Thousands Turn to Twitter to Tell F&M to Toss Foie Gras
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Thousands Turn to Twitter to Tell F&M to Toss Foie Gras

Everyone’s been talking about PETA’s new undercover video footage, narrated by Sir Roger Moore, which exposes cruelty to geese on foie gras farms supplying Fortnum & Mason’s distributor. With articles about the video in The Observer, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Express and the Independent, this cruelty is hard to ignore!

One place where people have been sharing their outrage is Twitter, with thousands tweeting the video and asking @FortnumandMason MD @EwanVenters to ditch cruel foie gras. The celebs have also been coming out in droves – with everyone from an Emmy Award winning best actress and a Former Pussy Cat Doll to an MP and a television news presenter tweeting the shocking footage.

They know that the force-feeding documented in PETA’s investigation is so cruel and grotesque that it is banned in 17 countries, including in here in Britain. And that Fortnum & Mason, a store which trades on its British heritage, is supporting the cruel foie gras industry and selling this product of goose torture in its food hall and restaurants is shameful.

Join Owain Yeoman, Sophie Monk, Danica Thrall, Jessica-Jane ClementCaitlin WyntersDj Jakki Degg, Peter Egan, Kimberly Wyatt, Rosanne, Laura Vandervoort, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Captain Sensible, Torrey DeVittoSam Simon, and so many, many more who have tweeted and RTed support to ask Ewan Venters to stop his shop’s shameful support of foie gras.

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  1. avatar Stephen Phillips says:

    End this now!

  2. avatar Pauline Smith says:

    Do the right thing stop selling cruelly produced food

  3. avatar Tracy Wills says:

    Fornum & Mason’s can’t be the only supplier, but they could set an example to others :-)

  4. avatar Douglas Rutherford says:

    Not just in the UK. This cruelty has to be stopped World wide.
    Keep up the great work Peta and name and shame with no exception.

  5. avatar Fred Nye says:

    Surely it will stop now,if not their customers should boycott them completely,money talks to companies with no morals about where the money comes from.

  6. avatar PAT OXFORD says:

    If the public would stop eating the product until it was proven that it was
    not doing it any more. the money would go away

  7. avatar John Carmody says:

    We’re following this campaign closely at ARAN in Ireland. F&M have come out saying they are not backing down – this statement needs to be reviewed with a new campaign strategy to ensure they dump Foie Gras. F&M remind me of KFC with their careless attitude who dont seem to be backing down.

    Well done PETA as always. We love you.

  8. avatar RUTH SMITH says:

    this torture and cruelty towards these beautiful geese by the people who do this to them and the people who eat this stuff is unbelievably vile and sick, how can these people live with themselves.
    The government should make it illegal. This should never have happened in the first place. SHAME on all those responsible for all the poor innocent animals who have had to suffer!

  9. Get rid of Foie Gras. This cruel and I cant even figure out who would eat this…

  10. avatar L Nicoll says:

    How can you carry on selling Foie Gras when the making of it involves such barbaric cruelty. Stop selling this vile stuff.

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