Can Pest Control Be Vegan?
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Can Pest Control Be Vegan?

Lethal pest control is not only cruel but also ineffective. When foxes, rats, squirrels, birds and other unwanted animals are lethally trapped or poisoned, others of the species soon move in to fill the void left by those who were killed. The best way to control unwanted animals is to remove whatever attracted them to the property in the first place – such as food sources or nesting niches.

That’s how Kevin Newell, a vegan, takes on pest-control. He set up a company specialising in humane methods to repel and deter wildlife from entering homes and businesses.

His company, Hawick-based Humane Wildlife Solutions is Scotland’s first 100 per cent humane pest-control company and resolves conflicts between property owners and uninvited animal guests without ever poisoning, relocating, using chemicals on or killing the animals.

That’s why Kevin is receiving a GOODY Award, PETA’s recognition to companies that respect animal welfare.

We think that Kevin and Humane Wildlife Solutions represent the future of pest control, in which meeting the client’s needs and showing animals the respect that they deserve go hand in hand.

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  1. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Humane pest control is a great idea. The pest you kill in jest dies in earnest ! The latter is a quote from a UK sage.

  2. avatar Marjory tierney says:

    I commend you Sir!!!

  3. avatar Nichola Rogers says:

    Amazing, you inspire me.

  4. avatar Joe plant says:

    I know a humane form of “”pest” control”. A while ago a mouse came into my dad’s house (I wasn’t there) and the guy who came to help put the mouse in a wooden box which was shut at both ends and then the mouse was put in the field.

  5. avatar Dedetizadora says:

    I approve of this method of urban pest control, preventing the death of animals and just changing the location so that he can live away from people.



  6. avatar Marth Tolkien says:

    I most certainly have never considered this. I think that pest control would never have been able to do it, but I guess it’s possible. Maybe if you just use scents to keep them away, not poison?

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