Morrissey Named PETA's Person of the Year 2011
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Morrissey Named PETA’s Person of the Year 2011


For helping to make the world a kinder place for animals, we’re proud to announce that compassionate crooner Morrissey is PETA’s 2011 Person of the Year.

A long-time champion of animal rights and vegetarianism, this year the Lancashire born singer – described by NME as “one of the most influential artists ever” – has once again been using the limelight to shine a light on the terrible suffering that animals endure on factory farms and inside abattoirs.

During his European tour, Morrissey had information tables with animal rights literature manned by friendly PETA volunteers who chatted with concertgoers and distributed thousands of vegetarian/vegan starter kits. He and his band wore shirts with animal rights messages on stage and played PETA US’ “Meet Your Meat” video during the shows to educate the audiences about the reality of life for animals on factory farms. He even convinced a huge Belgian music festival to go meat-free on the day of his performance!

Never one to hold back, Morrissey has fearlessly mouthed off about the meat trade and helped promote kindness to animals worldwide in bold ways, including being immortalised in PETA US’ “Vegetarian Icon” postage stamp series – with more than 20,000 stamps selling out in less than two weeks!

For all his efforts for animals, we’re chuffed to bits to be naming Morrissey PETA’s 2011 Person of the Year.

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  1. avatar _____ says:

    Rightly deserved. Illegitimi non carborundum.

  2. avatar Lainey says:

    Fantastic news.
    We are very proud of you Morrissey. You have passionately provoked people into using their heads and hearts and so many, many people became vegetarian/vegan (including me) as a consequence of Meat Is Murderer and your continual demands for animal rights.

  3. avatar manc lad says:

    once again you lead the way, well done mozzer, i see the usa chose russell, so congratulations to him also..moz you will never know just how much you have done, all i know is you keep going, please dont ever stop touring and spreading the message, i was at a concert in texas and actually heard a man say that he was going to give it a go and we all know what meat eaters they are in texas, i m proud and honoured to have you have as a neighbour, that is when you re back in manchester..respect always, woodhouse park

  4. avatar Naturali says:

    a well deserved naming. I just love his music….

  5. avatar FKinney says:

    Fantastic, very few other artists would have the balls to show the ‘Meet Your Meat’ video worldwide on tour, bringing it to a huge audience, and every date I did on that tour I saw first hand the reactions it evoked in people. Truly an inspiration

  6. avatar Andrew says:

    Great news and very justified that Morrissey should get this honour.
    It can never be underestimated the influence that he has had for close on to thirty years now in helping people turn to vegetarianism (me included in 1984) thanks to his unrelentingly intelligent and passionate championing of it.

  7. avatar JimmyCarterUSM says:

    Really? Is that a wise decision? I like animals and The Smiths as much as the next vegan, but we must not forget that his vegetarian activism is rather reminiscent of that of Adolf Hitler. Surely PETA should be making vegans seem normal so as to recruit and put up a stronger front, as opposed to glorifying insane racists who state that, “You can’t help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies,” and alienate our cause – bad choice PETA, bad Choice.

    • avatar Wendy Hustler says:

      Shut up you ignoramus! How dare you compare that compassionate man to hitler! Are you stupid? Don’t you know anything about hitler? Asshole, leave Morrissey alone. At least he’s educating people, and showing those horrific videos is the best way. No sugar coating, let those who don’t know what happens see. Give it to them as it really is.

  8. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    I would go with Queen’s Brian May. He has passionately galvanized the masses in 2011 to be against the badger cull and the imminent resumption of hunting foxes, hares, stags and all other British wildlife species.

    Paul McCartney would also be a great choice.

    Morrissey is still a good choice. Plaudits for the pope of mope !!

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  10. avatar Sandra says:

    If anyone deserves this honour it is Morrissey, who has remained focus on the issue of Animal Rights throughout his career, and even long time dedicated veggies like myself need to be reminded of the barbarity of factory farming as I was at Morrisseys York concert when I saw the Meet your Meat video. The chinese subspecies comment which someone has mentioned was a reaction to the treatment of animals in China, and I am not a racist but can identify with the sentiment with respect to such as the moon bears etc. Paul Mccartney and Brian May are worthy contenders, but Morrissey has the passion, and the willingness to be controversial in his endeavours to spread the message about our inhumanity to the animal species on this planet.

  11. avatar Freya says:

    The Hitler comment was ourageous as Hitler only ate a vegetarian diet as he had some sort of stomach complaint and could not eat meat. Morrissey deserves it, well done Morrissey!!

    • avatar leyla says:

      Hitler was not a vegetarian. You have quoted this wrong I’m afraid. Hitler was quite partial to meat

  12. avatar Sandra says:

    Well deserved…. who else would court controversy to reach out to the uncoverted and force their attention on to the barbarity of factory farming?

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  15. avatar John Alexander Gibson says:

    What a great supporter of animal rights, a lot more will become aware of the cruelty that animals suffer thanks to Morrisey.

  16. avatar Jim Jaston says:

    Oh yes! Yuppy! Morrissey! Right on!

    I’m so happy he’s been named PETA’s person of the year!!!

    and I want to say something to those (just a few fortunately) who insistently and wrongly say that Morrissey puts animal rights before human rights, well, you didn’t yet realize that rights that we have must be given also to animals. We come from them. Our rights must go hand in hand with animals rights.
    Just wanted to make this clear, once again.

    Go on PETA.
    Go on Morrissey.

    We’re here in front line to dedicate our lives to people and animals, to the nature’s kingdom we all belong to.

  17. avatar james mcgill says:

    Haven’t seen him officially endorse this, but of course it’s preferable that millions of humans die of cancer than a single mouse suffer from testing a new treatment. Who wants to go straight from lab tests to human trials? I suggest a database of people who are willing to be experimented upon without the requirement for animal tests.

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  19. avatar Fed Up says:

    Good ol’ Mozzer, always one to make a fool of himself and by association those of us who share his vegan views but none of his other views. He is as much of a numpty as Sean Penn is.

    Mozzer’s latest has been pandering to his Argentinian concert audience by telling them that they have a right to ‘own’ a group of islands that are a few hundred miles away from their coastline. When he plays the USA will he tell the Yanks that they have a right to ‘own’ Cuba I wonder.

    Way to go Mozzer. Conquistadora Fernandez and her German husband must love you and General Galtieri would be proud. Hey but don’t mention the cruelty inherent in the Argentine beef industry. They wouldn’t want to hear that.

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  21. avatar Caroline Snow says:

    Morrissey is vegetarian NOT vegan. He consumes products that add to the cruel animal products industry. A strange choice for person of the year in my opinion, I hope 2012 brings a better example

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