More Rabbits Spared From a Life of Suffering
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More Rabbits Spared From a Life of Suffering

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We’re hopping up and down in the PETA office following the news that T&S Nurseries’ plans to build a rabbit-breeding farm in Stamford have been thwarted again! After initial plans were refused, another application was submitted and promptly shot down, saving more bunnies from a life of misery and suffering.

This farm would have been a wholly unnatural environment for these quiet, clean, sociable animals and would have denied them the opportunity to do anything that makes life worth living – before they mercilessly ended up on someone’s plate.

Whilst this is fantastic news for rabbits, please spare a thought for the millions of other animals suffering right now for the meat and dairy industries. With Vegetarian Awareness Month almost upon us, there’s no better time to adopt a cruelty-free diet.

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  1. avatar de angelis says:

    le respect de l’ etre vivant doit etre une priorite!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    There will be horrible karmic consequences for humans as a result of our ungodly and unpardonabe mistreatment of rabbits and all animals.

  3. avatar SILVIA FINALI says:

    Rispetto per gli animali non umani!

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