Two More Airlines Say 'No' to Primate Cruelty
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Two More Airlines Say ‘No’ to Primate Cruelty

Exciting news! Two more air carriers, TAM and Hainan Airlines, have announced that they will no longer transport primates for use in cruel laboratory experiments! PETA and other animal protection organisations put the pressure on the airlines after it was revealed that they were recently handling shipments of monkeys to laboratories in North America.

Now we’re that much closer to stopping the transport of primates for use in experiments once and for all – but we’re not there yet.

How You Can Help Keep Animals out of Laboratories
Please continue to tell the few remaining airlines that ship primates to laboratories – including Air France, China Eastern Airlines, and Continental Airlines – that cruelty should be grounded.

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  1. avatar Sonja Scherf says:

    Its unbelievable to cruel animals in this way for nothing everybody have to be ashamed and ………………………..

  2. avatar Ann Parkes says:

    How do we know this is true?? PETA put out a definitive statement regarding Air France and their back down in transporting 60 monkeys to US, some 6 wks ago. I phone PETA – as did many other people – and was informed that their statement was correct. It was not! Air France were playing games and the monkeys were shipped. Air France and KLM (who merged with Air France in 2004) still ship monkeys. Who has suddenly had a change of heart at TAM and Hainan – or is PETA allowing themselves, yet again, to be used as a vehicle for airlines PR.

    • avatar Matt says:

      Hi Ann,

      TAM and Hainan Airlines have each provided written statements to the public and to PETA that they have implemented formal policies prohibiting the transportation of primates for use in laboratory experiments.

      PETA has clear cut evidence that an Air France shipment of 60 primates destined for laboratories was halted earlier this month. To date, we have not seen any evidence to the contrary. At no point did we ever claim that Air France instituted a formal policy against shipping primates to laboratories. We encourage all of our members and supporters to urge Air France to join TAM, Hainan, and several other airline companies in refusing to accept future shipments of primates for use in experiments.

      Thank you,

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