'Barbaric and Shameful': Oliver Stone Speaks Out Against MOD Pig Mutilation
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‘Barbaric and Shameful': Oliver Stone Speaks Out Against MOD Pig Mutilation

Stone speaks out against army cruelty to animalsOliver Stone is disgusted by the UK military’s use of live pigs as targets in training drills – and he’s not afraid to speak his mind.

“As a U.S. Army combat veteran, I was horrified to learn from my friends at PETA U.K. that the Ministry of Defence has been shipping British military personnel to Denmark to watch live pigs be shot and mutilated on firing ranges and kept alive for several agonizing hours before finally being killed in cruel trauma training exercises”, the Oscar-winning director, screenwriter and producer wrote this week in a letter to the Secretary of State for Defence, Philip Hammond. “Pigs are very intelligent beings—just like the dogs and cats with whom millions of us share our homes. Using them as targets and cutting them apart is barbaric and shameful.”

Stone’s appeal is just the latest expression of revulsion at these cruel and archaic drills: last week, another army veteran, Gideon Raff – the creator and executive producer of Homeland also told the government how wrong these exercises are.

Join Stone and Raff by adding your voice to the chorus of outrage over how the MOD is torturing animals – despite the existence of more effective training methods that use no animals at all.

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  1. avatar Pat McCaul says:

    This is appalling doing this to poor animals,

  2. This is so outrageous it defies belief. War solves nothing. Training soldiers and killing anyone is against God’s law. Enough is enough. War proves nothing it just makes money for the war machine which has now officially past it’s sell by date. Time for peace, forgiveness and understanding. We are each others brothers and sisters and that includes all God’s creatures too.

  3. avatar Kirsty Hutchison says:

    This is a repulsive disregard of animal rights
    & monstrous acts of cruelty.

  4. avatar Chrissy Hill-Watson says:

    For goodness sake when will cruelty to man and beast stop?

  5. avatar Dot Pleydell says:

    Disgraceful, shocking. What gives human beings the right to be so cruel to animals

  6. avatar Liz Porter says:

    Continuous news on animal cruelty doesnt surprise me anymore. Just horrified that this is happening.

  7. avatar Anna says:

    This is unneccesary, cruel and non-sense!!!!!

  8. avatar PENELOPE says:

    stop this its cruel

  9. avatar tracy lunt says:

    what the hell is wrong with people doing such cruel,painful attrocities to animals when there is other non cruel methods available! it beggers belief that human beings can be so heartless.

  10. avatar vibeke liv meinhardtr says:

    Be humans….don`t act like the devil himself!

  11. avatar jill hobson says:

    makes me ashamed to be British.

  12. avatar Caroline Denison says:

    I am from a military family and I am disgusted as hell that they use poor animals in their experiments.Kill the enemy by all means,but leave the poor animals alone. What did they ever do to you?

  13. avatar Harry Taylor says:

    Absolutely disgusted with this practise on defenceless animals. What a waste. Why not use child molesters & paedophiles instead of the taxpayer wasting £40,000 per scumbag, to keep them alive! Something wrong there!

  14. avatar Judith Lugg says:

    It’s beyond belief that you are still doing this to innocent animals after all these years. Animals don’t make wars, humans do. Why should the animals suffer because of it?

  15. avatar Eloise Walduck says:

    I am sooo disgusted there is no god damn need to use animals in this way. For goodness sake GET A GRIP. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU people. You make me feel sick in my stomach, you make me feel that life is not worth living I cant take how horrible I feel towards you for doing this to innocent animals.

  16. avatar Carita Vallinkoski says:

    human behaviour is disgusting towards animals, atrocious and devoid of any feeling. i feel angry and ashamed. somebody has to stop this shit.

  17. avatar angela vara says:

    what gives these people the rights to do harm to any animal just so they can hurt people? i am disgusted with the human race

  18. avatar Helen Thomas says:

    Mahatma Ghandi once said ” the greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated”. Speaks volumes for the military in the UK.

  19. avatar Fred Nye says:

    Nobody should be surprised at this,Britain as a nation of animal lovers is complete & utter bullshit.

  20. avatar RUTH says:

    Horrific…evil and one of the cruelist things iv heard of.
    What gives these people the right to think they can take away an animals life with such disregard.
    This cannot be tolerated surely, now that this information has come to light.Who would be in favour of such barbaric behaviour? not the majority of people,i would think that most would say get it stopped right away.
    There has got to be an end to cruelty towards animals and make it punishable and a criminal act of violence with tough sentencing to those who carry out such sicked acts!

  21. avatar Varinia Govea says:

    Save the animals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. avatar annamaria sette de paolis says:

    ANIMAL WAREFARE EXPERIMENTS are all over the world STRICTLY secretatives. Nevetheless some heroic undercovers succeed filming time by time such unacceptable HELLISH experiences … IN NAME OF HUMAN BENEFITS ( what ?! ) , children inclusive ? LET’S THANK OLIVER STONE and GIDEON RAFF for highly blaming against orrific animal warefare experiences.

  23. avatar Inogen MacKenzie says:

    What is the matter with people? Why the hatred for everything that breathes? If you want to play stupid war games, play with members of your own species who also want to play – do not pick on those who have no means of retaliation. You should be ashamed of your actions – I can only hope that none of you have children.

  24. avatar Jennifer Howells says:

    We all know there are morons all over the world who commit the most savage cruelty to animals but I am so shocked and appalled that the M.O.D are abusing and torturing pigs in this way.

  25. avatar linda watkinson says:

    this is revolting . cruel and sadistic .How dare you do this to animals . mAY YOU ROT IN HELL!!!!!!

  26. avatar Jill says:

    Stop this unnecassery killing of innocent animals

  27. avatar sandie middleton says:

    How dare they harm such intelligent animals!

  28. avatar Avelina Pereira says:

    Every living being has the right of a healthy and beautiful life, lets fight for that.

  29. Pigs are intelligent, lovely creatures. This is SO shameful. Please leave them alone.

  30. […] Regisseur Oliver Stone zeigt sich erschüttert angesichts der Verwendung lebender Schweine in den grausamen Trauma Trainings. Der US-Army-Veteran […]

  31. avatar nicola thomson says:

    totally disgusted and horrified to b alive in a day and age when this stuff iz going on!!!!!!!!


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