Victory: UK’s Largest Catering Company Removes Foie Gras from the Menu for Good
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Victory: UK’s Largest Catering Company Removes Foie Gras from the Menu for Good

It’s another win for animals as Compass Group UK & Ireland finds its moral compass and pulls ‘torture in a tin’ from menus!

The company has confirmed that it has removed foie gras from all menus. A big move, considering that Compass Group has extensive catering contracts that span top hotels, government departments and premier British sporting events – including the acclaimed Sofitel T5 at London Heathrow, the Ministry of Defence and Chelsea Football Club.

The compassionate move follows talks with PETA UK and an online campaign in which our awesome supporters (you!) appealed to the catering group to drop the vile food product.

In an e-mail sent to PETA UK, Executive Chef Nick Vadis states, “[W]e removed foie gras from Compass Group UK & Ireland’s approved product list (APL). … I can now confirm that it is no longer available for our chefs to purchase through our approved supply chain”.

In order to produce foie gras, ducks and geese are force-fed several times a day – via a pipe that is rammed down their throats – until their livers expand up to 10 times their normal size. The pipes sometimes puncture the birds’ throats, and many animals suffer from ruptured internal organs and liver failure. Heartbreaking undercover video footage documented that birds tremble in fear as they await the next assault.

Foie gras production is banned in more than 15 countries, including the UK, and the state of California last month introduced a ban on its sale. Compass Group is in good company and now joins every major supermarket in the UK as well as the Brit Awards, the BAFTAs, Lord’s Cricket Ground, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, which have all pledged never to serve or sell foie gras after learning about its cruel production from PETA. A long list of prominent figures – including Prince Charles, Sir Roger Moore, Ricky Gervais, the Duchess of Hamilton, Kate Winslet, Twiggy and Bill Oddie – have also spoken out against this vile product.

Well done Compass Group! Now let’s get foie gras out of Fortnum and Mason!

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  1. avatar maria dale says:

    so happy love a victory and love good new’s happy day’s right whose next xxx

  2. avatar Carol Hupp says:

    very cruel practice to eat body parts of an innocent animal!!!!

  3. avatar philip defriend says:

    i work for compass,under chartwells,and i am so glad that the change has been made. i have been a vegetarian for over 4 years now and it was how they make duke liver pate that made my decision. i will keep an eye out though and if foie gras is being used in my department,you can be sure i will report it.

  4. avatar Ann Jones says:

    This is really good news but we can’t rest on our laurels, what about Fortnum & Mason?

  5. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    WE’ll never rest on our laurels until this planet becomes another Eden. Genesis 1:29 declared that the idyllic diet was vegan. It’s our goal to actualize it. It’s worth fighting for and perishing for because we all know that eating the flesh our fellow creatures is an abominable and hellish atrocity.

  6. avatar darlene bowers says:

    Please stop the abuse!

  7. avatar Bev Serafinowicz says:

    One of the most barbaric practices in the modern world we live in.
    The number of people against heavily outweighs those still ordering off the menu and eventually it WILL vanish from the menu and your profits will be hit on way or another through this or perhaps protests. Stop this NOW!

  8. avatar Lynn says:

    no animal should die for our appetite. It is a myth that we animals have to be the source of our protein. SAD!! Not true.

  9. avatar Lynn says:

    no animal should die for our appetite. It is a myth that animals have to be the source of our protein. SAD!! Not true.

  10. avatar Alyson Nelson says:

    Tesco no longer sells this shameful product in the U.K. but they still continue especially in Hungary and will continue to do so because apparently it is part of the CULTURE and Tesco cant go against anyones culture as that would be seen to be depriving them of this very popular native dish!!

  11. avatar tina says:

    we are vegan and find all consumption of our animal ….is wrong.for those who eat meat……lool at the torcher of chickens ducks cattle pigs….if any of you look at this and eat any kind of meat…I then ask…HOW CAN YOU?

  12. avatar Mel says:

    This is wonderful news! Thank you good people on the planet for supporting this – may it continue across other countries worldwide. There is power in people support! Let us tell the world that decent compassionate people are not prepared to tolerate cruelty to animals – we will stand up for the rights of animals!

  13. avatar lucia fabbo says:


  14. avatar Amanda Johnson says:

    This is the most wonderful news, a huge jump in the right direction, thanks PETA from bringing this to these companies attention. I’ve boycotted Selfridges for years for selling this dreadful product, not that they ever noticed little me. Thanks for all your good work and I know there are a lot more causes you are working toward. Thank you X

  15. avatar Inês Portela Nogueira says:

    Essa luta não pode parar!!!!!!! A humanidadade tem que respeitar os direitos dos animais.Ainda não vivemos numa sociedade civilizada e pac’ifica, isso ‘e muito triste E DEGRADANTE TANTO PRA TODOS OS SERES COMO PARA O PLANETA TERRA.Desperta raça humna para os verdadeiros valores!!!!!

    Temos que evoluir tamb’em na alimentação, comere torturar ,desrespeitar animais -não humanos ‘e uma cultura cruel, primitiva. Ja’ temos conhecimento suficiente pra sermos ‘eticos e respeitar a vida de seres sencientes.
    Os animais não foram feitos pra nos servirem, chega!!!!!!STOP!!!!!
    Enquanto houver exploração e matança de animais nesse planeta, a raça humana continuar’a sem evolução, e sofrer’as as consequências.
    AS pro’ximas gerações herdarão uma terra inospita….Culpa dos seres humanos que continuam primitivos, materialistas.
    Essas atitudes medievais , não mais se encaixa no s’eculo XXl, ‘e tempo de uma nova consciência planet’aria , de respeito a vida de todos os seres…..

  16. avatar Suvarna Shrotri says:

    Finally end to the barbaric practice of force feeding the geese. Very Happy to her this Good News. Thank you PETA.

  17. avatar chander kumar soni says:

    very happy

  18. avatar June Anne McKnight says:

    Excellent work PETA , I can’t really bare to watch the videos , it is bad enough to read the detail of what these poor ducks go through ! PETA you are an inspiration !

  19. avatar lynne says:

    Well done peta, and others whove fought to stop the particular cruelty in creating foie gras, Roger Moore l think has battled against it, but Peta,s ongoing campaigns against animal cruelty are effective and make my small dd each month worthwhile, even 2 quid helps for those on low incomes.
    l,d like to have a rant against `come dine with me`, channel 4, which appears to promote the use of all animals in its set meals, including foie gras, along with increasing use of wild animals, zebra, crocs, deer, insects, squirrel, veal, all manner of animals, as if its cool, trendy, they even speak as if its courageious, going on to brag about the most unusual animal theyve eaten, to call them pigs would be an insult to pigs, not satisfield with the large variety of farmed animal food, theyve to indulge themselves with wild animals, which is influencing and setting a precadence, it may be farmed, but still wild animals, so how can we preach to Africans about eating bush meat from endangered species, people who buy into it are manipulated by the meat industry to buy more expensive meats, for obvious reasons, whilst the people who fall for it without a care for the animal are pretentious and pathetic. Channel 4 in condoning if not encouraging are irresponsible and immoral.

    • avatar Danny says:

      I agree a very cruel practice and really happy at the result I don’t agree with any animal being mistreated, which I know they are and needs to be stopped, and the eating of wild ani£als is pointless but to say we shouldn’t eat animals at all and to manipulate quotes from the bible to try to prove this point of view, as someone did earlier up the page is ignorance. Why have we got pre molars and insicors if were only supposed to eat veg. Should we tell lions that they’re wrong too? Each to their own but cruelty is wrong. We should just make sure we appreciate anything that we take from the earth and respect the fact that it does have the same value as anything else living.

  20. avatar Linda Ward says:

    THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  21. avatar Nanci Dagragnano says:

    We are already in the 2000s and this kind of arcaic disgrace and cruelty still goes on, why is it so difficult to convince people to simply give up eating this dish and replace it for a number of other delicious alternatives? Moreover, compassion should be human nature, Thanks God some people are able to do it! Thanks you Peta

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