David Cameron, Stop Clowning Around – Ban Wild Animal Circuses Now!
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David Cameron, Stop Clowning Around – Ban Wild Animal Circuses Now!

Despite having been instructed by Parliament in 2011 to get wild animals out of circuses, David Cameron has been heel-dragging and stallingon implementing a ban. Whilst the government has finally begun work on draft legislation, it’s insisting on primary legislation which could take years, prolonging the suffering of wild animals in circuses, rather than enacting an immediate ban under section 12 of the Animal Welfare Act.

In 2011, a Defra consultation saw 94 per cent of respondents, including the British Veterinary Association, backing an end to this archaic form of entertainment. Earlier this year, PETA, along with other major animal protection organisations, boycotted a second pointless and costly consultation because the questions did not allow for the rejection of the licensing provision, which would enable abusive circuses to hide behind a veneer of respectability.

Wild animals in circuses commonly suffer from chronic health problems, abusive treatment, psychological disorders and aberrant behaviour, and many die prematurely. By virtue of the very nature of circuses – which confine animals to cages or boxcars, force them to perform tricks which are totally unnatural to them and deny them the opportunity to engage in natural behaviour – animal welfare can never be ensured in a circus environment. Please urge MPs to take action to protect wild animals used in circuses now.


Image: © Guillaume Paumier/Wikimedia Commons, CC-by-3.0 • Hat: © iStockphoto.com/Jani Bryson • Nose: © iStockphoto.com/Izabela Habur

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  1. avatar Samantha machan says:

    Animals are meant to live in the WILD, NOT for human entertainment!!

  2. avatar Beverley Stimpson says:

    Please stop this cruelty now, this is inhumane. Animals have feelings just like us. We are all the same!

  3. avatar morgan butterworth says:

    This ban on animal circus is long over due
    Lets see the caring side of the government by defending the voiceless

  4. avatar F.P says:

    Why does it take so long for people to understand where animals belong? we are not the only ones with feelings…

  5. avatar Vikas Jain says:

    Only one way to make a batter world is Save animal save humanity.

    We feel pain, these animals also feels the same.
    We human love our children,these animals also do the same.

    The difference is we human are selfish, money minded, cheap, but these
    animals do not have these qualities.

  6. avatar Marie Axon says:

    stop inducing idiocy in the british by encouraging them to think animals live in circuses and like tricks. Get real and allow britain to get real and face facts and the reality that is living creatures as they naturally are. BAN ANIMALS IN CIRCUSES NOW ONCE AND FOR ALL – your already out of date and in denial about the compassion of british people. catch up.

  7. avatar kate says:


  8. avatar matt says:

    Come on cameron, you talk about the UK being world leaders & setting an example, you want to get rid of nuclear weapons & get rid of nasty energy resources that harm the environment…why not lead the way by stopping this abuse on exotic animals that are not natural to our habitat. stop bring them in, stop circuses using them & definitely stop the abuse!

  9. avatar Caroline says:

    What I dont understand…. Something that could be stopped straight away to stop abuse caused to these beautiful animals, isn’t… but why?? How many stories do you want to hear about abuse and violence before you do something about it?

    Just do something right David…. you are becoming a bit of a joke now.

  10. avatar Deanna says:

    Animal circus are out dated and unwanted.To the priminister I say stop concentrating on taking our money so much and concentrate on those with no voice that need your support.

  11. avatar Christine Andrews says:

    Someone needs to get this elephant out of there and let it have a good life….Just imagine how long this has been going on…people get less of a sentence for murder!! Come on Mr Cameron…DO SOMETHING FOR A CHANGE

  12. avatar Lesley Logan says:

    Animals are not for our entertainment and should not be made to perform for us…. the conditions they are kept in can be very cruel. We have moved on from those times!!!Ban animals being used the in circus!!!

  13. avatar Linda Ågren says:

    I thougt that England was i country that supported animals right to be free and happy. Not tide down and trapped for entertainment. Stop this and do the right thing now!!! Let this elefant live free and happy..

  14. avatar Lara Phillips says:

    We need to speak up for animals!

  15. avatar fiona jones says:

    stop faffing around mr cameron and do something constructive for once

  16. avatar Sandra LINDSAY says:

    Please stop this cruelty , a ban on animal circus is long over due

  17. avatar Caroline says:

    Mr Prime Minister,

    Do you really want your children to know that you personally are responsible for keeping these poor animals in such a cruel and heartless way? I know I wouldn’t!

  18. avatar ruth menadue says:

    Please please ban all use of animals in circuses. Its cruel and unecessary. Ive never taken my kids to a circus and we will never be going to one while animals are still used. Also hoping you will try and get some of the unecessary experiments banned too. its just not the sort of thing humans need to be doing these days .

  19. avatar Holly Thomas says:

    Please show the world that you have a heart. Stop this abuse.

  20. avatar Jill says:

    This is discusting treatment of beautiful animal.all animals in the circus should be banned

  21. avatar Jen rankin says:

    You have the power to STOP an animal being abused yet you are sitting on it why is it so hard?! While you go home to your family eating your dinner spending your time with them laughing there’s a defenceless animal suffering terribly! Just make it stop!


  23. avatar Diane Marks says:

    Time to end this now – circuses do not need animals! – plenty of them surviving without – and much more enjoyable to watch knowing animals are not suffering or being absued in this way

  24. avatar Theresa Kemp says:

    Animals cannot speak up for themselves and I thought slavery was abolished?

    Stand back and look at the way you are treating animals and if you would’nt see your own child dealt with in the same way then the animals shouldnt have to endure it – should they?

    Stop mesing with nature and it will stop messing with us!

  25. avatar irene winstanley says:

    I am ashamed that my country still allows this outdated cruel thing to happen ,STOP it NOW

  26. avatar PAULA SPIER says:


  27. avatar Douglas Rutherford says:

    Come you toff,get of your arse and do something worthwhile, show a bit of backbone and do the right thing.

  28. avatar Phillip Anderton says:

    The vast majority of the British people want and end to wild animal circuses Cameron, so what’s stopping you? Do it NOW!

  29. avatar Elizabeth newton says:

    I cant believe we still have animal circuses in this day and age! Ban them now!!

  30. avatar Donna Combe says:

    For any being to live a life which is worse than dying, is barbaric. When one being can stop this simply by making an alteration to paperwork, and doesn’t, it is barbaric. We are supposed to be a nation that is civilised, forward thinking – respect for life is the absolute pinnacle of these things – and until Mr Cameron does this, he keeps us in the dark ages.

    When one is in a position of power, it should absolutely be used for good. There is nothing simpler than stopping unneccesary cruelty. It’s not something which has an argument against it – it is quite simply the pure and most basic fact of life. Respect FOR life – ALL life.

  31. avatar Mark Leetham says:

    Please find it in you heart to stop circus using animals.
    Thank you

  32. avatar deepthi ajay says:


  33. David Cameron must show more thought and compassion towards the suffering of Animals – and untill he does he will NEVER get our vote. No Animals should ever be in a Circus – this is Animal abuse as this is not the natural environment for any Animal to be in. + It is difficult to moniter any suffering they may be put through. And ALL hunting of Animal ( in the false name of sport ) has to be banned >>> It is NOT sport it is inhumane Animal cruelty & suffering.

  34. avatar carol fothergill says:

    Please stop this inhumane abuse of wild animals-they arn’t men’t to be there for our entertainment. Thank you

  35. avatar Neil Foster says:

    Mr Cameron,
    You are a compassionate man – but be a little braver. Take a stand and reduce the amount of suffering in the world.

  36. avatar Nargis says:

    Please stop this cruel wild animal circus these animals have feelings like you and me STOP IT NOW.

  37. avatar Anne Lewis says:

    Born free that’s what all animals in the circus should be, please help stop all this torture off these lovely animals and get rid of the circus .

  38. avatar andrew says:

    Only sick bastards like watching animals being forced to perform. Stop animal cruelty now!!!

  39. Animals belong in the wild. They need space in order to be in tune with nature, not tethered and forced to perform for humans. It is cruel. We don’t know the suffering that they go through. I will never go to a circus that has animal acts in it. Please Mr. Cameron, let us stand united and bring an end to this crazy ‘entertainment’.

  40. avatar Shreya says:

    Please stop exploiting innocent animals. They’ve been given a life- let them live it. happily and peacefully likeyou would like to live.yours.

  41. avatar debra pike says:

    this is a medieval practice and its about time it was stopped-if animals were banned from circuses they could give jobs to more acrobats!correct?

  42. avatar Muriel Gibson says:

    Circuses can be fun without wild animals being forced to perform.
    And being confined to cages all their lives.

  43. avatar Deanna says:

    End animal slavery.See the bigger picture.

  44. Time to end animal slavery. It’s a disgrace.

  45. avatar Emma Whiston says:

    Its disgusting that Animal cruelty is still happening in the 21st Century. It needs to Stop NOW!

  46. avatar heather says:

    stop the cruelty and suffering of those amazing animals they should be in the wild !!!!!!

  47. avatar Paula Zijlstra says:

    We are animals to you know and i dont understand why other specie animals still are treated as if they are not understanding. Not feeling, not emotional creatures .
    We could be more evolved/conscience, but, as long as we treat other animals as if they are made Out of stone or dead wood, we still have a lot to learn. Hopefully we teachings new generations to care and respect all creatures

  48. avatar gaynor says:


  49. avatar Natasha hunt says:

    Even after seeing many shocking videos of the abuse these animals receive , you should have no reason not to ban any animal in circus’s. why let the abuse continue, when you can end it now !! Remember Mary chipperfields, and the most recent Annie the elephant, these are all absolutely shocking videos of amazing animals being hurt by somebody that doesn’t care about them. A real circus does not need animals to entertain, the good ones ie cirque de soliel (probably one of the best in the world) are based on people doing the acts and that is how it should be.

  50. The circus with animals is outdated, unwanted and inhumane. It is time to bring it to an end – please.

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