MP Joins Call Against Fortnum & Mason Foie Gras Cruelty
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MP Joins Call Against Fortnum & Mason Foie Gras Cruelty

MP Caroline Lucas has joined PETA’s campaign against foie gras. In a letter to Lord Chamberlain, she has called for Fortnum & Mason to be stripped of its Royal Warrants for continuing to sell foie gras – a product so vile that it is illegal to produce in the UK and is banned from Royal menus.

In speaking out against Fortnum & Mason’s sale of this vile product, Caroline joins an increasing number of celebrities, including Sir Roger Moore, Bill Oddie, Chantelle Houghton, Dame Vera Lynn, Ricky Gervais and Twiggy.

Lucas, the Green Party representative for Brighton, wrote the letter following the release of video footage which shows grotesque cruelty to animals on farms from which Fortnum & Mason’s distributor sources foie gras. The video footage from PETA’s recent investigation reveals terrified geese who pant constantly because their distended livers press against their lungs. At the abattoir, the birds kick and struggle to lift their heads after a knife has been plunged into their throats. They had not been stunned first – in violation of French and British slaughter regulations.

See Caroline’s letter here.



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  1. The cruelty that you put geese through is beyond belief! stop this cruelty NOW

  2. avatar Susan Howe says:

    Please stop this barbaric procedure. It is illegal in this country for good reason. Everyone can live without foie gras.

  3. Please stop this inhumane and totally repulsive activity.

  4. avatar trudi raven says:

    This must be stopped now,it’s disgraceful and barbaric.

  5. Please just STOP. It is a disgrace for humanity to treat sentient beings that way.

  6. This is SO cruel. There are plenty of foods to eat which do not include animal suffering, especially to this extent.

  7. avatar Carol Tabs says:

    I applaud the proposed action against F & M, but I believe it is time that there was a complete ban on importing foie gras into this country. Then we should turn our attention to improving the way that meat is produced in this country, and apply a ban on any meat or animal products from other countries which do not match UK farming standards.

  8. Barbaric…wouldnt eat this if it was free! strip your royal warranty would be the decent and humane thing to do to end this suffering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. avatar Sheena Romahn says:

    This cruel practice has to stop!!!!!!! If people have any sort of conscience, they will stop buying this. Unfortunately, not may people know about it! We need to get this all over Facebook and see who will take the stand against such terrible cruelty!!!!!!

  10. avatar Anne Nielsen says:

    This must be stopped now, it’s disgraceful and barbaric. No one needs to eat foie gras and the animals do not deserve to suffer such cruelty for human greed! I am appalled!!

  11. avatar Matthew says:

    This is one of the reasons I’ve always supported Caroline Lucas and voted Green! Fois Gras is an abhorrent product and I am at a loss to understand why F&M continue to sell it, in the face of such a bold opposition to the clearly outrageous and callous production methods!

    I just hope that this letter from a highly regarded and authoritative figure will have some impact.

  12. avatar angela says:

    this is barbaric … cruel ………if i could get my hands on the people who do this sell it and enjoy the food made from this …i would …do the same to them ……come on lets stop it ……….we cant let this carry on ….who breeds these poor geese …..well they are to blame to ……….find them ….show them the video make them watch it ……….my god its a cruel world …….

  13. avatar Sue Taylor says:

    This practice is archaic it should be stopped, no-one should use the shop!!

  14. avatar sandra-daykin says:

    why ho why do animals have to suffer becauce of human greed. this has to stop right now

  15. avatar Sarah Hill says:

    Ban this disgusting stuff! The cruelty is mind-blowing!

  16. avatar Helga mohring says:

    How cruel this should be stopped straight away!!

  17. avatar stella carling says:

    this is barbaric.ban it now!

  18. This cruelty has to stop right now. What a disgusting practice. Animals have to stop suffering for humans.

  19. This should be stopped! Were do I sign.

  20. avatar linda watson says:

    I can’t believe people feel the need to still eat this stuff! How can it be worth the agonies these birds suffer? This has to stop NOW!
    I have never shopped at this store, and after reading this, I never will. I will make sure that anyone I know thinking of visiting Fortnum and Mason will not even contemplate it now.
    I could go on and on, but it is so obviously wrong I shouldn’t need to!

  21. Stop this unnecessary cruelty!

  22. avatar Sophie Glew says:

    This proves that having money does not bring compassion and good principles – although in my case it does!!! I will not be supporting F&M in future or until this vile, unnecessary product and practice stops.

  23. The cruelty you put the geese through is abhorrent. This barbaric practice must be stopped!!

  24. avatar Joanne Larner says:

    I have never eaten foie gras since I heard about how it was made. Surely if its production is banned over here, so should the product itself. Fortnum and Mason’s should be ashamed!

  25. avatar sharon says:

    Please please stop this barbaric cruelty to these beautiful, poor innocent creatures………..we can live without eating froi gras!!

  26. avatar Sally hook says:

    This is one of the cruelest things ever, and what for?? To satisfy a greedy human being!! Disgusting!!

  27. avatar Sally hook says:

    Stop this now!!

  28. this is horriblw what the fuck do they think they are doing. how would they like it if somone did this to them?

  29. avatar Marti Powers says:

    The world would be a better place if people were just kinder. Shame on you Fortnum & Mason, what utter scumbags!

  30. avatar Karen Macleod says:

    I’m saddened & disguised that this is still happening I’m a civilized society! These are gentle beautiful creatures that need protected not tortured to their early death. Absolutely disgusting!

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