You Did It: Air France Cancels Live Monkey Transport for Animal Testing!
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You Did It: Air France Cancels Live Monkey Transport for Animal Testing!

Within a few hours of obtaining reports that Air France was planning to transport 60 live monkeys from Africa to a United States laboratory for use in animal experiments, PETA and several of our international affiliates quickly mobilised members and supporters to take action.

Within 24 hours, you and others like you managed to generate 68,000 e-mails, thousands of Facebook posts and tweets, and hundreds of calls. Thanks to your fast work and dedication, we are thrilled to confirm that Air France has cancelled plans to deliver these monkeys into the hands of experimenters!

This fantastic show of support proves once again that strength in numbers and coordinated actions can have a huge effect on companies. This victory couldn’t have been possible without your help. From all of us at PETA, a huge “Thank you!” to everyone who helped stop this transport! We are now urging Air France to create a formal policy to prohibit future shipments of primates to labs.

With this victory so fresh, please use your voice to influence the Home Office not to weaken protection laws for animals in laboratories in future.

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  1. avatar Claire benjamin says:

    Please stop this cruelty

    • avatar Maria says:

      Please leave the animals alone they don’t deserve humans to be cruel to them they don’t have a voice leave them alone you crazy people !

  2. avatar Gianfranco Frelli says:

    Ma chi fa questi esperimenti o li ordina, sarebbe contento di essere imprigionato ed usato come cavia?
    Grazie Gianfranco Frelli

    • avatar elena says:

      il nazismo non è mai finito. Quello che è stato fatto a milioni di esseri umani, viene fatto da sempre anche sugli animali. I nazisti si autodefinivano superiori e si autorizzavano a fare ogni sorta di crudeltà. Non è la stessa cosa che sta accadendo sugli animali? La peggior cosa che milioni di esseri umani tacciono o non vogliono sapere, o se ne fregano. Il mondo sarà un posto migliore quando applicheremo il rispetto a tutte le forme di vita. Per me il rispetto è una cosa universale. Se c’è è per tutto e tutti.

  3. avatar Laurel Keenan says:

    Can your conscious minds rest easily knowing you are perpetuating
    in human & unnecessary torture of such beautiful & intelligent creatures??
    Show some humanity & refuse to condemn these poor innocents to hell.

    Please Please re think your actions

    Thank you Laurel

    Or a Boycott of Air France campaign is the only way forward.


  5. […] UPDATE: 68.000 Emails – und anscheinend war die Aktion damit tatsächlich erfolgreich: You Did It: Air France Cancels Live Monkey Transport for Animal Testing! […]

  6. avatar Jamie Yong says:

    Leave the animals alone…Stop animal abuse…try imagining they doing experiment on humans….

  7. avatar pascale marangoni says:

    Arrêtez tous ces massacres ! S’il vous plaît !

  8. avatar Mirit says:

    Stop abusing animals! It is not fair to use animals with human power!
    We can try things on people that willing to be paid for it!
    We are mean and cruelty and that is not ok!
    Stop ittttt!!!!!

  9. avatar Liliane Heringer says:

    Animal experiments are cruel and unnecessary,please do not be a part of this.

  10. avatar Catriona Brodribb says:

    Please end this now.

  11. avatar Ducrey says:

    The monkeys don’t choose born in this life, and sure don’t born for this. Is disgasting, who de people can do this, why not experiment with the hummas?
    I’lm revolted..We must stop this.

  12. avatar lorenzo vigliotta says:

    Vergognoso fino a che punto arriva la crudeltà umana!!! usiamo la vita di altri a nostro piacere!

  13. avatar Andrea says:

    This is terrible and I am very disappointed that AF would be part of this. Animal experiments are cruel and there are more efficient ways to advance science!

  14. avatar merja vilska says:

    Please do not transport the monkeys for vivisection.They deserve the same humane treatment and kindness that all life does.

  15. avatar merja vilska says:

    Please stop transporting monkeys to US laboratories

  16. avatar francesca accalai says:

    NO a questa tortura!!!!! BASTA a questi trasporti della morte, di creature senza voce!!!!


  17. avatar giovanni marrucco says:

    remiamo uniti controcorrente ad una cultura dilagante della morte, difendendo con tutte le nostre forze la vita, la gioia, la speranza!!!

    STOP a questa tortura di poveri esseri inermi!!!!!


  18. avatar Anne says:

    WE HAVE TO PROTECT OUR ANIMALS AGAINST THE BEASTS !!!! Animals have feelings, just like we do… PLEASE think about this fact ! Imagine you were in theire place… and IF reincarnation realy exists, I hope you will be !

  19. avatar Mati Kroin says:

    WE HAVE TO PROTECT OUR ANIMALS AGAINST THE BEASTS !!!! Animals have feelings, just like we do… PLEASE think about this fact ! Imagine you were in theire place… and IF reincarnation realy exists, I hope you will be !

  20. avatar Lenora says:

    Reading this sort of thing makes me ashamed to be part of the human race,this MUST stop!

  21. avatar goehlinger says:

    S T O P

  22. avatar goehlinger says:

    stop c est degueulasse!!!!!!!!

  23. avatar beejeanne says:

    Apart from being totally cruel to the animals which are as much a part of God’s creation as humans are, their bodies are different to ours and they respond differently to disease. No human being who does tests on these poor creatures, if they have a conscience, can possibly sleep peacefully at night. These tests are also uneccesssary, there are so many other alternatives in this day and age whereby test results are more positive. CRUELY IS SO ABUSIVE & IS NOT NECESSARY. Decent people would not do this evil. STOP THE CRUELTY NOW.

  24. avatar Jaqueline says:

    Por favor,parem com esse absurdo!!!!

  25. avatar cornelis brigitte says:

    tant qu’on saura le faire nous mettront des bâtons dans les roues de ceux qui veulent du mal aux animaux est inconcevable qu’au 20 ième siècle il existe encore ce genre de procédés .. je vois bien que ce sera dur vu que ce n’est pas la honte qui vous étouffe ..apprenez juste a vous remettre en question ; le gain du fric mis a part .. !

  26. avatar Gillian Morris says:

    Please stop this ugly buisness!

  27. avatar Andrea Maria Bonatelli says:

    Dear Members of Air France,

    I think you must that your decitions of transport the monkey is cruel, beacuse they animal will be killed, without any consideration.

    So, don´t make it!!

    Yhaks a lot.

  28. avatar Donna Knight says:

    Stop this wickedness – Do we really need to do this?

  29. avatar Marie naylor says:

    Stop this now!!!!!!!!!

  30. avatar Valerio says:

    Don’t transport this animals, let them be killed in their own country! we did it!

  31. avatar Sherry Bender says:



  32. avatar Selene Rossi says:


  33. avatar Selene Rossi says:

    stop !!!

  34. avatar Selene Rossi says:

    Please stop <3

  35. avatar Janine Plimbley (@Wildchild001) says:

    Just goes to show that loving animals out weighs animal cruelty. And together we can create one HUGE impact. The fact that these big companies are actually listening to us is something. And it also shows that they have compassion and a heart. Thank you AirFrance UK. Well done everybody.

  36. avatar Filomena Viana says:

    That is not true!!!!

    Please read this answer:

    “Dear Miss/Ms. elizabeth,

    Air France would like to state that nothing allows the airline to decide on the merits of the use of animals in biomedical research. However, it is important and scientifically justified, such as, for example, testing new medical products on the market which need to be proven safe for humans, in line with international regulations. Animals are also used in basic research for new vaccines and in studies of the safety of pharmaceutical products.

    Air France Cargo refuses to transport laboratory animals destined for any use other than medical.

    In addition, Air France Cargo ensures that all biomedical research involving the use of animals in laboratories with which the airline works is fully in line with current legislation and the regulations drawn up by scientific organizations specializing in animal welfare.

    Air France Cargo refuses transportation if the testing protocols do not conform to these regulations and visits all customers to make sure this is the case. Air France Cargo also monitors the supplier, who must comply with the breeding rules in force.

    More generally, Air France scrupulously respects and complies with standards issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the European Union, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

    Thank you for using the Air France E-Services

    1-800-99 AF WEB (1-800-992-3932)

    Seven days a week 8:00 am to 7:30 pm, Eastern Standard

  37. avatar Arti says:

    Please stop abusing animals. Please …..

  38. avatar Lubi says:

    Thank you for stoppping this transportation!

  39. avatar Ben says:

    WOW UNBELIEVABLE!! Well done everyone!!

  40. avatar Carol Doughty says:

    What has happened to the monkeys?????????????????

  41. avatar Stu says:

    Is money enough to justify assisting in the suffering of creatures which feel physical and mental suffering?

  42. avatar Anita says:

    Please, don’t help contemporary dr. Mengele. Nothing can excuse cruelty.

  43. avatar Chantelle says:

    I hope this is true!

  44. avatar Joelle Morin says:

    Hello and thank you to all…

    I spent most of yesterday trying to generate momentum to stop the transportation of these poor beings from Africa to America…
    Disgusted by vivisection for a long time, I am glad to see the intervention had a happy ending, but can we really be SURE the monkeys are not being transported today?
    Who is on the field to see if Air France really will keep their word?
    Are they safe? Will they be transported by another carrier? Released in the wild?
    Turned over to a sanctuary, WHAT ???
    PLEASE let us know, Peta !!!
    And thank you for all that you do !


  45. avatar R. Lok says:

    Tahnk you for standing up for animals and please continue to do so!!!

  46. avatar soledad says:

    basta de torturar a los indefensos, a esta altura, no hay nuevos metodos para probar sus productos?? si, es mas costoso, pero a la larga mas gratificante…

  47. avatar elena says:

    please don’t trasport to death and suffering innocents. Also nazist made this!!

  48. avatar Sabrina says:

    Please stop these gruesome actions!

  49. stop this now.these animals have feelings and need loving.this world is out of must must stop this

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