David Cameron, Stop Clowning Around – Ban Wild Animal Circuses Now!
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David Cameron, Stop Clowning Around – Ban Wild Animal Circuses Now!

Despite having been instructed by Parliament in 2011 to get wild animals out of circuses, David Cameron has been heel-dragging and stallingon implementing a ban. Whilst the government has finally begun work on draft legislation, it’s insisting on primary legislation which could take years, prolonging the suffering of wild animals in circuses, rather than enacting an immediate ban under section 12 of the Animal Welfare Act.

In 2011, a Defra consultation saw 94 per cent of respondents, including the British Veterinary Association, backing an end to this archaic form of entertainment. Earlier this year, PETA, along with other major animal protection organisations, boycotted a second pointless and costly consultation because the questions did not allow for the rejection of the licensing provision, which would enable abusive circuses to hide behind a veneer of respectability.

Wild animals in circuses commonly suffer from chronic health problems, abusive treatment, psychological disorders and aberrant behaviour, and many die prematurely. By virtue of the very nature of circuses – which confine animals to cages or boxcars, force them to perform tricks which are totally unnatural to them and deny them the opportunity to engage in natural behaviour – animal welfare can never be ensured in a circus environment. Please urge MPs to take action to protect wild animals used in circuses now.


Image: © Guillaume Paumier/Wikimedia Commons, CC-by-3.0 • Hat: © iStockphoto.com/Jani Bryson • Nose: © iStockphoto.com/Izabela Habur

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  1. avatar Holly Witton says:

    Please have some compassion!

  2. avatar Elaine Hudson says:

    Please stop this Barbaric cruelty , animals were not put here to be tortured like this ! Please put a final stop to it !

  3. We in Great Britain need to take the lead yet again by implementing a code of conduct for UNIVERSAL COMPASSION.

  4. avatar Judy says:

    Abusing animals is unacceptable, cruel and unnecessary. Give them the respect they deserve and allow them to live a happy life. David Cameron get your finger out and do some work for humanity for once. You are not be paid to evade work and show yourself up on the David Letterman show. You are a Prime Minister not a celebrity. STOP SCIVING.

  5. avatar Kate H says:

    How can the continued exploitation of animals in circuses have a place in a ‘civilised’ society? British wildlife is being hunted/culled out of existence, so perhaps you don’t give a toss about these animals either. Prove otherwise please!

  6. avatar S Monvoisin says:

    Any kind of animal cruelty is WRONG! STOP this NOW, PLEASE!

  7. avatar David Berry says:

    It is ridiculous that in the 21st century this type of barbaric treatment exists to such intelligent and gentle animals such as Elephants. Torture, is Not an acceptable for humans it should not be acceptable for animals either! The government has a duty to ensure that animal circuses are banned in order to stop this modern form of cruelty and animal slavery. Joined up thinking, Empathy, DO UN TO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE DONE TO YOU! JOINED UP THINKING!!! In the age of the internet surely its a time to up our collective moral intelligence. I urge the government to act positively in banning the use of animals in the Circus.

  8. avatar carol gardner says:

    I protested against the circus coming to my town it was around the time of Annie the elephants plight to be freed from her life of hell with Bobby Roberts and his hellish circus.

    I am dissappointed to see that this and other circuses are still dragging poor caged and cruelly trained animals around with them.

    My message to you Mr Cameron is this: why has this not been banned why are wild and beautiful animals still being trussed up and pranced around in front of silly audiences of people who are ignorant to what goes on behind the scenes and what these poor animals suffer.

    Why, when you have it in your power to stop this cruelty have you not done anything about it.

    Britain a nation of animal loving people cannot get help from those whom they look to provide it.

    Please do something these animals do not deserve to live like this.
    thank you

  9. avatar Sonya Armenia says:

    Cameron is 1 big JOKE !!! He is a posh bastard that does not care about anything but keeping the rich rich !!!! He does not care about animals at all & even wants to bring back fox hunting !

  10. avatar Sheila Wood says:

    Why the delay Mr Cameron ?

  11. avatar sue overend says:

    Please put a stop to all such inexcusable abuse, exploitation and violence to animals. What sort of a society and world can condone the mistreatment of creatures (human and non-human) for so-called entertainment? Or for food, clothing, and other products for that matter? How can anyone with a heart or a conscience not be appalled and heartbroken by the suffering of fellow creatures? Please do something NOW!

  12. avatar Micheline Boutet says:

    cum patior

  13. avatar Hang Cameron says:

    David Camoron is a front man for the banks, he couldn’t care less about animals, nor the British people. He is there simply to do whatever is good for the banksters who are destroying our society.
    Since 94% of the public want animals banned from circuses, it should have happened by now – the fact that it hasn’t tells you how much of a ‘democracy’ we have – we don’t have one.

  14. avatar rose simpson says:

    these poor animals probally have a lot more brains than david cameron. its HIM that should b in circus NOT them.

  15. avatar Tash says:

    Please STOP the use of animals in circuses NOW. Many of these animals are cruelly beaten to make them behave in completely unnatural ways. There are plenty of human acts which can be done such as dancers, clowns and acrobats. I would never go to a circus which uses animals!

  16. avatar Cecily Colloby. says:

    What is it about you and animals Cameron? You seem to be hell bent on actually encouraging animal cruelty, rather thantrying to put an end to it. You have been quick enough in giving the go ahead to the cruel and ILLEGAL badger cull but are doing your best to delay the ban on the use of wild animals in circuses. You seem to forget you are a public SERVANT and the majority of the right thinking public want to see an end to this particular animal abuse.Hopefully, you won’t be at no.10 for much longer and please God you will be replaced by a compassionate human being and not a self serving moron.

  17. avatar Livia Mazzocato says:

    Stop this now, please!

  18. avatar Shirley de silva says:

    What are the government waiting for?
    Now is the time to act and ban all performing animal acts from circus or any public display.give animals the dignity they were born with,they are not here to amuse or entertain humans.
    David Cameron,in the name of animals everywhere I call upon you to protect them from further abuse without deley.

  19. avatar Helen Burn says:

    Do you think that telling a circus clown NOT to do something will stop him??? No, it will not. He is a clown and will remain one until he stops abusing animals – because that is what he is doing by condoning circuses…. NO-ONE who has a brain goes to ANIMAL circuses anymore….. those that do, well, they choose to be guilty of ABUSE….however, one would think a govt official – because he is an official of the people – would have a little more sense…….DUMB ASS!

  20. avatar stephen mifsud says:

    Stop animals performing in circus’s.

  21. avatar Joan How says:

    I cannot believe that an intelligent man like yourself is not taking the action required to ban wild animals in circuses. Why the delay? Your public would really like an answer to this question Mr Cameron. Time to stand up and be counted.

  22. avatar Linda Price says:

    Step up the progressive ladder, Mr Cameron, and let us see your compassionate side. It is your responsibility to listen to the people. Animals enhance every aspect of our lives. For all who are having fun with, or making money out of the exploitation of innocent animals, I ask you as our leader to show an enlightened way forward that is respectful to ALL beings, that is, ethical and cruelty free.

  23. avatar D.L. Stephens says:

    For goodness sake man, one of the few unquestionably easy decisions your government has had to make and it is still not complete. We may live in difficult times but how long would this take? Forget the excuses abd just get it done.

  24. avatar Tiago Cruz says:

    Portugal passed a law banning wild animals in circuses a few years back (I think the ban should be for all animals) , we still have a long way to go to ban bullfights though.

  25. avatar lizzy sparkledoom says:

    Mr Cameron, how can you possibly justify any delay on acting on yet another example of human cruelty to beautiful creatures? I am constantly sickened by the awful way human inhumanity shows itself. Please stop this cruel and shameful abuse of lovely animals without further delay.
    Thank you

  26. avatar Barry Kybird says:

    Mr. Cameron,
    Your government must stop dragging your feet, employment the ban on animals in circuses. Legalisation has been put forward, implement it immediately, likewise terminate the cull on badgers, that will only exasipate the tb problem !

  27. “Animal welfare can never be ensured in a circus environment.” How true that is! How can animal acts still be going on in the twenty-first century? It’s barbaric.
    Mr Cameron, please do something about this. Get animals out of this unnatural, sickening environment. It shames us all.

  28. avatar Barbara says:

    David Cameron – Re: Circus Acts
    How shocking of you! You know that the UK is an animal loving country. Why? Because we have compassion in our heart and we find it abhorrent for animals to be forced to entertain us by having to manipulate their bodies into abnormal, uncharacteristic shapes just for some people’s enjoyment. Anyone with compassion who has the ability to help these poor creatures and doesn’t must truly be a wretched person indeed. To ignore cruelty makes you an accomplice to it. Mr D Cameron PM – UK; you are an accomplice and supporter of cruelty in this country.

  29. avatar Victoria says:

    This is another bloody blot on the government’s copybook, as the replies from DEFRA make believe that anything from factory farming, puppy farms to animal testing is compliant with subscribed standards and does not cause more pain than ‘necessary’??? This adds more anti animal laziness and complicity in pain

  30. avatar Keira German says:

    Shame on you, Mr Prime Minister but the same goes for Hungary.

  31. avatar L Allison says:

    I am very much against circuses that use (and abuse) animals and very dissappointed to see that circuses are still doing this in the 21st century – its no longer medieval England!

    Mr Cameron why are animals still being used in such horrific ways for the pleasure of mindless, inconsiderate people who pay for and watch such cruelty and suffering.

    I do not understand why have you not done anything to stop this, especially given you have the power to do so.

    Please do something for these animals and soon.

  32. Mr. Cameron: I would never imagine, as a Brazilian citizen, that circuses still existed in a so-called civilised country like yours. And it is not necessary, at all, for me to repeat what is being said above. Just please be so kind as to not disappoint those who love and respect animals all over the world, primarily when it involves a country which is appreciated and respected for its kindness towards animals. You are not a third-world country Prime Minister. It is just a question of political will. Thank you.

  33. avatar philip defriend says:

    Come on Prime Minister, You are a man with power.Please use it to stop an outdated and cruel use of animals in circuses. There are many people that are against such entertainment and you could win voters by showing how compassionate you and your party can be. The animals in question are routinely beaten and kept in cages only big enough to house their bodies with nowhere to move. Also the animals are asked to do acts they would never do in their own environment. The animals do not need to be in circuses and you could help to stop their exploitation, so please take time to care and do something for them..

  34. avatar Jasmin says:

    please stop this abusing animals for entertainment. We don’t need that no more, or are we still living in the middleages?????

    It is enough that many people have to eat animals, so why do we also need to disturb them from their peace by needing them as a entertaining act?

    We should nature be nature.

    We don’t need that, we are more than that.

    Dear Prime Minister help us to stop this!

    Kind regards,


  35. avatar Jeff Hoskins says:

    Mr Cameron,
    The stalling over this ban on live animals in Circuses show how much you have a total disregard of the needs and welfare of wild animals. It is about time you listened to the people who put you where you are and put a bill through parliament as soon as possible.

  36. avatar j blundell says:

    please stop this cruel showing of wild animals in circuses

  37. avatar Hywel Arnold says:

    You probably imagine, given your performance to date, that being a circus animal is fun.

  38. avatar Jutta and Wolfgang Beinkämpen Stehr says:

    Please stop these cruel abuses of wild animals in circuses.
    It the right time now.

  39. avatar JULIA HARVEY says:

    Mr Cameron…….For one day ……You be that Animal in that Cage….Soooo Afraid of Humans ……Each Animal feels Pain as you or i do ……. Animals will give
    unconditional ‘Love’ and need Respect and kindness from Humans….
    How can you sleep of a night, by not helping these poor creatures…….
    PLEASE DO NOT WASTE ANYMORE TIME and do something ‘TODAY’, not Tomorrow or the Next Day…….’TODAY’!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. avatar Anna thomson says:

    It’s absolutely shocking that the government are dragging their feet regarding using wild animals in circuses even though evidence shows that most of the British public want it banned. It’s cruel to have sensitive wild animals living in cramped and unnatural conditions causing them suffering and distress and for what ‘entertainment’??? It’s no entertainment for the animals involved and what is it teaching our children? I wouldn’t dream of taking my 3 yr old to a circus with animals in it as its not entertainment and I don’t want him seeing distressed elephants,tigers,horses and camels behaving in a very unnatural way! They belong in the wild and that’s where I want him to see them or at the very least a sanctuary that allows the animals to behave in a more natural way.

  41. avatar Laurie McCrink says:

    Prime Minister Cameron:

    GET THE JOB DONE—————–N O W !!!!

    While animals truly suffer, they are enduring this suffering far longer because of you. Why are you dragging your feet in taking action to get wild animals OUT OF CIRCUSES. Get the job done immediately, would you, please??

  42. Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

    It’s time you show some heart and humane behaviour, so other people can have a noble model to follow.
    Please stop immediately any animal abuse, as they all are cruel and unnecessary, such as animals used for experiments, as well as for gross entertainment in circuses.
    Animals have the same rights and dignity as us on this earth.
    You have the power to stop these barbaric abuses, so please use your power for a humane and noble action.
    Thank you.

  43. avatar maria rosaria says:

    Vergognamoci, gli animali sono esseri viventi, e come noi hanno diritti e dignità. Se Lei ha il potere di fermare di porre fine a questa continua e inutile barbarie(animali torturati e uccisi per esperimenti,o usati per l’inutile divertimento nei circhi) usi il suo potere per fermare tutto ciò. Grazie

  44. avatar Jean says:

    Move on Mr Cameron – this is the 21st century and using wild animals for entertainment is no longer acceptable to the British public. Stop this now.

  45. Stop dragging your feet Mr Cameron, it can’t be a pleasant life for these poor animals performing night after night, and having to live in cramped accommodation . Circuses are a thing of the past and should stay there.

  46. avatar Pat Wench says:

    Dear Mr Cameron, this is your chance to show you are not a man out of touch with what the people want, we have said that animal abuse has no place in this country – do you have what it takes to put an end to it all ? I wonder !

  47. Je ne peux pas comprendre, comment premiere ministre d,etat peut soutenis les cirques avec animaux! M. Cameron, savez-vous les animaux ne nous apparetent pas: ni leur vie, ni leur fourrure, ni leur viande, elles ne sont pas “objet d,amussement de gens” aussi! Pensez-y!

  48. avatar Lorna Grundy says:

    Please listen to what people are asking….stop dragging your heels and do the decent thing, animals should not have pain inflicted on them. VOTES count, you are not winning any by not acting.

  49. avatar Mrs B Smith says:

    I want to know why you are ignoring what Parliament has said should be done. Stop dragging your heels and do what you are supposed to. Stop animal abuse in circuses it’s cruel and unnecessary.

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