PICS: Foxes Snuggling Up in a Bed of Donated Furs
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PICS: Foxes Snuggling Up in a Bed of Donated Furs

The fur industry is one of the most barbaric and bloody on the planet, causing millions of animals untold suffering every single year. So it warms our hearts to see former fur-wearers donating their coats to us to be put to good use – in this case, as bedding to comfort injured and orphaned animals.

The Fox Project in Kent takes in and nurtures hundreds of red foxes who have been injured or orphaned because of hunting, traffic accidents and “pest” control. PETA UK has sent this wildlife hospital some fur coats to keep its guests warm this winter.


Please take a few minutes to watch Eva Mendes’ hard-hitting video about the fur industry. And if you have any fur coats that you would no longer be caught dead in, donate them to us, and we’ll make sure that the animals who suffered for them did not die in vain.

Thanks to Rosie Barnett for the photos.


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  1. avatar Deanna says:

    There is no need for real fur to be on sale anywhere.The fake is better for everyone.The problem is the rich have too much cash and no heart.

    • avatar Jan says:

      I dont normally reply to comments but i agree with what you wrote, the people with money to do good in this world are the people who causing so much unecessary suffering for animals.

  2. avatar Mary Sneddon says:

    I have a fur coat in my wardrobe given to me by an old aunt. I would never wear it in a million years, but I would love to donate it to the foxes. How would I go about doing this? I live in Scotland.

  3. avatar kate says:

    Lovely photos.smashing idea, it makes good sense.

  4. avatar Michelle says:

    Great idea! I have a rabbit coat that was given to me, but I wouldn’t actually wear it! I’ll send it in! Thank you for all you do!

  5. avatar Daniela says:

    Beautiful project!! <3 I have a fur coat , I don't wear it , I don't even like to look at it..I'm so sorry I've bought it .But now I know what to do , I've written the address where I can send the fur coat and I hope this will bring some warm for a sweet animal !! <3

  6. My mothers’ has been in the attic since the late 60’s. I’ll dig it out and send it you. I’m happy to see it put to good use helping animals.

  7. avatar mariá baumbach says:

    Lovely ideia, just great.

  8. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Fur profiteers, trappers, hunters, slaughterhouse moguls all massacre God’s creatures and will subsequently descend into perdition for their abominations.

  9. avatar michelle says:

    Oh, thank you! I feel sick about a fur coat I bought at a resale shop 25 years ago and can’t believe I was ever so stupid. I have been feeling ashamed of this and didn’t know what to do with it and now I have a wonderful option! Thanks!

  10. avatar GAIL WILSON says:

    I was also given a furcoat by an aunt of mine many years ago – have never worn it and decided to donate it to PETA some years ago. Arrived at one of the PETA’s Christmas gatherings and was refused entry at the door – “you are not bringing that in here” said the charming man on the door – I explained it was a gift to wrap baby animals in and after much laughter I was finally alliowed in.

    I am so pleased I was able to do something good with it.




  11. avatar GAIL WILSON says:

    Keep on doing your excellent work.



    GAIL WILSON & KITKAT MEGAMOG – largest rescue mog on the planet!!!

  12. avatar GAIL WILSON says:

    keep up your good work as always.




  13. avatar M says:

    Bittersweet. Good Idea!

  14. […] celebrities endorse fur, but others are against it and work with PETA to demonstrate as much. See […]

  15. avatar Greena Gene says:

    I support peta, and our site write on the issues important to pet and peta supporters. Please visit: to read ‘Fur-real’ and other topical articles.

  16. avatar Matt cox says:

    God bless all involved in the helping of wildlife
    All souls deserve respect & a peaceful existence

  17. avatar Thea says:

    Fantatic – I shall forward this address on to my Dad. I have inherited from my Mum several coats of none descript fur – (one so heavy and coarse I think it may even be bear) along with a mink stole. They’ve sat in the back of the wardrobe, bothering me for a long time. When I moved out I left them and my Dad is now stuck with them, not wanting to give the to a charity shop as he doesn’t think they should be worn. He’ll be glad to finally do something good with them.

  18. avatar Rachel says:

    Love this! I would never buy/own a fur coat but I did find one in my grandmother’s closet after she passed away. Is there a way to donate in the United States?

  19. avatar vibeke liv meinhardtr says:

    Stop killing animals for use of their fur!!!

  20. i found chewing gum and lighted cigarette ends were useful when i used to attend fur sales in local hotels !! thankfully a thing of the past ( i think ! ) i remember a female swan past once when we holding a league against sports table in town. she looked at the posters of the foxes and muttered ” vermin ” i asked her, as she was wearing about 8 dead foxes, what that made her ! she quickly scurried into Smiths. never forget the look on her ugly face. a lot of cheers from bystanders added to her embarrasment !!!1

  21. […] people have done just that, and we’re putting them to good use. We used some as bedding for orphaned foxes,  and we recently shipped 150 coats to Moldova to help vulnerable people keep warm this […]

  22. avatar Mary says:

    What a great idea. Giving the fur back to where it belongs: the animals. And not on people’s backs! The fur trade is evil.

  23. avatar Nora Dempsey says:

    Thank you Peta for all you do for those innocents who do not have a voice. I recently saw a Peta video showing Chinese fur farming and I was horrified angry and deeply saddened to see the total barbarity that some humans (the so called “superior species” can sink to. I don’t know how Peta representatives do what must be done to bring these disgusting cruelties to our attention but thank goodness they do. One day we will as a human race realise what we are doing but I hope it won’t be too late

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