David Cameron, Stop Clowning Around – Ban Wild Animal Circuses Now!
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David Cameron, Stop Clowning Around – Ban Wild Animal Circuses Now!

Despite having been instructed by Parliament in 2011 to get wild animals out of circuses, David Cameron has been heel-dragging and stallingon implementing a ban. Whilst the government has finally begun work on draft legislation, it’s insisting on primary legislation which could take years, prolonging the suffering of wild animals in circuses, rather than enacting an immediate ban under section 12 of the Animal Welfare Act.

In 2011, a Defra consultation saw 94 per cent of respondents, including the British Veterinary Association, backing an end to this archaic form of entertainment. Earlier this year, PETA, along with other major animal protection organisations, boycotted a second pointless and costly consultation because the questions did not allow for the rejection of the licensing provision, which would enable abusive circuses to hide behind a veneer of respectability.

Wild animals in circuses commonly suffer from chronic health problems, abusive treatment, psychological disorders and aberrant behaviour, and many die prematurely. By virtue of the very nature of circuses – which confine animals to cages or boxcars, force them to perform tricks which are totally unnatural to them and deny them the opportunity to engage in natural behaviour – animal welfare can never be ensured in a circus environment. Please urge MPs to take action to protect wild animals used in circuses now.


Image: © Guillaume Paumier/Wikimedia Commons, CC-by-3.0 • Hat: © iStockphoto.com/Jani Bryson • Nose: © iStockphoto.com/Izabela Habur

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  1. avatar Dee says:

    How can one animal do thi to another animal, simply because we consider we have a superior intellect. This is wrong, animals are to be enjoyed and cherished not punished and brutalised into doing “tricks” we feel that they should be doing.

  2. Surely Mr. Cameron, you can clearly see the pain and suffering caused to Animals in Circuses. You’ve only got to examine the photograph of this poor Baby Elephant. Do your stuff and show the Country (and World actually) what you’re made of AND BAN ANIMALS PERFORMING IN CIRCUSES. It’s the only way forward to protect these innocent creatures.

  3. avatar Celia Maber says:

    Stop this cruel abuse of these poor animals its been going on far too long. They cant speak for themselves so its time we all stood together and stopped these terrible things happening to them!!

  4. avatar Shaun May says:

    Animals should not be made to perform tricks for our amusement and moved around the country caged in trucks “put a BIG STOP on the BIG TOP”

  5. Please stop this cruelty now!!!!Pull your finger oyt and do something about it!!!!

  6. avatar Hedra Hornby says:

    Protect circus animals now!

  7. Mr Cameron
    Can you live with yourself knowing that the pain and abuse is happening to these poor amazing animals for our entertainment!!! and knowing that you can stop this. What would your children say when they see these disgusting images, these animals dont have a voice they need us to speak and stop this now. Please take charge and STOP ANIMALS PERFORMING IN CIRCUSES, there is no need for it.

  8. avatar Catherine Keohane-Johnson says:

    Please put an end to this immediately. I thought it was already banned anyway :(

  9. avatar Breena Green says:

    Mr Cameron – if you think that it is acceptable to degrade and inflict cruelty on, what should be majestic, wild animals in this way how can we trust you with our welfare?

    Please ban all circuses and ensure that the poor creatures within them go to a safe sanctuary and are not just abandoned or sold on.

  10. avatar Lynda Ramsey says:

    Animal cruelty does not belong in this day and age…end it now!!!!

  11. avatar Michelle O'Malley says:

    Animals feel pain they suffer stress any sane, sensible and compassionate human animal knows this , WHY don’t you Mr Cameron. Give me a reason to think about voting for you because up to now there isn’t one!!

  12. avatar kath says:

    Equality to all living things!

  13. avatar Lynne Keever says:

    STOP this immoral trade. Its disgusting. No need for it.

  14. avatar lesley says:

    Animals feel pain. Why cant we leave them to their natural lives, with their parents and siblings. We would not like to be taken away and put in a cage for others to ogle. FOR GOODNESS SAKE STOP CIRCUSES. The people who show animals cannot have any feelings for their(pets)turns. Cameron you would not like your children to be treated as these poor youngesters are, they only now pain and misery. SO WAKE UP TO WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING AND GET SOMETHING DONE AND QUICK, NOT NEXT YEAR, NOWWWWWWWWWWW

  15. avatar shay zayna holland says:

    sort it out dave!!! grow a backbone and do what the public are asking of you for once. Ban live animals in circuses

  16. avatar Douglas Rutherford says:

    Cameron stop and get your act together. We people are telling you STOP animal cruelty there is no place for it, no hiding place. Listen, then act Now.

  17. avatar George Ennis says:

    David Cameron is not interested in animal welfare.

  18. avatar George Ennis says:

    I loathe him

  19. avatar Zoe Martindale says:

    End the cruel and miserable circus life for all animals.

  20. avatar Bernadette Vong says:

    Dear Mr. Cameron

    I don’t know if you know what it feels like to be a puppet, being pulled your every string to do something you do not naturally do. It’s wide known that animal has emotions and can experience stress just as humans do. They cannot speak our language doesn’t mean they are subjected to all sorts of humiliation, unreasonable punishment (because they refuse to do tricks), being starved because they do not obey. If your mother were treating you like that, you would have ran away or kill yourself a long time ago.

    Being rational in our judgement is one of the gifts we are lucky to have as human. I’m sure your perfect judgement would also agree that wild life animals should not suffer for entertainment purposes. Please show your people the government you lead is capable to stand up against cruelty in any means, not just against terrorism. You know this is something you can do, and you can save so many wild life animals that many people will cheer for you to do so.

    I hope that you see the importance in this, it’s 20th century, animals entertainment is barbaric, and it should not allow to happen in this country.

    Thank you for listening.

  21. avatar maggie allen says:

    Ban the use of animals in circus NOW!!!

  22. avatar Liz Lyness says:

    Beautiful wild animals should be seen in as natural enviornment as possible but definitely NOT used for our entertainment and forced to do silly tricks. Stop wild animals being caged up and used like this now.

  23. avatar Pamela McLuskie says:

    Stop animal testing and using animals (any animals) in circuses IT IS ABUSE. They did’nt ask for it…they can’t….they are wild and want to be free from whips and torturous humans…they don’t want to be hurt anymore!!!!!!! so please do something fast.

  24. avatar linda dunning says:

    STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! Stop these humiliating indignities to proud sensitive animals NOW

  25. avatar Dot Bird says:

    It’s time this was STOPPED. Come on Cameron you coward, do something about this. Show us that your government can do just one thing correctly for a change.

  26. avatar Luciana Monteiro says:

    Animals do not exist for human entertainment!!!

  27. ban all this crulty to all animal domectic or wild

  28. Creatures should not be treated like this please do something in your position of power to put and end to this suffering. Animals are pure spirits, we as humans abuse their freedom we choose to make their lives miserable or free. This poor baby elephant needs protecting by us so as not to live an enslaved, sad, lonely life. Please help do something David, put your power to good use.

  29. avatar debra lister says:

    This should have stopped years ago its a disgrace that it still goes on anywhere in the world let alone the uk !! Wild animals should remain , just that WILD !! and not used and abused in any circumstances for human entertainment !

  30. avatar Kerry-Anne Whiteside says:

    I do realise that puppetry and performance are a massive part of your life as a politician Mr Cameron. You asked for this as a career, Animal’s cannot! Do Something DECENT!! Stop This Now!

  31. avatar victoria leomant says:

    Nothing matters more for a man in power to use that power wisely, this world is suffering and nothing is more important at this time that we for all realise this; ALL suffering must end, only then can we all survive. Mr Cameron please remember the words of another great and wise leader ” « La grandeur d’une nation et ses progrès moraux peuvent être jugés par la manière dont elle traite les animaux ».

  32. avatar Sarah Hill says:

    We outlawed sending small boys up chimneys, together with bear baiting – it is barbaric that in this, so called, civilised country, we allow circus owners to exploit wild animals. These animals have shortened, miserable lives and should be living a free natural life. The picture of the baby elephant is the stuff of nightmares! Do something to stop this brutality and torment – NOW!

  33. David Cameron, man or mouse? Stop dragging your heels, implement this ban now! You have the power to stop this cruelty, do it! How can you sleep at night after seeing some of the cruel ‘teaching methods’ that are used to train animals for our entertainment!!

  34. avatar Gillian says:

    Please put a stop to all mistreatment of animals, whether it be testing, slaughtering for food or for the entertainment of humans. Animals need to roam free, and live life without suffering – PLEASE END ALL CRUELTY NOW!

  35. avatar wendy dawson says:

    listen to the voice of the people now. This is barbaric!! please end this suffering of these beautiful creatures

  36. avatar sandi says:

    please stop this cruelty to animals – it makes me want to weep. while we are on it stop the badger cull too – i didnt vote for it – excon voter

  37. avatar Susan Adams says:

    Animals should not be tortured and abused to entertain man. Look at the information and photographs on the abuse of animals and tell me that it is not barbaric and wrong! WRONG WRONG WRONG! We are supposed to be a civilised country and this must STOP immediately. Show the world we do care.

  38. avatar freda temple says:

    these barbaric acts against this defenceless beautiful animal are performed by ” a more intelligent life form ” can you not see who is the barbarian here, can you not see the suffering and pain in this poor creatures eyes, i am astounded that this kind of inhumane cruelty is allowed to go on, few people are interested in these dated performances , circus`s are fast becoming a thing of the past and a good job to i think. If there is any conscience among the government members , if there are any feelings for these amazing , beautiful creatures then please put a stop to this torture now

  39. avatar Gloria says:

    LOOK Mr Cameron……………………….There is a huge outcry about this issue ………………………………………PLEASE STOP THIS OVERT CRUELTY …………………..It might help your own cause to remain Prime Minister if you show compassion over the vulnerable aswell as the rich

  40. avatar Tina D says:

    Animals suffer in Circus. Please help them by banning animals in Circus. Let humans entertain humans. It’s impossible to give circus animals the right enviroment and they are often abused/beaten when trained.

  41. avatar joan patterson says:

    Horrid, disgusting. Should be stopped immediately.

  42. avatar Rochelle Paul says:

    How much longer will this despicable treatment of animals go on for. Animals are not here for our entertainment, to be experimented on, to be worn, hunted, eaten or anything else. They feel pain and emotion just as we do. THEY ARE OUR EQUAL.

  43. avatar carole esqulant says:

    Please Please stop this we are in 2012 with all the progress we have made as humans YET things like this are still happening, use your power to help bring an end to the suffering

  44. avatar Jilly Waumsley says:

    You simply must stop this dastardly abuse from taking place. There’s enough misery in this world without inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering on innocent animals. MAKE THE USE OF WILD ANIMALS IN CIRCUSES ETC ILLEGAL FROM NOW!

  45. avatar Ro says:

    I’m signing here to ask for STOPPAGE of this ghastly abuse to animals.PLEASE PLEASE STOP IT

  46. avatar Elizabeth says:

    Stop this abuse! This is cruel! Animals are not here for us to abuse and use for our entertainment!

  47. avatar Sarah Wharton says:

    Please ban the use of animals in circuses and save wild animals from the cruelty they’ve suffered for too long.

  48. avatar jill Hurley says:

    Please stop this abuse animals are not here for our entertainment

  49. avatar Alyson Lewis says:

    How can you let this go on when you have the power to do something about it Mr Cameron? For god’s sake listen to people, have a back bone and put a stop to it!!!!!!!

  50. avatar Non says:

    Can’t believe this can still go on in the uk!

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