Pamela Anderson in tears for Sunder the elephant
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Pamela Anderson in tears for Sunder the elephant

Pamela Anderson is the latest to write to politicians following PETA India’s discovery that Sunder, a young elephant held in a temple, is being abused by his handler.

Sunder is kept alone in a dark shed where he is confined to chains with sharp spikes. He has also suffered injuries from being jabbed in the right eye with a sharp, metal weapon.

After learning about the plight of Sunder, Pamela fired off a letter to Vinay Kore, a member of the legislative assembly of the Indian state of Maharashtra and the leader of the Jan Surajya Shakti Party, asking for Sunder to removed from Jyotiba Temple and sent to a sanctuary to spare him further suffering.

“I am in tears over the plight of the little elephant, Sunder, who you so kindly gave to Jyotiba Temple with the best of intentions. … He is the age of one of my sons, and as sensitive as anyone’s child. Sunder must be rescued without delay. May everyone, including me, count on you, please, to save this youngster?”

Please help by joining Pamela, Paul McCartney and PETA supporters from around the world in asking for Sunder’s release.

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  1. This is so sad, & so wrong! Elephants are family-oriented, smart, & actually cry. They mourn, & bury their dead. What is happening is cruel & inhumane!

  2. avatar vicki ginoli says:

    This torment has to stop!!!! Please allow this elephant to be set free!


  3. avatar John DeVinny says:

    Not cool!!!!!

  4. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    It’s very disconcerting to read about the nation of India having a problem with cruelty to elephants, tigers and other animals. India is home to millions of humane vegetarian Hindus, Brahmins, Buddhists and Jains. Gandhi detested cruelty against animals.

  5. avatar Julie Dunn says:

    Please do not allow this cruelty to continue… I pray for you to have a compassionate heart.

  6. The man who is in charge of Sunder is obviously got no idea how to treat an elephant.this dear elephant was taken ointo this temple for refuge not torture by this dim wit. Get him out to a sanctuary as soon as possible! I hope he hasn’t lost his sight from his right eye!

  7. avatar Helen Lucero says:

    Please stop this torment!

  8. avatar Helen Lucero says:

    PLEASE stop this Torment!

  9. avatar karen allen says:

    While i have the upmost respect for Sir Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson getting involved in this elephants plight…surely some more form of action could be taken, instead of writing letters…in the practical sense…or is this the only way to get the elephant released?…if this was a young child being abused their would be immediate action…so why do animals get left to suffer further…?

  10. avatar peter le breton says:

    this has to stop can he be bought and sent to a sanctuary for rest of his life and why did the peta agent who saw this appaling treatment not stop this imbecile

  11. avatar mrs sadie picot says:

    I logged onto the peta website to learn more about the plight of Sunder the elephant in India. I find it heartbreaking to think of animals being kept this way, it’s a disgrace. I’ve always burried my head in the sand before, if I don’t know about it , it doesn’t happen. Stupid I know. Somathing must be done to stop this cruelty.

  12. avatar DI FENN says:

    How much more must this poor elephant suffer? Why does his trainer need an elephant if just to beat it daily.surely more can be done in this day and age to free him into a safe place along with other elephants,just keeping him on his own is pure torture as elephants live in family groups.
    Hope to see him free ASAP
    D FENN

  13. avatar c wilcox says:

    Please let this elephant go free.The way this elephant is being treated and the people that are allowing this are disgusting.The suffering this poor gentle animal is being subjected to needs to stop. This should not be ignored PLEASE PUT AN END TO THIS CRUELTY.

  14. avatar joan baison says:

    This is so cruel, and so wrong, please, please there must be a way to stop this?
    The people who do this sort of thing, need it done to themselves, then they, would understand, how much pain, this poor elephant is going through.

  15. avatar sunny says:

    this is vry vry cruel, may god make this rong doers rot in hell…. this poor creature should be helped AS SOON AS POSSIBLE…

  16. avatar Elaine Snape says:

    I don’t have much money saved up but would willingly give it to help find Sunder a safe haven where he can live out the rest of his life in peace. Why didn’t the man from PETA stop the cruelty he witnessed? Surely he didn’t just stand there and watch and if he did then shame on him! Surely someone, somewhere has the authority to stop such cruelty? May God help Sunder and all other animals who suffer mercilessly at the hands of man.

  17. avatar Alyson Nelson says:

    Maybe if Sir Paul had put his hand in his pocket , this would not be happening!!

    PETA does not seem to like criticism of Sir Paul, But he had the chance to make a difference guess what? He just interupted the olympic rehersal and talked about how awful the situation was, he could have puy his hand in his pocket and made a real difference.

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  19. avatar Barry Kybird says:

    I read about the release of Sunder the elephant. These people never had the right to ‘donate’ this or any other elephant to any temple, knowing full well the anguish that these poor animals go through constantly in chains and beaten by their handlers with spiked metal rods !!!.
    As for Sunders actual release, HAS he been taken to te sanctuary near Bangalore, we only hear that he ‘will’ be released ?

  20. avatar Linda A Gold Levy says:

    I want to help Sunder what can I do I will right send a donation anything please let ms know how Ican help towards his release. This is such a sad sad story must get him to a sanctury where he can live out the rest of his life with other Elephants!!

  21. avatar mrs susan lester says:

    i hope sunder will be safe very soon , i hope the cruel lunatic that abused and hurt him gets his comeuppance very soon i was so sad when i first heard about this beautiful little elephant, if i had the money i would adopt him. he would never be hurt again i have 2 rescued dogs and we love them so much .

  22. avatar Barry Kybird says:

    I keep hearing that Sunder will be released, but this has been going on since July,
    So WHEN WILL he be freed, can someone please tell me ??

    Barry Kybird UK

  23. avatar marie says:

    Will someone tell me if Sunder has been released yet ? I know it was in Aug 2012 but i have kept the paper article on my cork board since Wondering….. Any updates Please If not WHY not?? Marie Rugby

  24. avatar marie says:

    Has Sunder been released?? A new Year a new beginning for Sunder Is this happening?Please let me know…Marie Rugby

  25. avatar amy patterson says:

    This is cruel disgusting so sad !! I can’t believe people treat these beautiful creatures like this in fact any animal…. it makes me sick !!

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  27. avatar Sharon woodburn says:

    Please release sunder, this is so cruel, where is your compassion .

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