Bill Oddie Takes BBC Bosses to Task for Promoting Foie Gras
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Bill Oddie Takes BBC Bosses to Task for Promoting Foie Gras

Former BBC wildlife presenter Bill Oddie has condemned the BBC for promoting cruelly produced foie gras on BBC Two’s Great British Menu and on a number of its websites. In a scathing letter fired off to BBC bosses on behalf of PETA, Oddie adds his “voice to the distaste and disappointment at the BBC’s apparent lack of awareness or, perhaps – worse still – moral concern” in promoting a product so vile that it is illegal to produce in the UK.

“By featuring and publicising chefs and recipes involving foie gras, the BBC is condoning dreadful cruelty”, writes Oddie. “It would be admirable if the BBC would literally and publicly disown the production and consumption of foie gas.”

Oddie, who proclaims to represent a “historic link to BBC TV”, is joined by thousands of concerned citizens who have also contacted the BBC demanding that all promotions of the very un-British foie gras be removed from the license payer–funded service. Join them, and call on the BBC to stop promoting “torture in a tin”.

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  1. avatar Joanne Kasner says:

    Don’t allow promotion of Foie Gras to continue on our TV screens, it is so wrong considering it is illegal to produce meat using these methods in the UK. It’s gives nothing but a life of misery for those poor birds which have no choice but to endure a life of pain and suffering. It does not reflect well on the BBCs reputation of all things good and British.

  2. avatar natasha buzak says:


  3. avatar Victoria says:

    I believe that as the BBC is funded by the television license holders and not by Fortnum and mason and other foie gras producers it has a reponsibility to listen to the customers. The majority of people in Britain and other countries are not despicable sadists who enjoy eating the flesh and proucts of a tortured animal knowingly and the growth of awareness of where food comes from (although people are often misled by supermarkets, ready meal meat coming from China or thailand or intensively factory farmed?) should mean that the BBC promotes ethical consumerism rather than helping the brutal force of this product?

  4. avatar john loyns-meade says:

    After writing a song about eating meat, how can bill oddie protest about it, or is it just the cruelty he is protesting about

  5. avatar john loyns-meade says:

    Just read a report about a fois gras farm in hudson valley usa. The report stated that this farmer treated his poultry humanely and there were no signs of distress or bruising on the esophagus of the animals, no sign of any disease, in fact nothing of what oddie is whinging about. If I had the chance I would eat foi gras from this farm

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