PETA to Distribute Revolutionary Chicken-Voice Translators
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PETA to Distribute Revolutionary Chicken-Voice Translators

PETA will soon begin distributing newly invented chicken-voice translators to factory farmers, slaughterhouse workers and chicken-transport companies that will allow the users to understand chicken “talk”. What they’ll learn is that chickens are intelligent and inquisitive animals who – just like us – want more than anything simply to live.

“Chickens have impressive communication skills”, says PETA’s Poorva Joshipura. “They have more than 30 types of vocalisations to distinguish between threats that are approaching by land and those that are approaching over water, and a mother hen begins to teach these calls to her chicks before they even hatch. We hope our new state-of-the-art chicken-voice translator will help people consider that chickens are sensitive and intelligent and want to live.”

If you would like to get your hands on one of our new Chicken-Voice Translators, you can register your interest here.

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  1. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Chickens are docile, sociable and intelligent creatures. Humans have made life on earth a living hell for chickens. No animal on earth is treated more inhumanely than chickens who are ruthlessy massacred by the millions on a daily basis !!

  2. avatar animallover says:

    This looks like it was sourced from the Onion…

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