1,000 More Animals Per Week Used in UK Labs
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1,000 More Animals Per Week Used in UK Labs

Yesterday saw the publication of the government’s annual statistics on the use of animals in scientific procedures. The figures published cover 2011 and show a 3 per cent rise over the previous year and a staggering 40 per cent rise since 2000. In the 2010 coalition agreement, the government claimed it would “work to reduce” numbers of animals used in research, and this looks like another broken promise. In total, 68,000 more animals suffered this year than last – that’s more than 1,000 animals every week – yet the Home Office still has no meaningful strategy to reduce the number of animals being used in research and apparently no clue how to do so.

There are many causes for concern in these figures, but the massive leap in the number of experiments on cats (26 per cent) is a sign that public opinion counts for nothing in regulating experiments. What is particularly disturbing is that the total number of individual cats used has hardly changed at all – that means even more experiments and even longer periods of suffering.

These figures show that the need for an informed public debate has never been greater, but statistics can’t tell us what happened to the cats and other animals, can’t reveal the suffering animals endure in laboratories and can’t uncover the failings of this slipshod, archaic and ineffective approach to science. Right now, a blanket secrecy clause in the legislation keeps members of the public from finding out exactly what kind of misery their taxes are funding and their government is allowing. That has to change: freedom of information rules must apply to all public bodies conducting or regulating animal experiments. The veil over the reality of animal testing must be pulled away now.



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  1. avatar Catherine Phillips says:


  2. avatar Evi Adamidou says:


  3. avatar Louise ballance says:


  4. avatar Louise ballance says:

    Awful. Should test thos who are in prison for murder, rape etc

    • avatar Martin says:

      This sort of comment is what makes the public turn away from ‘Animal Rights people’ – it makes us all look a bit mad. PLEASE PLEASE do not suggest we should experiment on prisoners. Animal & Human rights are intertwined. I can see the tablid headline now

      ‘Animal Rights Fanatics say Experiement on Prisoners Instead!’

      How will this help our cause?

      Yes I know you’re angry but think about what you say first.

  5. avatar Elodie Bosco says:

    I agree with Louise. We have enought horrible humans worth nothing we could test on! They would actually do something right for a change! Humans have far too much rights and animals far too little! Makes me cry.

  6. avatar Jack Subber says:

    This appalling practice must be stopped, there is no science behind this torture, only cowardice and money. All this senseless waste of life is completely worthless, as you have to test on the target market to be approved, HUMANS!

    It’s clear logic, you want to cure diseases then test on the target, this produce faster more accurate results with longer term reduced risk, this is a simply clear FACT.

  7. avatar Ang says:

    There is a government e-petition requesting a ban on all animal experiments but very few people have signed. There’s no point giving us bad news with no suggestion of how to make things better. Let’s get our voices heard by telling our government how we feel.

  8. avatar K Demeter says:

    Living creatures are not commodities to be tested on as disposable and replaceable objects. This is human arrogance to reduce other life forms to instruments of torture.This is inhumane and completely unacceptable. stop this practise immediately.

  9. avatar Jena Chester says:

    I agree with Louise, These monsters in prison are the ones who they should be testing on. They are worthless & taking up space might as well put them to use.There has got to be more things we can do to stop this but what?? That is the question???

  10. avatar MICHEL BELLIARD says:

    It’s so sad to see how humans are treating the animal kingdom.

  11. avatar Anisa says:

    I agree with Elodie! I have a cat at home myself and it makes me cry that cats like her and other animals suffer for no reason. We should experiment on the people who experiment on animals! See how they like it! By the way this is an 11 year old speaking.

  12. avatar Anonymous says:

    It’s extremely sad to see how degenerated is the humanity now at days, it wasn’t enough for them to pollute the world with toxic wastes, to fell trees, or kill several animals to acquire their skin and use it for luxury items, this people is killing us with contaminated food, those fries you buy or the soda has thousands of chemicals that affect our body as well, this people is not only killing us or killing animals for their “stupid” lab test, they are also killing our planet.

    I’m tired of seeing thousands of injured animals, seeing the above picture of this injured cat with that strange artifact on it’s head, really annoys me, I will find the responsible people for the injury of this cat and I don’t care what measures I have to take, I will let this people know I’m not ok whit those experiments they are making as they are killing us, killing animals and our planet.

  13. avatar Dave Jackson says:

    People who inflict suffering on animals like those caught breaking the hunting with dogs ban should be taken to laboratories

  14. avatar janet li says:

    stop this cruelty .

  15. avatar Adriana Roman says:

    I am extremely sad to see animals tortured for testing. Therefore I have decided to do something. I am conducting public awareness workshops with general topics. I am interesed to know the companies that are using animals for testing, in farmaceutical or cosmetics industries. Please provide specific information about these companies with labs located in Uk or elsewhere. Thank you.

  16. avatar paola says:

    stop this cruelty!

  17. This torture is not necessary any more….For goodness sake bring it to an end!!

  18. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Humans have no right to torture, abuse, traumatize and massacre God’s creatures. The evil humans who play God via exploiting and killing animals are demons in human form.

  19. avatar Elena says:

    Awfully terrible, vile. Stop this cruelty!!!

  20. avatar dawn says:

    stop this barbaric testing immediately it is not needed and doesnt justify the fact that poor animals have to suffer at the hands of humans. it is sick and the government should be disgusted that they allow this cruel ritual is allowed to carry on, the government should listen to the public and their feelings on this policy of cruel treatment in the name of science research !!

  21. avatar MinnieBardot1 says:

    I dont want my taxes to pay for animal testing(torture) in any way shape or form. How can people actually work in these places, getting up every morning going to a ‘job’ that tortures animals…sick people.
    If we are paying out of our taxes for these experiments to happen we have a right to know what is going on to these poor animals in these hell holes and why are they hiding this information from us?

  22. avatar vicki ginoli says:

    This type of treatment of animals has to stop – they can feel pain just like you and I – show some compassion and stop this archaic practice of using these living creatures in pain-filled experiments – experiments that don’t help anyone. Let’s put the people in charge of these programs in the animals place -lets experiment on their eyes, spines and bodies – I guarantee then – this practice would STOP!!


  23. avatar Nanci Dagragnano says:

    Why not having a petition to sign, aren’t people interested in banning animal testing for good?

  24. avatar elena buga says:

    where is that petition i want sign it lets sign it all maybe it will ban testing on animals forever.i dont even know why we are testing on animals and who gave us this right,who told us that we are superios there for anything inferior must comply with our sick lows and terms.i dont understand why u should test on animals in the first place test on humans i can try cosmetics lipsticks etc and for medical research u can use sick people with that special deasease u are trying to cure in this way nowbody suffers and who knows u might discover a new treat.i cried seeing the cat with that thing on the head-trying to convince myself that she is staying on something worm so maybe its just for public awareness i couldnt concieve is for testing.cats are my weakness i love them to pieces same all animals but cats the most.i love how they purr then come and play with u and are so fluffy and cute i couldnt imagine anybody wanting to hurt them in any way.something has to be done i want do more than crying but what ? is that petition still available ?

  25. avatar Martine Vaffier says:

    It is useless cruelty to experiment on animals. That must stop!

  26. avatar Vicky says:

    I don’t know why this is and other experimentation on animals such as the primate ones are promoted and allowed by consecutive governments. Even after protests from the council Tony Blair supported the Cambridge lab and now this government choose to grant the majority of experimentation licences….

    Although we should keep to peaceful protest I believe that more people should be made aware of the state of affairs by raising the subject in newspapers and University forums. I think that a lot of people believe that this is just to save people and done under ‘humane’ conditions but many drugs considered safe for humans are tested on animals but cause serious adverse effects for people. Hidden by the drug companies this is not explored enough.

    Animal experimentation is not necessary. It is expensive. It is inaccurate. It is misleading. It consumes limited resources. And further, it is detrimental to the very species it professes to be working to help — humankind.”

    -Dr.s Ray & Jean Greek, Sacred Cows and Golden Geese, 2000, p 223

    “What good does it do you to test something (a vaccine) in a monkey? You find five or six years from now that it works in the monkey, and then you test it in humans and you realize that humans behave totally differently from monkeys, so you’ve wasted five years.”

    -Dr. Mark Feinberg, a leading AIDS researcher, Atlanta Journal Constitution, September 21, 1997

    “Because of the irreconcilable biological differences between animals and human beings, the results of animal tests cannot be applied to human beings with any degree of confidence. Dr. Ralph Heywood, past scientific director of Huntington Research Centre (U.K.), stated at a 1989 scientific workshop held at the Ciba Foundation that: ‘…the best guess for the correlation of adverse reactions in man and animal toxicity data is somewhere between 5% and 25%.’ ”

    -Dr. Andre Menache, speaking at the 10th World Congress on Law and Medicine, held in Jerusalem, Israel, August 29, 1994.

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