World's Largest Supermarket Rejects Lamb Mutilation
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World’s Largest Supermarket Rejects Lamb Mutilation

Many Australian sheep will be spared from mutilation thanks to brand giant Tesco, which has announced that it will buy lamb meat only from farms that do not perform mulesing.

Mulesing is a barbaric procedure in which Australian farmers use gardening shears to carve chunks of skin and flesh from the lambs’ backsides in a crude attempt to create smoother skin that won’t collect moisture and attract flies. But the exposed, bloody wounds often attract flies before they heal, or they become infected. Many sheep who have undergone the mulesing mutilation still suffer slow, agonising deaths from flystrike. PETA and its affiliates have lobbied for the Australian wool industry to require all sheep farmers to control flystrike with humane methods – such as breeding for a bare breech, spray-washing and more frequent monitoring of sheep – that are already being used by some farmers.

A mulesed lamb photo © Patty Mark -

A mulesed lamb photo © Patty Mark -

To thank Tesco for helping to end this cruel practice, PETA has sent them a vegan cake emblazoned with the image of a sheep. You can be a flock star by urging the Australian government to outlaw mulesing today.

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  1. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    There should be no meat at all. Over 900 million people are starving because meat moguls, suasage czars and poulty profiteers are feedilng all the grains to mistreated food animals that are slaughtered for meat.

    • avatar Julie says:

      I totally agree with you we don’t need to eat meat and if less meat was eaten there wouldn’t be so many starving people. Good on you for your comment.

    • avatar ray says:

      It’s true, but unrealistic to expect everyone not to eat meat and this is a big step forward in the right direction

    • avatar Caroline Clune says:

      Totally agree much less meat and more grains to feed people, there wouldn’t be a food shortage in the world. Meat is cruel and expensive to produce

    • avatar Tia says:

      I totally agree! And not only that, they’re using way too much electricity and using too much land, which could be used for growing vegatables. Which ever angle you look at it, eating meat is dangerous, bad and unethical.

  2. avatar Nicola Mabon says:

    I am disgusted at what i have seen on this website regarding this barbaric act.
    This is something that should not happen at all, its really cruel and awful to think farmers do this to there sheep.

  3. avatar Rihards says:

    Here I have translated form English to Latvian
    this information and also this information
    because both are relevant.

  4. avatar Maite says:

    Its, really cruel the way some people treat animals, as if they wouldn,t feel any pain at all. they are lovely and inocent creatures and have no way to defense themselves, so it,s up to us to do something to protect them. After all we live thanks of their meat, we should also give them a correct life and a proper death. That,s the minimum we should do

  5. avatar N MacLeod says:

    Well Thank You PETA for highlighting the cruel abuse of mulesing BUT I’m praying for the day when you will bring yourselves to utter the most barabic form of Animal Cruelty on the Planet, the one which is alien to Britain, Europe and most of the civilised World, and dwarfs all others 1,000,000 fold.
    As I’ve said before Cruely to Animals is not a matter of Pick and Mix for some illogical, politically bent perspective… Mention halal Animal Abuse and you will multiply many time those who take you and your organisation seriously…

  6. avatar Joy says:

    The following words have come to mean a lot over the years because they apply to ALL animals abuse.

    And when we come to meet the Creator
    On that Final Day
    Which of us will bow our heads
    In shame….and look away.

  7. avatar Hazel Booth says:

    I think it is wonderful news that Tesco will no longer buy lamb from farms that perform mulesing. Are you to take this up ith the other leading supermarkets and ask them to follow Tesco’s lead?

    • avatar N MacLeod says:


      To find out the truth about Tesco and the others, just Google ‘tesco halal’ and you’ll realise the unpleasant truth that they would rather the ignorant masses didn’t know about. How many of us suport the abominable practice unknowingly… YOU!!! If you purchase a packet of breakfast cereal beginning with the letter ‘K’… Look at the microscopic symbol beside the ‘V’ for veggie. My kids, in all innocense chirp up ‘but theres no meat in cornflakes’. True! but a company who bend the knee and kow-tows to a form of animal abuse that is alien to all we believe in and dwarfs all others, is a company who will NEVER get a penny of my money,


    • avatar arny says:

      To MacLeod

      it doesn’t really matter if the meat is halal as in western society the animal is pre-stunned before slaughter. It is the same as the Christian method except a prayer is said beforehand. to be honest I’m not religious so as long as the animal is pre-stunned I don’t care.

      However I will not step foot in tesco due to the lack of ethical treatment for their animals and farmers alike.

  8. avatar kevin pink says:

    dont people have any compassion? animals are symbols of purity. the way we treat them reflects on our souls.

  9. avatar yvonne hollis says:

    everyone who eats meat supports this cruel industry albeit unintentionally. If everyone was vegetarian there would be no cruelty. You don’t need meat to be healthy. I gave been veggie for 30 years and and fit and healthy. I felt almost instantly better when I became veggie. Many famous athletes are vegetarian.
    With a little effort there is an abundance of lovely grub available.

    • avatar Breanna says:

      Agreed 100% !

    • avatar Claire says:

      Thats not quite true, there would stll be lots of cruelty. Not all is solved by not eating meat, many animals are mistreated through a) ignorance b) entertainment etc etc like science lab animals or cock fighting. I dont have a problem eating meat so long as the animals are treated well.

  10. avatar Julie says:

    I hope this will put a stop to that barbaric practice on lambs it is terrible what they must suffer, why do animals have to suffer at the hands of the human.

  11. avatar Rosanna says:

    Let us all campaign by using our shopping power and not buy any meat, lambs from Austrialia in particular and any other products from barbaric countries that treat animals without thought to their pain and suffering.

    Best way to stop this is by hitting them where it hurts – in their greefy financially charged pockets. Enough of us out their stop using stores, products etc. and there will be a change. I am old enough to remember when as a student we boycotted Barclays bank because of our support for anti apartied movement and they soon changed their practice when parents, students, friends etc. all chose an alternative.

    Support your local organic greengrocer.
    Much love and look after our dear creatures as we have to do God’s work on earth or no one will.

    • avatar arny says:

      I shop at my local butchers and ask where each animal comes from and how it was killed.
      I will never step foot in Tescos as I know how badly their animals and farmers are treated. Do not be fooled into thinking that Tescos is good because of this one act!

  12. avatar Janet Brown says:

    I cannot believe what I have just seen. I have been a vegeterian for 30 years and now I know why. How can they be allowed to get away with this mutilation??

  13. avatar Eila Viberg says:

    Ihmisillä ei ole oikeutta kohdella eläimiä näin.
    en syö lihaa ja toivon että kaikki ne jotka ovat julmia
    eläimiä kohtaan tulisivat kärsimään tavalla tai toisella.

  14. avatar Michelle says:

    Why can a human being (we are supposed to be the most intelligent) not respect those animals that put food on our plate. We can still eat animals but cruelty in raising, slaughtering is not necessary and its about time our governments stood up to greedy uncompassionate farmers.

    • avatar gracie says:

      I agree Michelle, I don’t eat meat myself but I think the people that do need to be more responsible. If we have dominion over animals due to our intelligence then we should respect them. I didn’t know about mulesing, it’s so sad.

  15. avatar Elisabeth says:

    What are that for people who do
    prohibit equal

  16. avatar liberty says:

    cessons toutes ces soufrances inutiles!!!!!!!!!!qu’on leur foute la paix!!!!

  17. avatar Laura says:

    No human life is so important that he can usurp the rights of another. This is without a doubt wrong. It is evil and it is wrong.

  18. avatar Ket says:

    Fashist s ((((

  19. avatar annie bode says:

    Thank you Peta and thank you Tesco for making a stand. It is so barbaric and cruel, Shame on everyone involved.

  20. avatar Zoe says:

    I don’t care if Tesco decides not to sell this particular lamb, they still sell other cruel products, this is not progress its propaganda.

    • avatar N MacLeod says:


      You’ve got it spot on… Look above at my ‘Reply’ to Hazel Booth, and investigate the abhorrent animal abuse that, not only Tesco, but the other supermarkets support. Far too many Westerm people plead ignorance, as an excuse to mental lassitude.
      Typically, the drunk on the way home from the Pub is not going to question whether the animal in his/her kebab was slaughtered in a humane manner or not…
      As for ‘amy’ who replied to my Reply, I suspect that my example re the Pub-goer fits your mindset. Useless as the RSPCA is when it comes to the practice of religious slaughter, investigate their website, they will spell out a few facts you are obviously not aware of, albeit a few years out of date!

  21. avatar Zoe says:


  22. avatar Else Marie Øland says:

    I want you to STOP this kind of cruelty/maltreatment to animals,Please STOP it NOW

  23. avatar justine camilleri says:

    plz stop cruel on animals .

  24. avatar BROWN-JONES says:


  25. avatar chander kumar soni says:

    go to hell.

  26. avatar Rebecca Jade Crossland says:

    This sort of behaviour is barbarick and outdated and someone needs to put a stop to it now!

  27. avatar Rebecca Jade Crossland says:

    Oh and thankyou to tesco for boycotting this disgusting treatment i shall be shopping there from now on!

  28. avatar N MacLeod says:

    Rebecca Jade Crossland!

    If you have the brain cells you were born with read my Reply to Hazel Booth… If you believe that Tesco, and ANY of the other major stores, do not give support and succuor to the most vile form of Animal Abuse on the Planet, just Google ‘tesco halal’ and find the TRUTH that those organisations hope and pray you will remain IGNORANT about…

    • avatar John says:

      It’s ridiculous really, Tesco physically can’t stop doing what it’s doing. If it stopped selling meat, or any products that come from animals it’d quickly go out of business. It’s essential that Tesco paints a pretty picture about moving in the right direction; not accepting meat from a certain type of farm performing one certain type of practise. But like you say, what about everything else? Tesco doesn’t care because it can’t – it’s not profitable. You can’t ask Tesco to change. It’s a business with one drive and one goal – money.

  29. avatar Yolanda says:

    thanks thanks thanks for all the work!
    and thanks to Tesco this time

    Lambs are such beautiful and gentle creatures, so good natured.
    Breaks my hearts to hear of their suffering

  30. avatar sandra robinson says:

    our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
    i do not think anything should suffer or die to keep me alive i have been a vegertarian all my life now wanting to turn vegan when i see the milk industry.

  31. avatar adam says:

    n macleod you are a vile person

    • avatar N MacLeod says:


      If you are one of those people who pose under a false name, and whos name may be more likely ahmed or abdul but you are too ashamed to let us know… OR if you are Western and Civilised and for some perverse reason agree with the abhorrence of halal, then I Thank You most profoundly for your Comment. To be condemned by someone who treats animals in the way laid down by those who believe in the cruel laws laid down by allah is indeed an Honour… I am proud to be a ‘vile person’. Wonder how many people on this Website agree with ME or YOU…

  32. avatar Daniela says:

    Basta con queste pratiche così violente!

  33. avatar Lillian Richman says:

    Thank you, Tesco. I will make a point of looking for your products when I buy.

  34. avatar robert says:

    the more humane methods of preventing flystrike are to expensive for farmers to consider because people refuse to pay more for the meat mulesing may look extreme but when done right it works it is no worse than docking a lambs tail which is a requirement. and if you don’t know what that is you shouldn’t be arguing on this page.

  35. avatar Sylvia says:

    YAY TESCO! I knew they weren’t as barbaric as some of this world’s corporations. I am just waiting for other food retailers to follow this example set by sucha large company. It just goes to show, not every huge company cuts corners & participates in cruelty! :)

  36. avatar Raemonde says:

    This is completely inhumane and absolutely devastating to the poor animals.
    I however would very much enjoy doing this to the people that inflict this on the animals.
    I have no tolerance for people that have no regard for animals.

  37. avatar Lucia Silveira says:

    Just real monsters can do things like that!
    How can they treat living creatures, who can feel and suffer, this way?
    It’s time to put an end on this horrific practices!

  38. avatar IDA says:

    let them live

  39. avatar anna says:

    Bastardi! Non siete umani!

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