PETA Supports #TeamBadger
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PETA Supports #TeamBadger

UPDATE: Most recent statement from Team Badger.

Badgers across England are currently being threatened: a planned cull will begin soon unless we can convince the government to stop the slaughter.

This cull is an extremely misguided plan to tackle bovine TB. The evidence that a mass slaughter of badgers would reduce levels of bovine TB is spurious at best.

The spread of bovine TB is, however, conclusively linked to the movement and intensive rearing of cattle in the meat and dairy industries, which ignore the fact that these sensitive, intelligent animals are subjected to exhaustion, pain, boredom, loneliness and fear. The best thing that all of us can do to protect badgers is in fact to dump meat and dairy products from our diets, addressing the root of bovine TB.

Find out more about the cull and the organisations that oppose it at and sign Brian May’s petition calling on the government to stop the cull.


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  1. avatar Emma Savage says:

    This needs to be stopped. Yes, bovine TB is dangerous but a cull is not the answer.

  2. avatar Samantha Simpson says:

    This needs to be stopped these creatures deserve to be alive killing them is not the answer Yes TB is dangerous but this is not the answer. We do not go around killing people with dangerous diseases that can be passed on so why do this to animals.

    It ceases to amaze me how we as a species are suppose to be so advanced and yet we think the answer to everything so to just simply KILL!!! When will we learn that there is a reason for every thing on this planet to be alive

  3. avatar alan ellis says:

    This practice will not stop tb as has been proved here in Ireland. More utter rubbish and an excuse to persecute defenceless animals.

  4. avatar sandra burns says:

    this has to be stopped, what is wrong with you people.

  5. The human race are so stupid, hasn’t man tampered enough with the ballance of nature. There is no proof that Badgers spread TB. What is left of our wildlife, should be protected and cherished.

  6. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Brian May and the Badger Trust have wholeheartedly and tirelessly led the campaign to block this ineffectual, unnecessary and malevolent massacre of innocent badgers for the past few years. The same people who want to kill badgers are the same people who slaughter cows and their calves for profit and greed.

  7. avatar Marina says:

    Not the first time I read it. And this atrocity, no doubt.
    The brutality of humanity against itself. Very sorry that email petition in defense of the Badgers can register only UK residents.
    And Brian May a lot of respect that he so helps to draw attention to this problem.

  8. avatar Lindsey Lamb says:

    I was in Bristol when Brian May delivered his speech about the badger cull! Totally fantastic human being. We need to stop this people!

  9. avatar Cathy Gallagher says:

    I’ve already signed Brian May’s e-petition. What astonishes me is that no-one makes use of the figures from the Isle of Man – no badgers yet bovine TB. Not exactly difficult to work out, is it?

  10. avatar Cathy Gallagher says:

    The Welsh have decided that vaccination is the way forward; what’s wrong with people who think otherwise?

  11. avatar Lorraine Schwalbach says:

    The culling of badgers won’t stop TB spreading. My father got it and I did too, in Australia and we don’t have badgers here. Please leave the badgers to live their lives in peace.

  12. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Brian May loves all animals as much as her cares deeply about badgers. He loves foxes, hedgehogs, stags, hares, cows, pigs, lambs, sheep, rabbits, turkeys, dogs, cats, horses, sharks, rodents, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, marine mammals and insects including slugs. Brian May is against the killing and mistreatment of all our fellow creatures. He’s also a longtime human rights activist and social justice advocate. He especially cares about children and all people beset by illness and disabilities. Brian May has a heart of gold.

  13. avatar Jill Deane says:

    A badger cull is inhumane and will not reap any benefits to cattle. lt is going to run alongside measures to restrict cattle movement that should have been implemented years ago. lt is obvious that some success will come from the latter, and no doubt be attributed to the cull. However, until cows cease to be abused both mentally and physically, their immune systems will continue to be challenged.

    God preserve us from the ignorance of Man, especially this appalling brainless government

  14. avatar Bogleman says:

    I’ve already signed the e-petition. It is impossible to understand why the government is implementing this cull when there is not robust scientific evidence to support it.

  15. avatar Barry Reed says:

    Years ago it was found that culling badgers did not make any difference with bovine TB, yet this government is sponsoring a mass cull of badgers.
    I assume the reason this government is taking this action is they are spineless and surrendering to the farmers who blame badgers.
    They are both acting like a lynch mob!

  16. avatar slip le dip says:

    Just farmers blaming anyone but themselves for cross contamination of stock. They buy in stock which is never adequatley examined by vets they cross contaminate herd! I know lets blame badgers defra will compensate us thrn.

  17. I lived in the countryside and can appreciate farmers’ problems – but I am TOTALLY AGAINST the culling of badgers – it will not stop the problem. Nor will ‘scare’ tactics via stories of it spreading to other animals convince us differently. The proposed cull is not a scientific experiment – it is merely a test to see how best to kill them. Not enough effort has been put into finding a vaccine – which in the end will probably prove to be the most economical solution. How conceited to believe that human (? financial ?) needs can justify the extinction of such a unique animal. It is hypocritical to support the saving of tigers, pandas world-wide whilst planning the extinction of an indigenous creature.

  18. avatar pauline stephenson says:

    we would’nt cull humans that have h.i.v etc so why do it to animals

  19. avatar susi says:

    so wrong in many ways, its time for a change. what does man want to do? kill every animal in the world off, just so it suits his selfish needs? government are stupid,esp this one.

  20. avatar sandra burns says:

    I saw a programme on sunday it was called countryfile, they were talking about the culling of badgers, they don’t need to do this as their is a vaccine that they can give, so the gentleman who was being interviewed said, so then their doesn’t need to be a cull.

    • avatar Tanya james says:

      Yes i saw countryfile & can’t understand why they can’t roll out this vaccination countrywide for the badgers – there’s no categoric proof these gorgeous animals are guilty but just in case they can be vaccinated – badgers have been around forever – why nw are they suddenly a threat???!!!

  21. avatar christine hutt says:

    Killing these lovely creatures is not going to solve the problem….if there is one? its cruel

  22. avatar Pauline Dickinson says:

    Surely it is not beyond man to find a vaccine for the cows. It would certainly be easier than trying to vaccinate badgers.

  23. avatar Kerry Dunne says:

    Please stop this. It is barbaric and has no place in a civilised society in the 21st centuary.

  24. avatar June Lally says:

    Culling has proved to be utterly useless. As someone previously said there are no badgers in Australia and yet they have bovine TB the same thing with the Isle of Man. So i cannot see how the English Government can justify such action. They are supposed to represent the people not the other way round and yet totally ignore any proof put before them that culling will have no effect whatsoever. There is a totally good vaccination for cattle but i bet the farmers don’t want the expense of that and blame the badgers. I hope i live to see the day that we get a Government that has some sense and intelligence and more farmers that respect the land and wildlife on it.

  25. avatar Ann Jones says:

    I signed Brian May’s e-petition days ago but on just checking I am so disappointed that there are less than 60,000 signatures. C’mon people, share and share. We need more to sign. Although what will convince this government to stop the cull I don’t know. They seem hell bent on doing everything that people don’t want. They ignore the scientific evidence. I’ve written to David Cameron and Defra several times over the last six months and not had one reply. Perhaps now the heavyweights like David Attenborough and Brian May have got involved along with major animal welfare/charities they will listen, but I’m not holding my breath.

  26. avatar Tracey Weate says:

    …what goes around will come around!

  27. avatar S lillington says:


    What about the farmer who stopped growing maize which the badgers ate and gave them selenium HE NEVER HAD A OUTBREAK OF TB FOR 8 YEARS ON HIS FARM

  28. avatar Douglas Rutherford says:

    Its all about money. This gov’t should be ashamed although you needs feelings and that is something they are short of….

  29. avatar J allington says:

    I feel so sorry for the poor badgers, watching the video made me cry, please stop this inhumain culling of these beautifull creatures.

  30. avatar Anita O'Connor says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing a badger cross a country lane and it was pure delight to see such a beautiful and native wild animal, unthreatened, living out their day too.

  31. avatar Sheila Wood says:

    We are losing so much of our wildlife – there so few badgers and I shudder to think that my great grandchildren will grow up without these beautiful creatures living alongside them

  32. avatar Tash says:

    It really sickens me to think that I breathe the same air as the heartless monsters (if you can even call them that) who hunt and cull these poor, innocent badgers who are causing no harm – they are nocturnal creatures and generally avoid human contact, thus the chance of them causing harm to humans is uncommon. Culling gives the bacteria which causes TB a cadaver to grow on, thus killing badgers is making the problems worse, not helping to solve it!

  33. avatar Helen Burn says:

    What makes people think that they can carry on killing (culling???????)? What is going to be left for our children????? What gives YOU the right to decide who lives and who DIES??????????

  34. avatar Angela Veras says:

    Petitions should be made available for everyone, not only british citizens!

  35. avatar Graham Chaplin says:

    There is no need to kill any badgers as they can now be vaccinated, so any cull is nothing more than insane slaughter. Badgers have a right to life just like all other animals, and humans should not try to play God, it is disgusting.

  36. avatar LINDA BADHAM says:


  37. avatar Linda Price says:

    Yes, if we are afraid of something, kill it. What an enlightened philosophy!
    But, “the truth is out there!” It has been shouted!
    The truth is that the immune systems of our poor overbred, exhausted cows are compromized which makes them susceptible to ALL infection and disease. The answer to this problem is to ban all factory farming. This utter disgrace of animal abuse and torture has given cheap food, but at such a price.
    I support another suggestion that is catching on like wild fire: boycott all produce from farms that support the ‘cull’. Because ‘cull’ is a mutated, softened word that makes ‘kill’ seem not only necessary but desirable.
    p.s. Thank you, Brian. I’m with you to the end. God bless you.

  38. avatar Barry Kybird says:

    Mr. Cameron,
    Stop siding with the biased farmer and killer hunter fraternity &
    listen to the right minded majority who oppose this barbaric killing of the badgers and their cubs.

  39. avatar lynne says:

    A cull of badgers wont stop tb or other disease in cattle and farm animals, maybe a vaccine will. We now know most of animals slaughtered through bse didnt need to be, and what of animals whove become extints or endangered due to humans deciding they were a pest, such as otter, osprey, to some farmers all animals are a pest, deer,fox,hare, birds of prey, only those they can sell seem excluded from being pests to kill. As if were not killing enough animals off with developments, traffic and pesticides, then to actually kill them in mass numbers, sickening human superior mentality, as if God.
    l,m drinking almond milk as personal protest, very nice too, soya,s not bad either. Unfortunately far too many people dont care about anything but self and their posessions, not other people, animals or envoirament. Show you care, or are not apathetic to oppose goverment, drink non cow milk,

  40. avatar dawn says:

    it is about time this government are held to task about their actions which are so cruel especially when there are vaccines available but once again they are siding with the rich farmers and hunting fraternity who couldnt care less about welfare of animals and their suffering, i say the government should listen to the general public over this.

    • avatar charlene burton says:

      Yes I totaly agree with you farmers don’t care at all about animals suffering I’ve seen horrific videos of farmers the way they treat poor helpless loving sensitive animals It’s sick twisted crual and horrific suffering to these animals

  41. avatar Jutta and Wolfgang Beinkämpen Stehr says:

    Mankind should have learned by now that murder is no answer

  42. no cull leave our badgers i dont need the milk..its money..not compassion for the cattle

  43. avatar charlene burton says:

    This is crual to kill these animals its not right do you go killing people with flu or aids or other things that can be passed on by human to human that can kill us no you treat what they have, get these poor animals treatment help them don’t kill them

  44. avatar VivKay says:

    There are no doubt too many livestock, too many cattle. Let’s hope that the protesters set an example by being at least vegetarian, or vegan. Many diseases are caused by encroachments onto wildlife habitats, and clashing with introduced animals or humans. The badgers were there first, and the number of livestock must be reduced.

  45. Has anyone thought that it could be the cattle that’s passing bTB to the badgers? Bad farming practice is also to blame. Farmers keeping their cows in close quarters and not allowing the cattle outside on pastures. No one will convince me that it’s not the farmers that carry the blame. Their cows are passing bTB to each other. Most farmers want the cull so that it deflects the true cause. Steve Jones, a farmer for 35 years said it all. See link to see Steve Jones said,

  46. avatar Keith Melton says:

    We are supposed to be a humane society. Culling (or killing0 is never the answer. We should stop looking at culling as the first alternative.
    In this case I think cows could be vaccinated

  47. avatar nasima sultana says:

    put an end to it

  48. Certamente que existe outros meios para resolver o problema do que tentar eliminar mais uma espécie da face da terra .
    O homem acha que é sr. e dono do planeta e que por ganância e avareza do dinheiro tudo lhe é permitido fazer …. esquecendo-se que a terra é um ecossistema e que todos os seres desempenham um papel no seu equilíbrio …!
    Custa-me a acreditar que em pleno séc. XXI , ainda haja mentalidades da idade da pedra , e que nada tenham aprendido com os malefícios já causados por a extinção de espécies na cadeia do ecossistema ! é minha convicção que gente que toma tais atitudes , são uma ameaça para a humanidade e que deixarão uma pesada e injusta herança para as gerações futuras . Por tudo isto acho que é dever de todas as pessoas de bem pôr travão a este tipo de gente em qualquer parte do nosso planeta terra !!!

  49. avatar jenny dampha says:

    I just tried to sign the government email about the badger cullbbut it wouldn’t work. I filled everything correctly and tried loads of times. If I couldn’t sign it maybe other people won’t be able to either.

  50. avatar Carola Ulfers says:

    Please stop this immediately

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