reminded of the deaths of numerous animals during the production of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, as PETA supporters converged outside the ODEON Cinema in Leicester Square at the premiere. In all, five horses, 12 chickens, a pony and several goats and sheep were allegedly maimed or killed, and PETA wants to encourage moviegoers to let Peter Jackson know that using live animals – and letting them die – is unacceptable in the age of breathtaking special effects.

There is no “back again” for the animals who suffered and died during The Hobbit‘s production. Join us in urging Jackson never to use live animals in his films again.

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  1. Fortum and Mason should be ashamed. selling a product gained from animal cruelty is distasteful and disgusting, i will NEVER shop here and intend to discredit this store by spreading the word on their vile practice at every opportunity. truely barbaric

  2. avatar SomebodySomewhere says:

    Personally I liked the added reality…

  3. I was really looking forward to seeing the Hobbit as I am a Tolkien fan & have read all his books. Owing to this cruelty I just can’t bring myself to watch it & I hope that many other like minded animal lovers will not watch it either. Peter Jackson should be fined heavily & made to give money to animal charities from the royalties which will most likely run into millions. SHAME ON YOU. Where were the wranglers who are supposed to look after the animals ???????? SHAME ON THEM TOO

  4. avatar Jemma Thompson says:

    Movie directors should stop using animal cruelty whilst filming there movies, its wrong and must stop NOW!

  5. avatar Jemma Thompson says:

    Go PETA! Movies should not use animal cruelty in them it is so wrong.

  6. With all the camera trickery today surely there’s no need for the cruelty. I won’t be going to see the film.

  7. avatar Maralyn Crook says:

    Totally unnecessary and unforgiveable….

    The world IS watching your actions.

  8. avatar Jan Glover says:

    The use of animals for entertainment must stop – NOW! Thanks PETA.

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