Support for Animal Experiments Decreasing as Mistrust in Scientists and the Rules Governing Animal Experiments Grows
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Support for Animal Experiments Decreasing as Mistrust in Scientists and the Rules Governing Animal Experiments Grows

A recent Ipsos MORI poll commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has shown that public opposition to the use of animals in medical research has grown steadily for the past six years. More than one in three people now identify themselves as “objectors” to the use of animals in medical research. No doubt, support for animal testing will continue to fall as people become increasingly aware of exciting, progressive and effective science that uses non-animal methods. These methods, including sophisticated computer and mathematical models, human tissue and cell cultures and smarter, more focussed clinical and epidemiological studies are almost always faster, cheaper, and more accurate than animal tests.

Animal testing has delayed medical progress and even dangerously misled our understanding of disease. Ninety-two per cent of new drugs fail in clinical trials, after they have passed all the safety tests in animals. Many studies have shown that animals predict human reactions correctly only 5 to 25 per cent of the time: that’s worse than tossing a coin! A cloak of secrecy continues to surround animal research, and this must be removed. In 2012, the public are less trusting of scientists not to cause unnecessary suffering to animals, and overall, 40 per centof people say they want to know more about animal experimentation before forming a view.

Greater transparency and public awareness of the pain and distress that millions of animal endure every year in UK laboratories will only increase support for more humane methods. The government is considering whether to abolish a secrecy clause in the law that keeps much of what happens in laboratories hidden from view. Please contact the Home Office to demand that the public be given the right to know what is done in our name.

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  1. avatar Leeanne Wright says:

    This is 2012, so why are laboratories still doing unnecessary testing on innocent animals :( The world needs a serious kick up the ass!!!!

  2. avatar C REED says:

    I understand via PETA that the government is considering the abolition of a secrecy clause in the law that prevents the public from being kept informed of what is happening in UK laboratories. I am totally against any testing on animals for medical or scientific or any other research and would like to see more humane methods of testing being introduced. I believe that the public has the right to know what is being done in our name and wholly support the abolition of the secrecy clause.

    C Reed

  3. avatar Muriel Gibson says:

    No testing on animals for cosmetic purposes

  4. avatar Roxana says:

    When will the world learn? Well done Peta for all the work that you do for animals. Lets end this ridiculous method of testing on animals xxx

  5. PLEASE JUST STOP IT< WE don not want it , NO need at all!!!

  6. avatar Leanne says:

    Animal testing has no place in this world. Its 2012 were working on all humans having their basic human right of clean water. Animals deserve their basic rights to be protected from harm to be listened to aswell.

  7. avatar Sam says:

    Perhaps the laboratories should start using murders, sex offenders as test subjects….they are ‘human’ (sort of) instead of animals/reptiles. At least the results will be from the correct cell structure and they can give something back to society… will also solve the overcrowding in prisons.

  8. avatar Chrystine Vernon says:

    What is wrong with these people, scum just scum. how can they live with themselves!

  9. avatar Gill Markey says:

    Facts show that animal testing does not produce accurate results. This barbaric torture of inprisoned innocent souls must STOP NOW.

  10. avatar Joanna says:

    When we have alternatives why are we inflicting pain to INNOCENT animals,please stop …

  11. this is a disgrace. how anyone can inflict pain on a defenseless animal beats me the mapeople who do this have no human emotion, or they couldnt do this. may they burn in hell, its what they deserve.

  12. avatar Ingrid Poitrimol says:

    Purely horrible. Just shows that corruption and the heartless still abound.

  13. avatar elodie says:

    Enough is enough

  14. avatar nicola thomson says:

    so sick to the back teeth of being human!! we r the scurge of the earth!! and it is us who creates so much misery in the world!! but im convinced that “our time will come”!!!!

  15. avatar Julie Keys says:

    Thank goodness for PETA. At least someone is trying. Who saw the bull in Spain in the Express today that had his horns set fire too, was terrorized for 40 minutes before being terrified by fireworks, and then led away to be slaughtered. It is the Spanish “people’s” cultural heritage apparently. Way to go Spain, you should be ashamed.

  16. avatar Deanna says:

    This is sick.There’s no need for animal testing when there’s plenty of humans AND clever computer software.

  17. avatar David says:

    As a lifelong Biomedical Scientist, I couldn’t be more pleased at this news. Please don’t think that all of us in science are uncaring or lacking a soul. I am a life long supporter of animal rights – and totally opposed to animal experimentation.

  18. avatar Joanna says:

    Something must be done. Immediately!!!!

  19. avatar emma futur says:

    it’s a whell must be stoped!

  20. […] Support for animal testing in the UK is declining. This week, the government has avoided a disastrous weakening of regulations, but it still needs to do much more to help the millions of animals who are suffering in labs across the country. Thank you to every single person who took action. […]

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