West Hollywood Bans Fur Sales Throughout City
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West Hollywood Bans Fur Sales Throughout City

The West Hollywood City Council yesterday voted unanimously to ban the sale of fur. A Fur Free West Hollywood campaign organiser Shannon Keith remarked: “West Hollywood’s ordinance banning the sale of fur is a historic step for the rest of the world, as it is the first city in the United States to pass such an ordinance. Cities like West Hollywood and communities all around the country are recognizing that the fur trade is barbaric, cruel and not fashionable”.

The ban makes West Hollywood the first city in the world to refuse to support caging or trapping animals or electrocuting, gassing, bludgeoning or hanging them and then ripping their skin off, sometimes while they are still conscious.

PETA supporter Corinna Milstein created the above short animation to remind everyone how rabbits are killed and made into clothing by the fur industry.

Folks in West Hollywood are well-known for their support of forward-looking legislation, so it didn’t come as any surprise that the City Council voted unanimously to ban sales of apparel made from animal fur.

Follow West Hollywood’s example by saying you will go fur-free!

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  1. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    This is groundbreaking. Every humane city, state and company should emulate West Hollywood’s anti fur edict. Cruelty-free fake fur easily emulates and surpasses the warmth and “Fashion” of inhumane animal fur.

  2. avatar elizabeth says:

    we do not need to wear fur they are otther ways to stay warm and for rich people to spend their money!!!!!!!!

  3. avatar Nanci Dagragnano says:

    such a cruelty is totally OUT, it is not necessary to wear fur in the modern world with so many other options to keep warm!!

  4. avatar thomas grant moore says:

    Thank you.

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