Irish Eyes Are Smiling Over Puppy Mill Ban
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Irish Eyes Are Smiling Over Puppy Mill Ban

If your dogs’ tails are wagging a little more today, maybe they’ve heard the news that Ireland has banned puppy mills!

The new Irish laws took effect on New Year’s Day, outlawing the horrific conditions – including cramped enclosures, filth, malnutrition, exposure, disease, and a lack of socialisation and veterinary care – common to those nasty intensive dog-breeding operations. All puppies must be microchipped so that the breeder can be identified, and authorities can inspect and shut down any facility that fails to meet the standards set by the new regulations.

So if you see people sporting a “Kiss Me – I’m Irish” badge on St. Patrick’s Day, feel free to take them up on it. But a much better way to pay tribute to the kind folks of the Emerald Isle is by speaking out against cruel and irresponsible breeding.

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  1. avatar Jon says:

    Happy days! With the bullfighting ban in Catalonia also in effect since 1st Jan, 2012 is starting on the right foot for our four legged friends! :-)

  2. avatar D.Davies says:

    Yes, good news about the puppy mill,ban however there is still a large problem with unwanted dog in Ireland. A rescue centre, from South Wales,regulary go over to Ireland to bring back dogs that are to be euthanised. Let,s get them banned here as well.

  3. avatar John Alexander Gibson says:

    This is great news, dogs suffer so much pain and torture in these puppy mills. So Irelands ban of this cruel industry is so important, hopefully this will be an inspiration to all other countries to adopt the same ethical view which Ireland has done and ban these “Torture” mills.

  4. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Good news but there are not many animal loving vegetarians in Ireland. Morrisey and McCartney are Irish and we all know they live in England. Still the puppy mill story is a bit of good news from Ireland.

  5. Hello Foarte tare, ce pot spune, traim in Romania moderna, Oricum e de retinut, informatiile bune sunt oricand binevenite. Informatia este de memorat in cazul de fata :)

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