Win The Church of Seitan Customised Tote Bags
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Closed: Win The Church of Seitan Customised Tote Bags

Fresh, edgy and totally wicked, The Church of Seitan is a rock-‘n’-roll clothing brand designed by PETA volunteer Michael Partouche. Favored by sexiest vegetarian nominee Jared Leto, the animal-friendly brand is a funky way to spread the seitanic gospel.

If you’re new to the world of faux meats, seitan (pronounced “SAY-tan”) is high in protein and low in fat and tastes sinfully delicious. Whether you grill it, fry it, barbecue it or just heat it up and slap it on a sandwich with some salad stuff and a tasty pickle, seitan meals are full of possibilities. You can buy it at most health-food shops, or you can make it from scratch (it’s cheap!). 

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  1. avatar Carles says:

    I love seitan, I make my own seitan sometimes as a vegan friend taught me how to prepare it from scratch, its very easy and cheap and my special touch is adding a bit of hoi-sin sauce at the end to make it tastier! ;) Most health-shops in Spain have them but in UK is not so easy to find a ball of Seitan!

  2. avatar Linda Kennard says:

    I have recently become a vegetarian and was introduced to Seitan. Wow. Cant imagine why I didnt do it years ago.

  3. avatar Dominika says:

    I love redwood sausages.and tofu in all variates.
    But the best meat subsitutes are in poland- made by Polsoya- lovely sausages and slices:)

  4. avatar lou mcmullen says:

    linda mccartney food is the best! and quorn is great too!

  5. avatar Wowzers says:

    Church of Seitan? Talk about rotten puns (seitan vs. satan)!

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