Paris Without Fur
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Paris Without Fur

Last Thursday, eco-friendly online magazine Neoplanete and international multimedia platform OneHeartChannel, with the support of PETA France, helped present a brand-new event aimed at showing chic and ethical alternatives to fur at the Hôtel Fouquet’s Barrière. “Paris Without Fur” (Paris sans fourrure) took place on the last day of Paris Couture Fashion Week and aimed to show the public the fabulous alternatives to the real fur produced by the fur industry.

Photo © Maï-wen Wauthy

Spirit Hoods, PLICH, C&A, Etam, Frank Sorbier, VJ Couture and others showed off their latest fur-free collections. Models from Up Models strutted down the runway with elegance and humour promoting the message to the public that winter can be warm and trendy without killing innocent animals.

Join these followers of fashion by ditching the skins and going fur-free today.

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  1. avatar Samantha Pulsford says:

    Animals are tortured and killed for their fur. With so many fur free alternatives there is no excuse for this cruelty. Great to these creative designers showing compassion!

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