Animals Skinned Alive for UGG-Style Boots
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Animals Skinned Alive for UGG-Style Boots

Hard to imagine that footwear involving the mutilation of millions of sheep could get any ugglier, but now tests conducted on knock-off UGG-style boots labelled as “Australian sheepskin” reveal that they were actually made of raccoon dog fur, most likely from animals confined to barbaric Chinese fur farms.

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Raccoon dogs are confined to row upon row of tiny wire cages that are exposed to the elements. Many of the animals go insane from the intensive confinement. Undercover video footage shows raccoon dogs as they are dragged from cages and slammed repeatedly to the ground before being skinned while still conscious. Some survive for as long as 10 minutes, blinking in pain on a pile of other bodies.

The tests also found that some of the boots contained domestic dog fur, which made it into Australia despite the country’s ban on dog and cat fur.

The only way to make sure that your boots, coat or gloves aren’t the product of horrific animal suffering is to avoid all fur and other animal skins.

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  1. avatar charley says:

    please tell me there is some plan of action to bring about a law to stop this awful skinning alive happening anymore its truly heartbreaking i am disgusted by the humans in the video. if there isnt plans for a law to stop this then how can we set about gettin one? THIS MUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    China’s egregious cruelty to animals is relentless, widespread, reprehensible, worlwide, monstrous, beastly, unpardonable, demonic and Godless.

  3. avatar gillian wood says:

    I want to echo what charley has said.What action is being taken by which bodies to make this illegal in China (and S.Korea) or elsewhere?If none,then does anyone know what it is even possible to try to do?
    Love that string of adjectives Brian!!

  4. avatar Sue Griffiths says:

    I pray every night for this to end. I feel so useless. Please everyone, share this with all your friends, and ask them to share with all their friends.

  5. avatar Marion Martin says:

    Every time I think of these poor creatures my heart bleeds. How can humans be so cruel, vicious, uncaring just because it is an animal. These so called humans deserve to have the same treatment done to them, and maybe just maybe it might registered. Please everyone try and help to get this barbaric treatment stopped forever. My heart goes out to all animals suffering at the hands of certain humans.

  6. avatar Wendy says:

    I am just speechless I cannot believe that our species could be capable of such unspeakable cruelty. These people are actually not worthy of being called human,they are just animal predators and should be kept in cages themselves,they cannot harm anyone or anything there.If there is anyone out there that can stop these barbaric acts then please please do something,you have my total support.

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