Animal Welfare Groups Unite to Demand End to Fortnum & Mason's Foie Gras Sales
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Animal Welfare Groups Unite to Demand End to Fortnum & Mason’s Foie Gras Sales

In the latest development in PETA’s foie gras campaign, other leading animal protection groups have joined our call for Fortnum & Mason to end its sale of the vile product. In a letter sent to the store’s new managing director, Ewan Venters, the groups voiced the opposition of their millions of supporters to the barbaric force-feeding of ducks and geese and refuted the store’s preposterous claim that less than 1 per cent of the population are opposed to foie gras. In fact, a 2007 poll conducted by Ipsos MORI and commissioned by the RSPCA showed that 63 per cent of the public support a ban on the sale of foie gras in the UK. The groups include the RSPCA, Compassion in World Farming, Animal Defenders International, Animal Aid, Viva!, Four Paws, One Kind, Save Me and the International Veterinary Society.

There is no way to produce foie gras humanely. Birds raised for foie gras are force-fed huge amounts of grain three to four times every day via a metal pipe that is rammed down their throats. The birds’ livers swell to up to 10 times their normal size, resulting in a disease known as “hepatic steatosis”. Their breathing can become laboured as their engorged livers press against their lungs, and they often experience difficulty walking, grooming and even drinking.

Last week, leading animal protection organisations met with members of the European Parliament in Brussels to call for an EU ban on the force-feeding of birds for foie gras production, which is already banned in the UK. It is allowed in just five European countries – including France – which is why Fortnum & Mason shamefully pays French farmers to force-feed geese on its behalf before importing their diseased livers into the UK to sell in its Piccadilly store.

View the letter here, then contact Fortnum & Mason Managing Director Ewan Venters today and tell him to follow the lead of Selfridges and Harvey Nichols by ending his store’s shameful support of this barbaric trade.

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  1. avatar Lisa birks says:

    You should be ashamed of yourselves. Force feeding animals is not acceptable and your good reputation is tarnished

  2. avatar Therese Kearton says:

    Have you ever stopped to imagine the pain that this causes? Would you like someone to do it to you?

  3. avatar joanna says:

    never ever buy foie gras and nor do my friends . The terrible way these ducks and geese are reared with a cynical disregard for their welfare precedes the ghastly force feeding ……. I know , I have a house right in the middle of the production area . I would like to know on what exactly you base your claim that practically no one is against this custom ?

  4. avatar Izabela says:

    What you do is terrible. I thought we live in great civilization of 21st centuary and we respect animals rights but I can see I was mistaken. Fortnum&Mason by selling tihis stuff,accepting to be a part of this barbaric procedures. I will never go to your shop and I will make sure that all my friend are aware of what you doing and will also avoid shopping in F&S.

  5. avatar Vicki Belcher says:

    I will never enter your shop and will encourage others to do the same. \You have to stop this cruel stupid practice.

  6. avatar Vicki Belcher says:


  7. avatar Mae Barton says:

    Food for Sadists! Such abuse of animals cowardly, sick and beyond the comprehension of decent people.

  8. avatar Rob Barton says:

    Stop this distgusting practise and abuse to animals!

  9. avatar Val Turner says:

    Another disgusting company with no morals what so ever!

  10. avatar Cecily Colloby. says:

    I can’t believe we even allow foie gras into this country given the cruelty involved.We are supposed to be an animal loving country but that’s ajoke when you consider all the cruelty which is perfectly legal here -vivisection,battery hens,factory farming and so on.Fortnums are a disgrace if they continue to sell foie gras .

  11. avatar Meggi Henkel says:

    Stop this cruel stupid practice. Would you like someone to do it to you?

  12. avatar Merthyr Stevens says:

    Fortnum & Mason, by continuing to import and sell foie gras despite the knowledge that it is a product of extremely cruel and inhumane practices which cause immense suffering to the ducks and geese, you are showing discerning consumers that you are nothing more than a snobbish establishment pandering to the unnatural tastes of the snob culture.
    Shame on you – shame shame shame!! You are a disgrace, and I shall avoid your “emporium” like the plague and encourage all my friends, family and associates to do likewise.
    Obviously greed and profit come before compassion and common sense.

  13. avatar Rob Kamps says:

    You are an absolute disgrace. Geese and ducks are on a higher level than you!

  14. avatar RUTH SMITH says:

    How greedy,selfish, thoughtless,inhumane,barbaric and cruel this farming is!
    Do we really live in the 21st century? WHY is this evil torturing still going on,the people responsible are not worthy of being called human,they are at least criminals of a very sadistic kind,it should be outlawed and those who do this awful treatment should be punished.

  15. avatar Marzena says:

    Im glad to read that in Poland foie gras production is prohibited but still on polisch market, becouse foie gras import is ok !!!

  16. avatar Bianca Carlevaris says:

    This cruelty has to be stopped worldwide or we cannot be called a civilize society. Fortnum has to stop the selling of this stuff. I will inform and encourage all my friends and acquaintances to stop going in your luxurious shop till this sell will end.

  17. avatar BROWN-JONES says:


  18. avatar chander kumar soni says:

    stop this cruelty.

  19. avatar Podge says:

    I don’t know which is worst; the people who first devised this obscene method of food production, those who continue to practise it today, or anyone who eats such a vile concoction. All are sick b******s who should be ashamed of their lack of compassion and respect for their fellow creatures.

  20. avatar Susan Cobbe says:

    I will boycott F&M until they stop selling foie gras. The selfish, heartless people who buy this product must be bereft of all compassion.

  21. avatar Stephen Wolff says:

    Fortnum & Mason – by stocking and promoting this abhorrent ‘luxury’ product you render yourselves as culpable as the perpetratrors of animal torture. There is no ‘luxury’ in abuse, unless you are devoid of morality.

  22. avatar June Mackenzie says:

    I am now an ex customer. I will not set foot in your shop again whilst you continue this disgusting practice. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

  23. avatar Alexandra Paúl says:

    Shame on you! We should do the same with your kids!

  24. avatar Lois Hannam says:

    What a great pity you have tarnished the name of your famous store Fortnum and Mason– this dreadful cruelty to these poor creatures has to stop.

    I will not be giving you my custom while you continue to sell foie gras.
    Please listen!

  25. i can’t say anything because this overwhelmes me with sadness and despair.
    human beings are the worst..

  26. avatar Stephanie Rosevear says:

    You do not need money from selling Foie Gras for your sales.

  27. avatar Jean Gerrard says:

    You’re a complete disgrace and demonstrate all that is selfish, barbaric and greedy about humans. There is such plentiful supply and variety of available foods/meat and yet you actively choose to promote and encourage such disgusting and cruel treatment of animals in pursuit of profit.

    You bring shame on GB and humankind and I will NEVER shop in your store again until you stop selling such unnecessary food and thereby bring about the cessation of this barbaric trade.

  28. avatar Izabella says:

    stop this cruelty.

  29. avatar Annie Lakidis says:

    I agree with all of the comments above

  30. avatar Annie Lakidis says:

    I agree with all of the above comments.

  31. […] without prior stunning, in violation of both French and UK law. Veterinarians and avian experts, animal-protection groups, dozens of celebrities, personalities and politicians and tens of thousands of compassionate people […]

  32. avatar Stephanie Stevens says:

    I can’t believe anyone is so ignorant as these people these days. My family and I will never buy any of their products until they quit this vile practice!

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