Victory! Ocado Drops Foie Gras
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Victory! Ocado Drops Foie Gras

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We’re dancing the funky chicken at PETA UK in celebration of some great news for ducks and geese! Following contact by PETA and members of the public, Ocado, an online grocer, has agreed to end the sale of foie gras. Ocado delivers food products from a variety of well-known brands, including Waitrose, Heinz and Hovis, as well as having their own range.

PETA’s foie gras exposé – which shows how ducks and geese suffer during foie gras production as metal pipes are rammed down their throats – was clearly all Ocado needed to make the compassionate decision to stop selling the inhumane product. And Ocado gets an extra high-five for supporting Sir Paul McCartney’s Meat-Free Mondays campaign.

Watch PETA’s foie gras exposé to learn more about how foie gras is produced, and take action on our campaign to rid Fortnum & Mason of foie gras. Please also consider making a donation to help save more animals who desperately need your help right now.

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  1. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    A step in the right direction. Next must be the eradication of beef, meat, sausage, pork, lamb, poultry, fish and all dairy products

  2. avatar Muriel Servaege says:


  3. avatar Steph Adamson says:

    I think that if more images were shown of the unpleasantness animals go through for over-rated, over-priced ‘delicasses’ such as foie gras they might realise how pretentious it all truly is.. Fortnum & Mason and others must stop selling this product and encourage others like me to shop there.

  4. avatar simon smith says:

    Yipeeeee. Now we need to contact British Airways to stop them serving it and keep up the pressure on Fortnum And Mason.
    Victory will be ours!

  5. avatar Susan Minuto says:

    Congratulations to Ocado for their humane decision regarding foie gras. I agree with Mr. Comerford’s comment that the whole meat industry should be abolished and the suffering of all animals end. There have been too many years of abuse to animals for the gratification of humans. Let us all keep the pressure on stores, industries and governments that allow this to continue. We are the only voice these animals have.

  6. avatar Helena Haajanen says:

    Thank God!

  7. avatar Danielle Nunes says:

    Thank God for put love and respect for the animals in the crazy human head.

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