Pow! Owain Yeoman Slams Proposed Industrial-Size Dairy in Wales
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Pow! Owain Yeoman Slams Proposed Industrial-Size Dairy in Wales

Owain Yeoman's PETA Ad

Owain's PETA Ad

In Owain Yeoman’s opinion, it doesn’t take a mentalist to see that factory farming is a recipe for disaster. That’s why the Welsh-born star of the hit American television programme The Mentalist has just fired off a letter to Powys County Council urging councilmembers not to allow a new industrial-size dairy – a factory farm where 1,000 cows would be artificially impregnated, drugged and used as milk machines – to be built at Leighton near Welshpool. In the letter, Yeoman explains that densely crowded, unsanitary factory farms are breeding grounds for disease – and that they also contribute to environmental destruction.

“As a proud native of Wales, I was disturbed to learn from my friends at PETA that an application to build an industrial dairy-farm operation – where 1,000 cows would be subjected to physical torment – has been submitted”, writes Yeoman. “Allowing this operation to be built would lead to immense animal suffering and the defacement of our beautiful country.”

Thanks to compassionate PETA supporters, the action alert, which we ran on our website last year, generated more than 2,000 letters to Powys County Council. And, while they are no longer accepting objections, you can still help by ditching dairy and opting for many of the delicious alternatives available in your local supermarket instead.

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  2. avatar John Alexander Gibson says:

    I completely agree with Owain Yeoman factory farming is the worst of crimes, such torture and enslavement of cows and any other animal should not be tolerated in any country. Animal abuse is common place within factory farming. I’ve just turned vegan, hopefully more people will abandon meat and dairy products, hopefully in the future the dairy and meat industries will be closed down and no longer operate, making money from the exploitation of animals is wrong!

  3. avatar Victoria says:

    I agree, I have written to Defra about the conditions in the factory farming and received a reply which did not really address my concerns as it seemed to regard a lot of the practices as either not being cruel or not being widespread. As MP Jim Paice in England is influential in agricultural matters it seems inappropriate that he has allowed rules to go ahead that allow less veterinary monitoring and guidance in slaughterhouses. I read this at http://www.wildaboutbritain.co

    I have sent ut a polite e mail to another MP which respectfully asks if this can be raised in Parliament.

    Also malpractice in the dairy industry leads to accusation about badgers spreading TB. A 50 million, 10 year, independent investigation by top scientists (ISG) concluded that “Badger culling cannot meaningfully contribute to the control of cattle TB”. Cattle spread the disease and it was unheard of in badgers before the 1950s. Cows cannot cope with having to produce up to 120 pints of milk per day, feed themselves and their foetus. The male calves are shot or sent to the veal industry.

    Please anyone in Wales if you look for a petition against the cull in Wales sign it to give the badgers a fighting chance.

    Thank you

  4. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Well said Victoria. Plaudits for you !!

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