Closed: Win Squash Champion James Willstrop's Signed Book and Racquet
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Closed: Win Squash Champion James Willstrop’s Signed Book and Racquet

Pontefract-born vegetarian, the world’s number two squash player (he was number one last month!), and PETA pinup James Willstrop has given us the perfect prize for squash fans.

Not only do we have a signed copy of his new book, Shot and a Ghost, in which James chronicles his rise to number one and the challenges of competing in a sport that takes him all around the world, we also have one of James’ squash racquets that he used during one of his recent matchups. In his book, James also devotes a chapter to the positive effect that a vegetarian diet had on him during competitions and how it improved his fitness.

Sorry but this competition has now closed, please check back for more.

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  1. avatar Matt Fielding says:

    Nick Matthew

  2. avatar Mark James says:

    Nick Matthew

  3. avatar w wagenmans says:

    the answer is
    Nick Matthew

  4. avatar Ian Ball says:

    James succeeded fellow Yorkshire man Nick Matthew.

    Can’t wait to read the veggie chapter!

  5. avatar Oli Turner says:

    Nick Matthew

  6. avatar Tremayne McDoanld says:

    James succeeded Nick Matthew

  7. avatar Marc Thomas says:

    James is a fantastic player and a great role model.

  8. avatar Marc Thomas says:

    PS It was Nick Matthew!

  9. avatar Parth Sethia says:

    James succeeded Nick Matthew to become the world no 1.

    Great article, as a vegetarian Squash player myself, can relate to it . Thanks

  10. avatar Jonas Snoeck says:

    Nick Matthew.

  11. avatar Leon Sim says:

    Nick Matthew

  12. avatar Paul Halstead says:

    The answer is Nick Matthew.

  13. avatar Sharon Ford says:

    The answer is Nick Matthew.

  14. avatar David Ford says:

    Nick Matthew

  15. avatar AlexT says:

    Nick Matthew

  16. avatar cskeng says:

    He replaced Nick Matthew as number 1

    luv the prizes

  17. avatar Atishay says:

    Nick Matthew

  18. avatar Richard Mcintosh says:

    Nick Matthew

  19. avatar naoise says:

    Nick Matthews

  20. avatar Jaimin says:

    James suceeded nick matthew!

  21. avatar Aaron Sedgwick says:

    Nick Matthew

  22. avatar S Sen says:

    Nick Matthew

  23. avatar Paul Halstead says:

    Who won the competition please ?

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