Victory! UNIQLO Pledges to Phase Out Buying Wool From Mulesed Sheep!
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Victory! UNIQLO Pledges to Phase Out Buying Wool From Mulesed Sheep!

After eight months of international campaigns by PETA and our affiliates, UNIQLO – part of Fast Retailing, the fifth-largest retailer in the world – has agreed to phase out the use of wool from sheep who have been mulesed.

Mulesing is a barbaric practice that involves cutting large chunks of skin and flesh from the rear ends of merino sheep, often without any pain relief. Mainly practiced in Australia, mulesing is a crude attempt to prevent flystrike, which can be controlled by using humane options.

UNIQLO now joins other top international retailers, such as Muji, C&A, Topshop, and H&M, that have pledged to take action against mulesing.

In pledging to phase out the use of wool from farms that continue to mutilate their sheep, UNIQLO has shown the world and, most importantly, Australian wool producers that it believes cruelty to animals is never fashionable.

This is a major victory for which PETA would like to thank activists around the world who have united against cruelty to sheep. Thanks to you, we are one step closer to ending mulesing once and for all.

It’s only thanks to our kind supporters that important progress like this can be made. Please help us win more lifesaving victories for animals by making a special donation to PETA today.

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  2. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    All animals including sheep should be allowed to live in peace and protrected from cruel and demonic human creeps.

  3. this is excellent work. As an owner of a pet sheep, I have recently been horrified to find out that no painkilers as such exist for sheep, when we actually needed some for him! This truly is a disgrace. It seems that little value is placed on the life of a sheep, as opposed to a pet dog for instance & to carry out this sort of procedure is wholly unethical.

  4. avatar rose sanabria says:

    corten con tanta crueldad por favor!!

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