PETA Activists Help Fight for Mali's Freedom
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PETA Activists Help Fight for Mali’s Freedom

Today, some of our fantastic activists gathered outside the Philippines Embassy to urge the ambassador to take action and help free Mali the elephant from her life of suffering.

Mali is a mere shell of the magnificent individual she once was after being confined for the last 35 years to a small concrete pen. She is the only captive elephant in the Philippines, and she needs to be retired immediately. The Office of the President has issued a directive stating that Mali should be considered for transfer to a sanctuary after an evaluation of her health. A sanctuary can offer her thousands of acres in which to roam, ponds to bathe in, fresh vegetation to eat, foraging opportunities and, most importantly, the company of many other elephants, something which she so desperately needs. Despite the fact that PETA Asia has offered to cover the entire cost of the transfer, authorities are stalling.

Please help save Mali from another 35 years of misery by taking action today and encouraging friends and family members to do the same. Mali wants her freedom and a family, just the same as you and I do.

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  1. avatar CAthy Ostler says:

    Please alllow Mali to spend her last few years free from pain and loneiness.

  2. avatar Elaine Hudson says:

    please help free Mali , she has a right to be free !

  3. free Mali!!!! she desearves it!!!

  4. avatar nne carr says:

    please these are sociable animals they need stimulation and friends

  5. avatar Kim gatti says:

    Please let Mali live in freedom. Let her free.

    Kim gatti balsarri

  6. avatar GABRIELA BORDA DE HASTY says:

    Please send Mali to a sanctuary. It is a horrible thing to see an animal suffering. They deserve to be protected, not tortured. She deserves to be happy.

  7. Mali needs to be released and for you to show that you have compassion, it’s the least you can do for her, please.

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