Occupy Compassion!
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Occupy Compassion!

PETA’s “pig” greeted protesters near St. Paul’s Cathedral this week by handing out free vegan sausages and encouraging them to spare a thought for the millions of animals who suffer every day on intensive confinement–style factory farms controlled by major corporations.

On factory farms, pigs have their tails cut off without being given painkillers, calves are torn away from their mothers shortly after birth and chickens are crammed by the tens of thousands into windowless sheds, where the ammonia from their accumulated waste burns their eyes and throats.

Stand up for the millions of animals who suffer every day by signing PETA’s Pledge to Go Veg. And order your very own free vegetarian/vegan starter kit!

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  1. avatar monlam says:

    good to see peta is doing Vegan campaigns.. i believe veganism is the ultimate answer to animal suffering.. The world is vegan if you want it!!

  2. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Veggie sausage is savory and cool while eating animal flesh is cruel.

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