The Situation Speaks Up to End Animal Overpopulation
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The Situation Speaks Up to End Animal Overpopulation

We’ve teamed up with Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino to combat a really serious situation – animal homelessness.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs end up in animal shelters across the UK, and many are euthanised because there aren’t enough good homes for them. Countless others who never make it to a safe haven are injured or killed by vehicles, fall victim to cruel people or succumb to starvation, disease or weather extremes.

The Celebrity Big Brother finalist knows that the only way to end the animal overpopulation crisis is always to spay and neuter your animal companions. There are lots of lucky animals who get to go to loving homes, but unfortunately, there are far more animals in need of families than there are wonderful people to adopt them. Mike and PETA made this ad to help spread awareness of animal homelessness and of the fact that we really do have the power to help animals have a better life by always spaying and neutering.


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  1. avatar Michelle O'Malley says:

    Please NEUTER your cats.

  2. avatar sandra burns says:

    please can you neuter you cats and dogs please, and that will save all the influx of cats and dogs, then hopefully their will be enough homes for them

  3. avatar Tanya Scott says:

    Irresponsible people don’t neuter/spay their pets. Why add to the agony and cruelty of thousands of animals? Neuter and spay, folks … just do it.

  4. avatar Mailee says:

    poor animals, just because of people who don’t know the basics of owning an animal that goes out.

  5. avatar RUTH SMITH says:

    Again this issue can be addressed and dealt with by the government.
    Laws should be brought in to place so that pet owners take the responsibility to make sure no unwanted cat and dog litters happen,its unfair and cruel to bring animals of any kind into this wolrd,if they cant be looked after properly! This problem can and should be solved.

  6. It’s nothing like the depressing problem that they have in Greece. It’s barbaric what goes on there with the cats. It still amazes me how some people are so irresponsible with their cats (and dogs) in the UK as well though. The answer does lie with spaying and neutering.

  7. avatar chander kumar soni says:

    please co-operate with us.

  8. avatar Anna says:

    chyba polubie tego Mike

  9. avatar Izabella says:

    please co-operate with us.

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