Missing: Charlie, 2 Days Old! Can You Help?
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Missing: Charlie, 2 Days Old! Can You Help?

Charlie is missing! He was torn away from his mother by strangers with evil intentions. Can you help save him? Please read on.

This coming week marks National Dairy Week (3 to 9 February), during which milk-touting companies try to portray as idyllic the life of a cow used for her milk. What they won’t be telling you, of course, is that calves like Charlie are torn away from their mothers within one to two days of being born – a separation so traumatic that the mother cow and her calf whimper for days afterwards. Many male calves are either shot (because they are of no use to the dairy industry) or sent to veal farms in Europe, where they are immobilised and confined in tiny stalls and can never in their short lives graze outside. Female calves replace their mothers in the cycle of forced pregnancy, over-milking, birth and traumatic separation.
Far from being “good for you” as the dairy industry would have you believe, dairy milk has been linked to cancer, juvenile-onset diabetes and many other diseases, and it contains large amounts of fat and cholesterol – and often traces of blood and pus from infected teats. Delicious milk alternatives are available in all major supermarkets. Please ditch the dairy products during National Dairy Week – for your health and for Charlie.

We want you to take a stand during National Dairy Week. For just one week, join us in posting Charlie’s ad as your Facebook profile picture. This will help spread the word and educate others. You can get the image here. Post a comment on our Charlie photo to show us that you’re against cruelty to animals.

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  1. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    The milk industry is no less inhumane than the meat industry. Soy milk is for humans and cow’s milk is for calves.

  2. avatar Natalia Vinogradova says:

    The milk industry is no less inhumane than the meat industry.

  3. avatar ariadna says:

    Todo por lo que lucha Peta, lo encuentro justo. Por algo Penelope Cruz regaló a Peta su imagen. Los animales son tratados peor que los automóviles, cualquier coche lo “miman”, lo guardan en un buen garaje con buena temperatura… los animales son tratados con saña y crueldad. Si mi voto puede ser util para que dejen separar a las vacas de sus pequeños terneros, se los doy. Pienso, que ante todo, hay que prestar atencion a la educacion de los niños, esto no lo debemos olvidar….

  4. avatar von Rulach Duvernay Marie-Claude says:

    I am terribly sad about this affair. I know that animals are suffering in the world and I tried to do my best; but it is not enough. I have great admiration for all the Organizations and Associations devoting their time to defend animals.

  5. avatar María del Carmen says:

    We have to speak up for animals. They cannot defend themselves from men. It is really a shame that men do to animals what animals would not do to men at all. Sometimes, some humans call each other “animal” when they are brute or do something rude. That is not an offense from one human to other, it is an offense to animals to be compared to certain human beings.
    Calves cannot be separated from their mothers, they need their mother as any human baby needs does. No other animals, like Charlie or e.g. elephants that are separated from their mothers at a very early age. Elephants live with their family almost their entire lives. NO TO CRUELTY TO ANIMALS!!!!

  6. avatar Lottie says:

    Personally, I’ll be giving ‘National Give Up Dairy Week’ a go this week. I’m a vegetarian and this seems a great opportunity to give veganism a try.

  7. avatar Peggy says:

    The milk industry, here in Greece, is so corrupted and inhuman!!! So much pain for what? MONEY! Such a shame!!!!!!!!!

  8. avatar Peggy says:


  9. avatar Maegan says:

    Spread the word!!

  10. avatar Liz says:

    Wish population were more aware of these realistic, harsh, inhuman facts. The mainstream advertising industry do a good job creating the idyllic rural scene of happy cows munching away with the sole purpose of producing either milk for human consumption or their meat!

  11. avatar nicole says:

    Poor poor Charlie just looking at his face say’s it all

  12. avatar Monika says:

    Charlie’s look brought me to tears. What humans do to animals is deeply unethical. Fifty different joghurts, milk and cheese in masses which nobody can eat – and thoughtless consumers who don’t care where the oceans of dairy products come from. It is a shame for us who love to call themselves civilised….

  13. avatar rita says:

    the thing that still shocks me the most is that a powerfull minority still believe to be superior and earned the right to expoit other beings (human and animal) and nature. When are we gonna stop this?!

  14. avatar Denise says:

    I’m new to supporting PETA when my vegetarian friend highlighted the cruelty that happens to poor animals & I didn’t even realise such barbaric methods were used to produce dairy. Thank you for opening my eyes. I shall be boycotting dairy & using alternative products.

  15. […] and set them free. He frequently wrote about cruelty to animals in his Notebooks, writing of the meat and dairy industries, “Endless multitudes will have their little [babies] taken from them, ripped open and flayed […]

  16. […] and set them free. He frequently wrote about cruelty to animals in his Notebooks, writing of the meat and dairy industries, “Endless multitudes will have their little [babies] taken from them, ripped open and flayed and […]

  17. avatar kelly monk says:

    so sad, im gonna be switching from dairy to????? im not actually sure what the alternatives are. can anyone help?

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