Imprisoned, Poisoned and Killed: the Suffering of Monkeys in Labs Exposed
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Imprisoned, Poisoned and Killed: the Suffering of Monkeys in Labs Exposed

The Daily Mail yesterday carried the sickening and sad story of a PETA US exposé of a major laboratory in Washington state that experiments on monkeys.

A distraught employee of Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories contacted PETA US to report the suffering of monkeys used in the tests that the business performs on contract for drug and chemical companies. The Mail article paints a horrifying picture of monkeys shivering with cold because of the freezing liquids dripped into their veins, screaming and shaking while having blood taken and being tormented and terrified by the staff.

A macacque filmed as part of the investigation

A monkey filmed as part of the investigation

A macaque filmed as part of the investigation

Shin Nippon already has a history of causing animals to suffer, including the horrific incident in 2008 in which a monkey was boiled to death after her cage was put through a high-pressure washer while she was still inside it. PETA US has submitted a detailed complaint of the most recent incidents to the authorities, and we’ll keep you informed about any developments.

A macaque filmed as part of the investigation

A macaque filmed as part of the investigation

Could it happen here? It almost certainly already does. Monkeys are used in the same kinds of tests here in the UK, and while our laws are stricter than in the US in some ways, undercover investigations have found evidence of neglect, abuse and terrible suffering right here. More worrying yet, the government is considering relaxing the rules on laboratory inspections, bringing us even closer to the US situation. Please contact the government urgently to tell them how unacceptable that would be.

A macacque filmed as part of the investigation

Many monkeys are imported into labs in the US and UK. Please also support PETA US’ campaign to persuade airlines not to transport monkeys for vivisection.

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  1. How dare you make animals suffer like this!! How would you feel if this was you or your family!!

  2. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    This is absoloutely disgraceful. The reality that we treat our closest living animal relatives in such and ungodly and hellish manner is beyond reprehensible. These researchers are evil incarnate and malevolent reprobates. Monkeys and apes are smarter than many people and they have more earthly and spiritual value than “Humans” who torture, exploit, maim, terrorize, traumatize and sadistically kill them. People who abuse rats in research are also monstrous and vile human organisms.

  3. avatar John Alexander Gibson says:

    Experimentation on any species is unethical and a crime. During the second world war we saw the sickening experimentation on human beings, the experimentation on monkeys or on any other species is no different. When we look to our evolutionary history if it weren’t for the hominids (an ancient race of ape) we would not exist, we have to eradicate all experimentation on monkeys and all other species. Science has shown us that all species have evolved from the eukaryota, a microscopic organism. What this shows is that all species are part of one big family and we should do whatever we can to protect our relatives. Every species on this planet has the right to be free, no animal should be imprisoned and tortured, this must stop now.

  4. avatar iesha says:

    animal testing in anyway shape or form is wrong.
    why test on beautiful smart creatures when we have so many sick perverts/rapist and murders in jail?
    being vegan is the best move i have ever made in my life. i will not under any circumatances buy any product that has been tested on animals, or even if that products isnt tested on animals but that company test its other produce on animals i would still not buy it. its f_ckign disgraceful. the government needs to take its head out of its arse and do something about this,

  5. avatar noo noo says:

    what the hell is wrong with the people doing this, the sick bastards
    they should be put through the same thing that they put the helpless animals though every day, skinned alive, beat to death. sick bastards D:<

  6. avatar Andrea says:


  7. avatar robin says:


  8. avatar Gisela says:

    stop to animal abuse

  9. avatar patricia whelan says:

    I am ashamed to be called human. . . . .Totally INhumane what members of my species will do to other creatures. . .

  10. Please stop the transport of monkeys!!!!!

  11. Stop all transportation of experimented on animals immediately!!!!!

  12. avatar Ian Mack says:

    Stop Air France shipping monkeys to this horrible site. What sort of depraved people can work in a place like that? Absolutley disgusting.

  13. avatar Christopher Debattista says:

    If you have a morale and a conscience, then stop this horrible animal abuse ! Some of you may also have children. What kind of upbringing to you give them. What kind of lies you tell them about your work ? Aren’t you disgusted yourself. Reflect a bit. If not, you a nullity who will pay the ultimate price in the end of their days. Repent !

  14. avatar Gilly Winter says:

    All animal experimentation is cruel and despicable! It is abohorrent in the extreme, and totally unecessary!
    These treacherous trials are vile and horrific in the extreme. America hang your heads in SHAME!!!
    I am ashamed of my own country which continues to use live animals kept in labs in the UK!!
    As for the USA What more can you expect from a country which allows many of its people to starve, living rough, unable to work, no health care many of whom are suffering with mental health problems!

  15. avatar Suvarna Shrotri says:

    It is inhumane & disgusting. I must say they are demons in form of Humans. We dont want to buy any product on cost of animal life that to such a tortureous death . The product wont benefit us in any ways which will have the cries of animals.

  16. I lived and worked in Japan. They have a long history of animal cruelty especially with regard to sea creatures but this is a new one to me. I am ashamed that my country would be a party to this. Shame on you who would harm these gentle, weaker-than-you fellow creatures for your material profit, and in MY state! You are inhumane, unethical, and you need to be stopped the sooner the better.

  17. […] finale, le laboratoire mal famé Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (SNBL). En décembre dernier,PETA États-Unis a révélé les souffrances endurées par les singes chez SNBL. Les animaux malades et affolés souffraient […]

  18. avatar Lia Giorgetti says:

    To combat the abuse and mistreatment of animals, there is no need to donate, as you ask, but a grueling struggle continues, events, collected signature on signature, and since it’s just a law that does not output longer experiments on primates, denounce these laboratories continue to do so.
    This is what we di in Italy, and believe in the long run, but gives good results.
    Our animal welfare organizations do not ask for money, but great partecipation in the fight……..Greeting and best wishes to you all. Giorgetti Lia

  19. avatar Br. Bede Falconer says:

    Logically, this transportation is only taking place because Air France will make money out of it, SO let them know its real cost to them, boycott the company and ensure as many others do also. Only when they see that they will loose more than they make will they discover their “corporate conscience.”

  20. avatar Grady says:

    Animals are not ours to use or abuse. The animal kingdom since day one has been undergoing a holocoust no different except the degree that happened in germany, russia, china, etc. Animal sacrifices still continue today as they did in the biblical days in the forms of : vivisection, animal experimentations, animal sports>bull, cock, dog fighting, trapping, hunting, fishing, animal cultural and religious events and sacrifices worldwide, slaughter houses, fur farms, etc. This is the war on animals. We as human beings must first become humane beings. Love, compassion, sympathy, assistance to help are the attributes the creator gave us to endowed upon all humans and animals. This world of ours will never know or understand peace and harmony until it is bestowed upon both humans and animals alike. Until that day we will continue to be Uncivilized Societies.

  21. avatar Patient says:

    The regulation on the testing on animal has become so strict that research is being slowed down greatly while people are suffering. Ask any scientist in cancer research.

    If animal cannot be transported to the US/EU the test will be carried out abroad where there will be no regulation, and things will get worse.

    While it is distressful that animal suffer for testing, except very few abusive cases, the vast majority of lab testing is justified, what else are we going to test on human??? Get real. What if a doctor said to your sick child we are going to try this cancer drug for the first time on him, because it would be cruel to use animal to see if it works.

    I love animal and my dog is part of the family, but that fact that research in important desease/cancer is slowed down by testing is not right. You cannot recreate the effect of a drug under the microscope, unfortunately. But I agree fight for better condition of the animals while being tested on, bigger cages and toys ect..the use of painkiller when needed, and when they survive a new good home.

  22. avatar anne smee says:

    There is too much suffering by animals from humans. I don’t know what else to say where will it all end

  23. Enough to kill our animals . Stop now!!!!! God please help our animals.

  24. avatar Michele Frith says:


  25. avatar Susan Pateracki says:

    Stop animal abuse now. Please refuse to transport these poor monkeys to a horrible Lab. Many Laboratories have began using more modern methods for testing not torturing animals.

    Animals are a gift from God for us to love, not to torture and mutilate. Only we can make the difference that stops putting animals in the hands of evil ungodly people. I do believe they will have to pay someday when they meet God for abusing his gifts.

    Please do what ever you can to save animals from misery. Thanks to PETA, our country has seen for the first time what is actually done to innocent animals. It is horrifying. When did the human race become so evil and cruel. Please don’t contribute to these types of people by shipping innocent animals for torture. Animals don’t need to be used.

  26. avatar georgina armstrong says:

    what about our human rights,why should we actual humans,have to suffer with the knowlege that these living souls are tortured every waking minuite?i despair,i can’t look away,i can’t pretend it dosn’t happen,i can’t turn the other anyone can is beyond me.people tell me not to look.truth is i don’t any more,but the damage is already done.
    i watch the chimps release last year on youtube,and those huge smiles,put a huge smile on my face,trouble is,my tears get in the way.

  27. avatar richie gregory says:

    you cannot try to change the word ABUSE to JUSTIFY.


    Animal abuse
    Animal abuse is the infliction of suffering or harm upon animals, other than humans, for purposes other than self-defense. it can be harm for specific gain, such as killing animals for fur etc.

  28. avatar dantheny says:

    SHAME a air france !!!!
    je ne veux plus voyager sur cette compagnie en sachant que dans la cale il y a des etres vivants en route vers l’horreur !!!!

  29. avatar dantheny says:

    bravo a PETA
    a toutes les personnes qui aiment les animaux SIGNEZ CETTE PETITION

  30. avatar Dawn says:

    Sad and sickening!! Stop testing on animals!!

  31. avatar matilde vecchiarelli says:

    basta torture sugli animali Liberiamo queste splendide creature STOP VIVISEZIONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. avatar Paolo Cuccione says:

    Io mio chiedo come facciano certe persone a guardare negli occhi questi esseri viventi ,sensibili,ed intelligenti,e procurargli tanto dolore…………..persone ARIDE con un cuore di PIETRA. Se avete ancora un briciolo di umanità VERGOGNATEVI !!!! E meditate sul fatto che ,alla fine, il vostro “lavoro” non serve assolutamente a NULLA !

  33. avatar Muriel Servaege says:

    How is that possible? Those who make experiments on those miserable monkeys should be used to make the experiments. They’d seee what it’s like – if they can survive.

  34. avatar Ducrey says:

    I’m revolted is disgusting, how the people can do this? why don’t make experiment with the hummans?
    We must stop this.

  35. avatar Edoardo Scardapane says:

    Condanna a morte per chi commette queste oscenità!!!

  36. avatar grazia guaschino says:

    Torturare gli animali non serve ai fini scientifici e non è più ammissibile in una società che si dichiara civile.

  37. avatar CLAIRE LYNN says:

    Shame! How can this torture of living beings be justified?

  38. avatar maseo says:


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