Beagles Protest Lab Supplier's Dog-Breeding
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Beagles Protest Lab Supplier’s Dog-Breeding

Standing in formation, wearing beagle masks and holding signs that read, “NO to Grimston Beagle Farm”, PETA supporters participated in an eye-catching demonstration in Bristol. They were demanding that the Bristol-based Planning Inspectorate refuse permission for B&K Universal to build a facility that would breed hundreds of dogs to be sold for deadly experiments in the UK and abroad.

B&K Universal is owned by US-based animal laboratory supplier Marshall Farms, which has been cited repeatedly by US authorities for animal welfare violations. Their proposed facilities at Grimston in Yorkshire would have no outside access for the dogs; a recent exposé of a similar UK dog-breeding facility revealed that the dogs were let out of their barren cages for only 20 minutes per week.

Dogs are used mainly for toxicity testing in the UK, in which they are repeatedly poisoned with experimental drugs and harsh chemicals, including pesticides. This factory farm for dogs wouldn’t just breed puppies for toxic chemical tests in the UK – it would also likely sell dogs overseas to countries where animals in laboratories have even less protection than they do here. B&K’s application has already been turned down by the local council, but they are now trying to have this overturned.

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  1. avatar Laura Bamber says:

    This can not go ahead, it would appear here in the UK councils do not listen to people as we have just seen via The Welsh Government whom have just passed the appeal with blessing to allow their largest puppy farm yet! Reasons unknown due to the mass over population of dumped/unwanted and destroyed dogs in the UK!

    Lets PRAY the local council for this circus of pain and torture see sense and just say NO!

    Why is out government allowing the country to take steps back?! Poor Beagles and why them, because you can torture them half to death and they will still give you a second and third chance! >:(

  2. avatar Belinda Britton says:

    Very proud to have taken part in this, was nice to meet the Peta crew too!

  3. avatar Caroline Clune says:

    Marshall’s are breaking the Law, why should they get away with breaking the Law when everyone else has to abide by it. Also this farm is encouraging terrible unnecessary cruelty to Beagle dogs, all for money, some fat arse makes a lot of money while Beagle dogs suffer and die. Also the British Government have pledged to reduce animals suffering in animal experimentation labs, this is not a good sign allowing illegal dog farms to go through and be built, when they said they were going to reduce animals suffering. Also we should be encouraging our scientists and resea rchers to advance themselves and devise advanced non animal using experimentsto benefit animal and human kind, not stick it through an animal for convenience, where’s the brain work there

  4. avatar GSD Lover says:

    Well thats me not visiting these councils area!! If enough people stop going spending money ie hit em in thier pocket!! Maybe with pressure from local companies & animal lovers they may reconsider, loss of income off 1 business V loss of revenue of tourists parking, spending money at the local level etc. They have books to balance!

  5. avatar Julie says:

    All I can say is shame on you for making animals go through agonising experiments it is barbaric and not needed in this day and age it is about time they found some other way and not use animals, humans are supposed to be the superior race i don’t think so or they wouldn’t even be using pesticides as this is damaging to the planet, do you think animals don’t feel pain how anybody can do this to an animal knowing how painful it is for them is not human.

  6. avatar Joy says:

    Maybe these research laboratories will one day come to realise the significance of the following words…

    And when at last we meet the Creator
    On that Final Day
    Which of us will bow our heads
    In shame……and look away.

  7. avatar Julia says:

    NO MORE ANIMAL EXPERIMENTATION! It is downright unethical and absolutely outrageous!!!
    All scientific experiments should be carried out on Human Rapists Human peodophiles and Human Serial Killers!!! The results would be far more conclusive!!

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