Urgent: Speak Out Against Live-Animal Transportation
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Urgent: Speak Out Against Live-Animal Transportation

Every year, more than 6 million animals are subjected to the horrors of being transported long distances across Europe. Investigations have repeatedly shown that the most basic EU rules concerning rest, food and water for the animals are repeatedly flouted.

Obviously, PETA would like to see the end of all live-animal transport – but until that happens, we need to do all that we can to prevent as much cruelty and suffering as possible. There is currently a Written Declaration in front of the European Parliament which calls for a maximum journey time of eight hours. If more than half of all MEPs were to support Written Declaration 49/2011 – that’s a total of 378 signatures – by Thursday, 15 March, it would send a clear message to the European Commission that there is a demand for new legislation to protect animals. Activists are already very close to reaching that target, but with the deadline approaching, please take a few moments to find out the names of your MEPs here and then see if your MEP has signed by checking here. If your MEP hasn’t signed, please contact him or her urgently and ask that he or she support Written Declaration 49/2011.

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  1. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    This in infuriating. Graphic proof that humans still treat intelligent, sensitive and sociable animals like they are inanimate property rather than complex, sentient beings !

  2. avatar Jodie says:

    I’m doing an assignment on this for my degree currently, and it makes me so infuriatingly mad that this is still happening. ALL ANIMAL CRUELTY MUST BE ABOLISHED. Makes me sick to my stomach that animals get treated in this way, I wish I could stop it myself with just a click of the fingers.

  3. avatar Steve Broom says:

    We fought long and hard in protests in 1996 (and onwards). The politicians who are to blame who put money before animal welfare should note we had considerable public support for a change back then, and that support will resurface again. So scum -and no other word seems suitable- who back this beware, as morality always wins in the end, and nature (Karma) always has a natural backlash. I cannot descibe the disgust I feel towards the mentally ill involved in this “trade” (?). Steve Broom. Hull

  4. avatar Brenda says:

    Humans make me sick!! I do not understand why animals have to be transported live at all?? Although vegetarian myself, I can slightly understand the need for animal meat to feed the millions, but will never understand the ignorance and cruelty of the human in carrying out this operation. I remember seeing the scenes at Shoreham Airport, (England) when protests were carried out against the transporters of live animals. It was heartbreaking seeing all the sad faces of the animals looking out between the bars of the transport vehicles. IT HAS GOT TO STOP!!

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