The World's Largest Animal Testing Programme - Even Worse Than You Thought
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The World’s Largest Animal Testing Programme – Even Worse Than You Thought

REACH adImagine finding out that the world’s largest animal testing programme – which has already killed an estimated 200,000 animals – is killing tens of thousands more animals than the law says it should. That is exactly what is happening right here in Europe. To draw attention to this tragedy, we’ve placed this advert in an influential European politics magazine, The Parliament, demanding urgent action from the authorities responsible.

This month, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), which administers the massive European Union chemicals testing programme known as “REACH” (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) published a report on the use of animals and alternative methods. It makes for a shocking reading, revealing the following facts: 

  • Up to 1,000 animals were used in painful skin and eye irritation tests, even though fully accepted non-animal methods exist, some of which are even written into EU legislation.
  • For certain chemicals, companies are required to submit a proposal to test that must be approved in advance, but tests on animals were conducted without this submission and approval. An estimated 58,000 animals suffered and died in those tests.
  • Despite advice from ECHA that certain preliminary tests should be omitted if proposals were made for more comprehensive testing to be conducted instead, a number of companies conducted the tests regardless. An estimated 140,000 animals died in those tests.
  • Critical mechanisms specified in the REACH law to avoid animal tests – mechanisms that PETA and other animal advocates fought hard to introduce – have been underused or completely ignored. It is not possible with the information currently available to estimate how many animals died as a result.

Whose fault is this? Well, the companies performing the tests certainly should not have done them – but ECHA doesn’t even seem to be checking whether or not animal tests could have been replaced with non-animal methods, despite what seems to be a clear obligation under the law for them to do so. That’s why PETA is calling on the European Commission – which is ultimately responsible for ensuring that REACH is administered properly – to take immediate and decisive action to ensure that animal testing is minimised in reality and not just in words.

Please contact European Commissioner for the Environment Janez Potočnik via his webpage to demand that immediate action be taken. Please send only polite letters requesting that the Commission take immediate steps to ensure that animal testing is avoided whenever and wherever possible and that penalties for breaches of this principle are implemented.

(These figures are from the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments.)

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  1. avatar Danielle says:

    This makes me absolutely sick!!! These poor animals, they have feelings too.. Would us humans like if were tested on for products. No! Sent into slaughterhouses.. What is wrong with this world? EVIL!! In my opinion, i feel that humans who think that is is perfectly alright should be slaughtered. This is so unfair, the eating of animals, testing of animals. Im a 19 year old teenager and i love animals, they are no different to humans.. THIS HAS TO END NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. avatar Martin Hofman says:


  3. avatar Courts says:

    I think this is absolutely disgusting. Animals have feelings and are no different than humans. Why should animals be tested for human resources. Animals should not be slaughtered. Thousands and thousands of animals die every year. The people who do this sickening thing to animals dont even give them painkillers! please people look for the rabbit logo on products this means they have not been tested on. If we keep on buying these rabbit logo products we can help save thousands of animals each year Humans can live without meat it is a proven fact. And they can also live without leather handbags and fur coats believe it or not!!!!!! PLEASE STOP THIS NOW!!!!!!!

  4. avatar cecilia says:

    Only the human beings are capable of this shame, I feel sorry and ask forgiveness to all non -human creatures for the absurd and terrible things we do to them.

  5. avatar Kyle says:

    The sick individuals who feel no sympathy for living creatures and carry out these diabolical tests clearly have zero moral awareness, and are as worthless as they incorrectly believe their innocent test subjects to be. I’ve seen more emotion, feeling, conscious awareness, and love in my rats than I have in the majority of people I’ve encountered throughout my life, and some moronic company tortures them with unimaginable pain and suffering.
    Seeing as these wealth obsessed, inhumane people seem to operate outside of the law, on the back of the ignorant consensus that animals have less value due to their wrongly percieved lack of intelligence and conscious self-awareness, I hope that the authorities would turn a blind-eye to the testing of animal torturing ‘scientists’ to see if they actually have a moral compass or any human(e) consciousness at all. Naturally these tests would be very invasive, and the search for any morality would preferably involve sharp objects and possibly a flamethrower.

  6. avatar Zara says:

    How can People be so barbaric and cruel. Can they not see what they are doing is wrong or are they blind to the suffering and pain they cause. These people who inflict pain in the name of science are monsters and will get their cumupence.

  7. avatar franki says:

    I’d like to test it on them and see how they like it… horrible people :-(
    Animals don’t deserve this… they have a heartbeat. Lets go and free all the animals and burn the building down…. who’s in!!! I wish i had lots of money to build a big animal farm where they could all live happily ever after!! :-)

  8. avatar Andrea Hildegard Bensing says:

    DISGUSTING – As long as so called “humans” treat animals in such a way they deserve to be treated the same way!

  9. avatar simon smith says:

    I don’t understand human cruelty to animals; I get so frustrated and extremely angry that this still happens today.
    How can those responsible sleep at night, personally I think they should have a test of their own medicine, maybe they will then think twice before inflicting pain on the vulnerble.

  10. avatar Muriel Servaege says:

    It’s sickening. How dare people do that to other lliving beings?

  11. avatar Joanne Barlow says:

    This photo is heartbreaking. It is a sad fact of life at the moment that the vast majority of people don’t think when they make their every day choices about what products to use (ie non animal tested) and what not to use. If they are aware of what goes on they block it out and try not to think about it. I wish more people could see this image to remind them of the cruel reality of what the product they are buying has done to some poor creature somewhere down the line. If they were stood watching someone pour chemicals into the eye of a mouse in a supermarket and were then asked if they wanted to buy it of course they wouldn’t. They would be appalled. The public needs reminding in the bluntest of ways about the price being paid for them to buy their favourite product. It is a sad testimony to humankind that we can abuse out power over animals and inflict such cruelty for the sake of longer eyelashes or a clean bathroom. I wish we could find a way to wake people up to this animal holocaust. I pity the people who inflict this cruelty on animals in laboratories – their cruelty must be eating them up inside and rendering them souless, for anyone who looks upon this photo and doesn’t feel as if they could cry or scream in frustration and sadness isn’t really a person at all.

  12. avatar Vicky says:

    It’s hard to believe that mass cruelty on this scale goes on. Hopefully writing to people in charge and bringing it to the attention of thee public might help. If demand stops for fur and cosmetics testing on animals things might change. I wrote to BURBERRY asking them to stop their use of fur and even though I pointed out the horrors the message back told me of the history of this ‘LUXURY’ goods company and made out that they were using fur from animals that were not from these farms and called them ‘hides’ as though to make them seem less noxious. I hope that these campaigns will make using fur as unacceptable as it was in the eighties and that a famous photographer or director takes on the challenge of bringing the exploitation of animals to the public.

    Thank you all for helping innocent creatures


  13. avatar Ella says:

    Animals are not the same as humans, because they cant help themselves the way we can. These animals are poor defenceless creatures, that we should be protecting, not taking advantage of in these sick torturous, experiments.
    Hundreds Of Thousands of animals are dying, and we need to help them, because we’re the only ones who can!

  14. avatar Scarlett says:

    I’m only a kid but even I can see how cruel and horrible this is-how do them people live withselves,how can anyone justify killing sentinent living creatures that matter jsut as much as humans.
    I’d like to see if they’d be happy to have all them tests done on them for skincare products.
    I despise animal testing on a whole they shouldn’t do it at all even for medicenes i feel ashamed at what the human race is doing Animal testing,Molesing,battery farming e.t.c
    It needs to stop.

  15. avatar Alex says:

    I am absolutely disgusted in this terrible crime which is happening in the so called 21st century ‘Europe’. These disgusting, money making, animal testing companies completely shame the human race and I am absolutely ashamed to see the amount of alternative methods that haven’t been, but could have been used. Everyone who uses animal tested products need to wake up and see what is happening right in front of their very eyes. Plain cruelty.

  16. avatar Chloe says:

    This makes my blood boil. Reading this makes me ashamed to be human. I can’t even comprehend how the animals that are constantly tortured must feel. It’s absolutely disgusting and there is no excuse for it. Just totally shocking that the species considered ‘civilised’ (aka humans) are capable of behaving in this barbaric way.

  17. avatar Henrieta Kovacikova says:

    It is said to hear about suffering animals.Unfortunately animals can’y speak up for themself and it breaks my heart that tey are torutred and kept under horrible circumstances.It really makes me think min what world are we leaving in? Horrible cruelty.

  18. avatar jessica says:

    algun dia pararan todos estos abusos a los animalitos y todas las personas que han hecho tanto daño a los animales tendran que rendir cuentas.

  19. avatar Katie says:

    This disgusted me before I even read the article solely due to the fact that i could not even tell what animal was on the picture because of the suffering it has endured possibly all of its life all for the purpose of, cosmetic testing? I having trouble comprehending why a government in this day in age is having trouble banning this atrocity for good. I feel great sympathy for anyone working in a laboratory which tests on animals, as clearly they have no moral values and do not understand what it is like to be a compassionate human being. This barbaric form of cruelty must end now! Thanks peta for all the outstanding work you do to help stop this mass torture and many other kinds of pointless cruelty :) x

  20. avatar margo says:

    im 15, before i found out about what these animals were going through, i was never a vegetarian i loved meat (i feel ashamed), now that i looked things up for my English essay, i have turned vegetarian, this is seriously making me sick…

  21. avatar Diana says:

    Все эти садисты непонятно кем выращены. Люди ради каких-то мелких целей заставляют страдать сотни тысяч невинных животных. Мы должны защитить их от людей

  22. avatar charlie says:

    Shocked to find that my mum used to work for charles rivers laboratories, cried all night, this is absouloutely evil and must be stopped.

  23. avatar IDA says:


  24. avatar Lisa says:

    I think we should test on all the rapists, murders and child harmers as they have no feelings or human emotions. Animals were on this planet first and display more feelings and emotions towards each other than most humans. STOP this evil by testing the products and medicines on the EVIL.

  25. […] rules state that animal tests can only be conducted as a “last resort”. But in 2011, a report from the European Chemical Agency (ECHA), which is responsible for policing REACH, showed that tens of thousands of animals were used […]

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