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Band Spotlight: Argonaut

Already causing a stir around the UK and Europe, London-based musicians Argonaut clearly know how to rock it. The female-fronted grunge-pop band is about to release their self-titled album and still made time to chat with us about something very important – animal rights! Check out our interview with leading lady Lorna Lyons and then check out their sweet vocals and edgy riffs:


1. What was your first introduction to animal rights?

Becoming a vegetarian and loving The Smiths. The aftermath of the Lynx “It takes up to 40 dumb … Read more.

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‘Animal Times’ – Free copies to share.

The latest issue of PETA’s Animal Times magazine is hot off the press, and we’re offering you free copies to share with friends, neighbours, colleagues or even total strangers.

Animal Times is packed with vegan recipes, animal rights stories, and PETA campaign updates. Read it yourself and then pass it along, or order multiple copies to hand out.

Leaving a copy in common places is a great way to spread the message of animal rights. Leave it in the waiting room at your doctor’s office. Stick it in a seat pocket on … Read more.

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David Cameron, Stop Clowning Around – Ban Wild Animal Circuses Now!

Despite having been instructed by Parliament in 2011 to get wild animals out of circuses, David Cameron has been heel-dragging and stallingon implementing a ban. Whilst the government has finally begun work on draft legislation, it’s insisting on primary legislation which could take years, prolonging the suffering of wild animals in circuses, rather than enacting an immediate ban under section 12 of the Animal Welfare Act.

In 2011, a Defra consultation saw 94 per cent of respondents, including the British Veterinary Association, backing an end to this archaic form of entertainment. … Read more.