Win The Church of Seitan Customised Tote Bags
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Closed: Win The Church of Seitan Customised Tote Bags

Fresh, edgy and totally wicked, The Church of Seitan is a rock-‘n’-roll clothing brand designed by PETA volunteer Michael Partouche. Favored by sexiest vegetarian nominee Jared Leto, the animal-friendly brand is a funky way to spread the seitanic gospel.

If you’re new to the world of faux meats, seitan (pronounced “SAY-tan”) is high in protein and low in fat and tastes sinfully delicious. Whether you grill it, fry it, barbecue it or just heat it up and slap it on a sandwich with some salad stuff and a tasty pickle, seitan meals are full of possibilities. You can buy it at most health-food shops, or you can make it from scratch (it’s cheap!). 

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  1. avatar Andy says:

    The best ‘mock meat’ around is definitely Redwoods Deli chicken pieces. You can cooked them, eat them cold, sandwich them and they’re just a bit too scarily real. Orrrr… If you’re in London.. Go to a Thai veg and try the “shrimp”, they taste just a bit too real for my liking..

  2. avatar Rasmus says:

    The best meat substitute is lentils from burgers to salad

  3. avatar Aaron says:

    The perfectly prepared seitan patty (part of their vegan burger) from Deep Ellum in Allston, MA.

  4. avatar Wesley says:

    The mock chicken seitan from Green Restaurant (Phoenix, AZ) is definitely my fav!

  5. avatar Pumpkin says:

    I love seitan and I love bags, what more can I say, apart from I want one now!!!

  6. avatar Pumpkin says:

    OOps and my favourite seitan is the red seitan from Viva Vegan x

  7. avatar Jonathon R Addington says:

    Lightlife Barbeque Seitan makes for a great faux rib at a cookout!! I also like cooking seitan myself if I’ve got a couple extra hours, it gives you the freedom to add spices to heat up/tone down the flavors…mmmmm!!

  8. avatar McKenzie says:

    I love the buffalo seitan wrap at my nearby vegetarian restaurant. I want next to make the cherry seitan in vegan brunch. I’ve been a vegetarian since birth and vegan for 3 years. I love it! I’m way more creative than I’ve ever been with meals. Yay for seitan!

  9. avatar Christoffer says:

    Well beans and lentils, Optimus prime spare parts the vegi-way HEY HEY!

  10. avatar Lynton North says:

    I am a fan of Quorn. The mince makes for a great cottage pie. Quorn burgers and of course Linda McCartney Pies.

  11. avatar kasandra says:

    we do not get Seitan in south africa, western cape, what a pity. as from the above comments it sounds fantastic

  12. avatar Pointypix says:

    I’ve been eating quorn as a vegetarian but having recently decided to become vegan I have switched to Linda McCartney’s range much of which is suitable for vegans – the sausages and sausage rolls are really tasty!

    Living in Northern Ireland I am discovering that the vegan choices are pretty limited as I can’t find many of the meat substitutes or vegan cheeses shown on veggie websites but Tescos supermarket also do a great meat-free range which is suitable for vegans.

    I really want one of those bags to add to my collection of reusable bags – I want that gorgeous wee dog too!

  13. avatar Lauren C says:

    Anything Linda McCartney. Beautiful person – beautiful food!


  14. avatar John Carmody says:

    Redwoods rock and so does Heather Mills!

  15. avatar Raquel says:

    I love Fry’s Polony, which I discovered in the freezer at one of the larger Holland & Barrett stores. Simply gorgeous! Every time I get one, I have a sandwich feast!! Also great to fry – I added it to my stuff with pasta!! YUM!

  16. avatar Joseph Woodward says:

    Portobello mushroom marinaded in a sweet A1 sauce… truly, truly fabulous! By the way, them bags looks slightly similar to one I made myself –though much better ^_^

    “Life is life – whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man’s own advantage.” ~Sri Aurobindo

  17. avatar Clare Hardy says:

    Not sure if this counts as a substitute as it’s a cheese?

    But it’s got to be yummy Halloumi – what other cheese can you BBQ, and therefore don’t need sausage or burgers at a BBQ!!

  18. avatar sam says:

    my fav is Seitan stew…yumsters!

  19. avatar Glenda says:

    I think that Quorn Mince is the best alternative. It is so versatile; I use it for lasagne, bolognaise, fillingsetc., and find it a great tasting and good value choice.

  20. avatar Melissa Hall says:

    Anything by Redwood’s is AMAZING :D

    I particularly *love* their pretend duck :D

  21. avatar Melinda says:

    I love textured soy protein (TSP). It’s inexpensive, versatile, and quick to cook. You can buy it in granules, flakes, chunks, strips. As it’s dehydrated it will keep for more than a year, unlike other faux meat products which have a shorter life.

    You can use it in place of so many meats: marinated in a vege stirfry to replace chicken, mixed with herbs to create healthy replacement burgers, served with pasta to replace minced meat or meat balls, formed into sausages, as a vegan pizza topping, in burritos, in soups!

    (An added benefit – TSP is so lightweight a shipping container can hold more than 7 tonnes of it, meaning its transportation creates a lighter carbon footprint than other faux meat products) :D

  22. avatar Lucy says:

    I absolutely love Tesco’s meat-free chicken-style nuggets. I have a friend who is a meat eater and she even said they were better than the real thing!! :)

  23. avatar Jenni says:

    I have no idea what’s in it but i love the veggie scotch eggs at holland and barrett’s. And our local veggie restaurant ‘sky apple’ in newcastel they do an amazing mushroom casserole whish is randomly incredibly meaty in texture. Very filling and yummy.

  24. avatar Margarita says:


    Many people say it’s hard to believe that there is no meat in it – it gives you a lot of energy and tastes just amazing in wraps with lots of veggies and ..something new – with a bit of avocado! yummi)

  25. avatar Kim Haskins says:

    To be honest I don’t really like ‘faux meat’ because I don’t like anything that reminds me of eating flesh. However, I love seitan as it rocks in its own right – its versatile & you can make it yourself :)

  26. avatar Sam McKavanagh says:

    I always hit up Chinese supermarkets, grab myself a delicious can of seitan…I literally put it in everything…sometimes it doesn’t even make it to the pan and I just eat it straight from the can.

  27. avatar phil says:

    I love seitan and the vegan brand Fry’s especially their schnitzel !

  28. avatar Charlotte Varela says:

    Tesco’s meat free chicken kievs are gorgeous, especially when I’ve gotten in from work and can’t be bothered cooking from scratch!

  29. avatar Katharine says:

    Falafel, oh falafel!

  30. avatar Elizabeth says:

    Falafel. I adore it.

  31. avatar Harry.G says:

    I love the the crispy mock fried chicken that I got out of the peta vegan/vegetarian starter kit. It makes such a substitute to abusive fast food shops like KFC and mcdonalds. And whats also great is that you can season it anyway you like!

  32. avatar daphnes says:

    Valsoia has quite a good and yummy range of fake meat :) I love eating my fake burgers and sausages as i call ‘em :D

  33. avatar Kitty says:

    I absolutely love Quorn! Its widely available in almost every supermarket, and they hvave hundreds of different products, catering to every single person out there with their meat-taste requirements. Its also low in fat, high in protein, with is always a bonus.

  34. avatar Pia says:

    Oh my! Seitan with soy sauce, garlic spice and curry! And my mom makes the best chickpea cutlets! ^^

  35. avatar Kristine says:

    I like Quorn. Where I live, the choice is very poor, but Quorn satisfies my needs for the most part.


    if i am randomly selected, could i please have the ‘church of seitan’ set please? (the only on the bottom right)


  36. avatar Violet says:

    TOFU!!! I could eat tofu every single day of my life, my favourite (that I can make) is Black pepper tofu from veggie chef Yotam Ottolenghi –

    Yumbo! Also love the new chirozo from Redwoods on pizza :)

  37. avatar Valeria says:

    Falafel!!hot or cold,love it in grilled paninis with lots of spinach and tomatoes!so tasty! mmm

  38. avatar Katie says:

    vegi deli southern fried chicken is amazing.. The best vegan food there is!!!!

  39. avatar Jay says:

    Redwoods food all the way!

  40. avatar Lina says:

    home made veggie patties.

  41. avatar Tommy says:

    It’s got to be Redwood Hotdogs! Yummy!

  42. avatar Claire says:

    I LOVE Quorn especially their Mince, Burgers + Chicken Fillets !! I also LOVE Linda McCartney I adore their Country Pies and Sausages. Im NEVER going back to eating meat, the faux meat products are too good to just have once in a while, I want them all the time =D x

  43. avatar Luca says:

    S E I † A N

  44. avatar jade byrne says:

    Linda McCartney sausage rolls are the best :-)

  45. avatar michael f. says:

    seitan! what else?

  46. avatar Fiona says:

    My favourite faux-meat substitute is Redwood’s “Cheatin’ Pepperoni Style Slices”. It’s gorgeously spicy and super versatile. It also keeps really well in the fridge, if you take a long time to finish a pack! ;)

  47. avatar Joey says:

    Quorn an Linda McCartney products are unbeatable x

  48. avatar Henrietta says:

    I have never tried Seitan, i got some really weird looks asking for it in shops!!but i am going to test out the recipe this weekend. I love falafel, cauldron vege sausages, and making mock duck pancakes. I highly recommend vegetarian haggis as well : )

  49. avatar lauren ditchburn says:

    i’ve been a vegetarian since i was eight, but, since turning vegan a year ago my mind has been blown by the amount of ingredients i had never considered and more natural meat substitutes that don’t even reley on eggs or milk. But i still feel my life long vegetarian friend, hummus cannot be beaten and will be a staple in my diet for ever more <3

  50. avatar Jody says:

    Jackfruit in, for example, Jackfruit Carnitas: It’s fruity, fresh and funky and there’s nothing faux about it!

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