Fortnum & Mason Faces New Foie Gras Cruelty Expose
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Fortnum & Mason Faces New Foie Gras Cruelty Expose

Shocking undercover video footage of several farms represented by the Sarlat Périgord cooperative, which supplies Fortnum & Mason foie gras distributor Georges Bruck, was released by PETA. The distressing video, narrated by PETA’s foie gras ambassador, Sir Roger Moore, shows the grim reality for geese whose bloated livers will end up being sold as foie gras.

PETA’s investigators filmed geese with laboured breathing who were unable to support their own bodyweight. Video footage also shows blood dripping from an injured bird through the wire grating on which the geese have to stand for the last weeks of their lives and which is never cleaned. Extremely graphic scenes from the abattoir used by the farms show the geese not being properly stunned and continuing to struggle, gasp and lift their heads for some time after their throats are cut.

“I am horrified by the callous treatment of geese that PETA investigators filmed on foie gras farms in France”, says Sir Roger Moore. “I hope compassionate people everywhere will boycott Fortnum & Mason until they remove this “torture in a tin” from their shelves and menus.”

Other abuses documented by PETA include the following:

    – Geese spend the last two weeks of their lives in barren pens, forced to spend 24 hours a day on metal grating. Their waste is never cleaned up. When an investigator spotted a goose with an open, bleeding wound, a worker simply joked, “Oh, she broke a nail!” and walked away.
    – Birds who can’t stand because their legs can no longer support their bodyweight as a result of their huge livers are trampled on by others.
    – Distressed geese pant constantly because their distended livers press against their lungs. When the birds try to escape the force-feeding pipes, workers grab them roughly by their throats or wings.

Watch the shocking video and ask Fortnum & Mason to stop selling foie gras.

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  1. avatar Theresa Kemp says:

    This HAS to stop! Totally barbaric, cruel and unnecessary.

    For anyone who doesnt agree, then they should be fed for a few days in the same way these geese are, (let alone the full length of time and in the conditions the geese have to live) then ask them if they wish to reconsider. My guess is that they wouldnt still be around after the first forced feed.

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander ….. dont treat anything, human or animal, in any way which you wouldnt accept being treated yourself! It works!

    • avatar Mailee says:

      i completely agree! thats horrible, that some people think treating living things like this is acceptable.

  2. avatar anne waite says:

    how can any one be so very cruel

  3. avatar jeannette marriott says:

    I am sickened to learn that Fortnum & Mason are still selling foie gras.The way these animals are force fed untill they slaughtered is a dissgrace.I would have thought that such a company would have been on the same page as all the others who refuse to sell this product. To treat Geese in such a barbaric way is beyond belief.Those who condone what happens should hold their heads in shame and stop this cruel practice from happening.The world is watching your company , i hope you listen and with draw your self from this being party to abuse of animals….I doubt if you will ,because the bottom line is .. “its all about money”

  4. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Lametably, it appears that humans are becoming increasingly, cruel, monstrous and demonic to animals.

  5. avatar Barbara Chichester says:

    Please stop the cruel, inhumane, and barbaric practice of foie gras.
    Put yourself in their place and realize the torture and suffering they endure.

  6. avatar Dennis Rufer says:

    Not to hijack this thread, but, {I

  7. avatar Louise rushton says:

    It’s is truly appalling. It absolutely has to stop. What a disgrace to be selling a product that’s manufacture is illegal in this country!! I certainly won’t be shopping at F&M.

  8. avatar Damien Barton says:

    I live outside of london, although my brother and his family live there. Until recently I had no idea that Fois Gras was sold in this country. As you know the production of Fois Gras entails tremendous cruelty. It is sad that your reputation in this country is spreading as a result of the cruelty you take part in, rather than for integrity. There is now a huge move towards ending the cruelty of animals in farming. It seems to me you can go with this trend or fight against it. Is the profit you are making from Frois Gras worth the sullied reputation you are gaining across the uk?


    Damien Barton

  9. avatar jill Barrett says:


  10. avatar donna adams says:

    shame on you for selling this barbaric product ,you disgust me you are animal abusers never will i visit your store while you sell cruelty

  11. avatar melodie richardson says:

    shame on you! stop this cruel practice! you are supposed to hold yourselves to a higher standard- yet you choose to wallow in the gutter.

  12. avatar nicola macdonald says:

    Fortnum and Mason are a disgrace..nobody must visit this shop (because thats all it is)whilst they are selling torture in a tin!They should be ashamed of themselves on a number of levels.Their arrogance has left me spinning!Not once have f and M bothered to reply to anybody who has written to them regarding the sale of foie gras.I dont think this shop has any decency about it.

  13. avatar Kim Wooding says:

    It is shocking that you continue to support this dreadful trade that is full of cruelty, where are your scruples and compassion. There are so many people against this. You are as cruel as the Chinese and other similar countries that do not respect animals. If you want to rise above this you know what you need to do. BAN IT-NOW

  14. avatar meredith chivers says:

    Cruelty is NEVER acceptable…a society can never gain full respect, while it continues to allow ANY form of cruelty!

  15. avatar nicola macdonald says:

    Shame on Fortnum and Mason for selling foie gras.Shame on Fortnum and Mason for not responding to emails.We must always keep discussion open.

  16. avatar Nina says:

    STOP this cruel actions as soon as possible, please!!!

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