Man Gored to Death in Spanish Fire-Bull Festival
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Man Gored to Death in Spanish Fire-Bull Festival

A man who attended a festival in Navajas, Spain, has been gored to death.

During these flaming-bull festivals, bulls are restrained while contraptions that look to be straight out of a medieval torture chamber are fixed to their heads. These sadistic devices have two balls of pitch (a flammable tar-like substance) that are lit on fire before the bulls are released, ablaze, onto the streets, where they desperately try to escape the fire while crowds jeer and torment them. The bulls often smash into walls in their attempts to free themselves from the flames. The fiery balls can last for hours, burning their horns, bodies and eyes.

Picturing the scene, it should hardly come as a surprise to hear that these festivals often result in human casualties. The question is, how many more lives must be ruined before this barbaric custom is banned?

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  1. avatar John Alexander Gibson says:

    I’ve heard of this dispicable cruel act before and it still sickens me, once again animals are being exploited and for what! Just to serve some people’s sick idea of entertainment. It’s one of these supposed traditions that should be ended right now! We must banish this sort of horrific torture to the past.

  2. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Why is Spain obseessed with abusing and maiming and torturing bulls. This sadism is unpardonable Spain !

  3. avatar Christina says:

    That’s humans ????????????????? NO, that’s the Devil!!!!!!!

  4. avatar Wowzers says:

    Who needs this crazy joke, anyway!

  5. Too bad the bulls only killed one person…they should killed more. When people who torture animals die in the act, I don’t give a f*$K.

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