The World's Largest Animal Testing Programme - Even Worse Than You Thought
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The World’s Largest Animal Testing Programme – Even Worse Than You Thought

REACH adImagine finding out that the world’s largest animal testing programme – which has already killed an estimated 200,000 animals – is killing tens of thousands more animals than the law says it should. That is exactly what is happening right here in Europe. To draw attention to this tragedy, we’ve placed this advert in an influential European politics magazine, The Parliament, demanding urgent action from the authorities responsible.

This month, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), which administers the massive European Union chemicals testing programme known as “REACH” (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) published a report on the use of animals and alternative methods. It makes for a shocking reading, revealing the following facts: 

  • Up to 1,000 animals were used in painful skin and eye irritation tests, even though fully accepted non-animal methods exist, some of which are even written into EU legislation.
  • For certain chemicals, companies are required to submit a proposal to test that must be approved in advance, but tests on animals were conducted without this submission and approval. An estimated 58,000 animals suffered and died in those tests.
  • Despite advice from ECHA that certain preliminary tests should be omitted if proposals were made for more comprehensive testing to be conducted instead, a number of companies conducted the tests regardless. An estimated 140,000 animals died in those tests.
  • Critical mechanisms specified in the REACH law to avoid animal tests – mechanisms that PETA and other animal advocates fought hard to introduce – have been underused or completely ignored. It is not possible with the information currently available to estimate how many animals died as a result.

Whose fault is this? Well, the companies performing the tests certainly should not have done them – but ECHA doesn’t even seem to be checking whether or not animal tests could have been replaced with non-animal methods, despite what seems to be a clear obligation under the law for them to do so. That’s why PETA is calling on the European Commission – which is ultimately responsible for ensuring that REACH is administered properly – to take immediate and decisive action to ensure that animal testing is minimised in reality and not just in words.

Please contact European Commissioner for the Environment Janez Potočnik via his webpage to demand that immediate action be taken. Please send only polite letters requesting that the Commission take immediate steps to ensure that animal testing is avoided whenever and wherever possible and that penalties for breaches of this principle are implemented.

(These figures are from the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments.)

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  2. avatar clara says:

    not want to see more animal suffering is no longer necessary in laboratory test, you like the Nazis!

  3. avatar Kush Sutaria says:

    I am Appaled by the amount of animal testing going on at your organisation. Please stop these cruel tests as it is a crime against nature. You should strive to use other ways of collecting data rather than imposing horrible tests on animals.

    Thank you

  4. avatar Tina Maria says:

    This wasteful, needless cruelty has to stop!

    • avatar Dan says:

      It is not Needless if the overall data can possibly benifit mankind for the better. Did you know biochemists in the states have just successfully grown a human pancreas in an Mid aged Gibbon? By doing so they are close to curing diabetes.

  5. avatar Dan says:

    Seriously you hippies take it too far! Fine let them test on Humans instead! Your choice. We test things on animals because overall the results of these tests could benifit Humanity, therefor do not make them needless… The actions taken by this company just clearly explain the nature and behavour of Mankind as a species, being we seek to learn, understand and improve. This is the way of evoloution, and without people pushing the boundries by testing new chemicals and subsances, There is no way that Mankind can progress. I speak to you as a fellow scientist, and am fully against “most” actions by Peta.

    • avatar Anonymous says:

      oh come on dan, we all know scientists are just a bunch of batty weirdos who end up blowing themselves up with a tank of liquid nitrogen

      cant you see that we as humans ARE animals
      we as humans are mammals and part of the animal kingdom.
      WE ARE THE SAME AS ANIMALS, and anyway cant you see that
      I see no wrong in testing on HUMAN BEINGS to benefit ooh lets see then HUMAN BLOODY BEINGS!!!!!

      seriously, “Dan” what does that stand for then: Drippy and Nobby, jesus christ give me strength….

    • avatar Pam Page says:

      Definitely health/beauty products should not be animal tested – no need for it. Certain drugs that would eventually help mankind should not be tested on animals who do not respond the same to things as humans do. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. If new drugs should be tested, how about testing on inmates while they are using out tax dollars and getting all the medical help they may require. All drugs seem to have side effects ranging from diarrhea to death, so test on subjects that will give a true range of answers.

    • avatar Dan says:

      Now you have said somthing I do agree with, I also think Prisoners should be used in these tests….

    • avatar Jamie says:

      Dan, people must think about the consequences of their actions. The crucial thing is, that these tests cause suffering. Suffering is suffering, regardless of species. It is unacceptable to cause suffering to thousands of animals in tests that have questionable benefits for mankind. I notice how you wrote: “the results of these tests could benefit humanity.” It is hard to see how you could argue that it is acceptable to cause intense suffering and then death to thousands of animals for something that may or may not benefit suffering. The point is that more suffering is caused than is saved by animal testing as a general concept. Of course very occaisonaly, if a single test on a small number of animals would prevent the suffering of thousands of humans, that particular test would be justified. The reality is, however, that such tests are one in a million and so the whole testing industry must be heavily regulated and preferably stopped altogether.
      Bit of an essay, but I’m sure everyone would appreciate a considered response. As an afterthought, I dislike that you chide someone for swearing at you and yet you opened by refer to animal liberation activists as “hippies” in a derogatory manner. I personally am by no means a hippy and if you want to have a sensible discussion as opposed to a pointless insult-hurling match, you should practice what you preach.

    • avatar ash says:

      Danny boy you speak like its a race to survive, mankind with our domination over the earth hasn’t had the need to survive as a species for a long time. As a species as long as no massive natural disaster occurs (suppose we better start testing meteors and tsunami’s on rats & mice) it would take a lot to wipe us out so don’t pretend its a natural survival instinct to test on animals!!!! Don’t you think as a stable species with no real threat to extinction we should maybe take care of what’s left on the planet? In conservation circles they talk about disease as one of the many ways nature controls certain animal populations so they don’t get overpopulated, cancer and such are just ways of nature doing the same with us, not nice of course but perfectly natural!

    • avatar Moses says:

      Just because it’s human evolution doesn’t mean animals have to suffer because of our destructive methods, animals already die enough due to our horrible eating habits and more shouldn’t have to so that we can thrive and continue to drain the earths sources, if we test on ourselves it’s fairer since the experiments don’t benefit animals in anyway

    • avatar louise says:

      we’re hardly “hippies” because we think the way animals are treated is disgusting. i accept what you are saying about helping humanity and stuff but there is no better thing to test human products on than….. wait for it…… HUMANS!

      also, it is not only the testing that is completely heartbreaking to see/read/hear about but also the sickos that abuse and completely degrade the animals for ‘amusement’. you have clearly taken this at face value when there is so much more to it. it’s not right, it’s (a lot of the time) pointless, there are many other ways to test it and there is no excuse for an amount of suffering that they go through.

      also, why are you even commenting on a “hippie” site if you don’t actually care about this?

  6. avatar Dannii says:

    this is deeply distressing, how animals go abused, and have their most basic rights even disregarded, even today. The most important chemical test today is an electronic cruelty free test, so it’s upsetting that this still goes on

    • avatar Jason says:

      Animals don’t have inherent rights idiot.

    • avatar louise says:

      i think you’ll find you’re the idiot. why are you commenting if you don’t care? peta is about caring for/helping/rescuing abused animals, if you don’t care about that then why be here?

    • avatar Dan says:

      I laugh at your immaturity, you resort to name calling, wow. All i’m trying to say is that if we dont test on “other” animals, to quote your words, what do we run our tests on? Other Human’s? Even if the company run various simulations instead, that does not involve animal testing, there would not be enough data to support that the substance is safe for living organism’s. And as I previously said in my statement, the data that these tests provide can benifit Humanity for the better. Perhaps even find awnsers to cures for illnesses, e.c.t.



  8. avatar Shannon Burt says:

    The human animal never ceases to disgust me.

  9. avatar Kathy Nix says:

    I am appalled by the amount of animal testing going on at your organization. There is no excuse for this. There is plenty of data available for your use. To put these innocent animals through all of this pain and torture for no reason is a crime. Please stop this immediately!!

  10. avatar Lindy Eduarte says:

    STOP the disgusting, horrible testing on animals….we are in a new technology now.There is absolutely NO reason to harm, torture, and ultimately murder all the animals…I am appalled at what you are doing. You should all be charged with felony counts of murder and spend some time in jail. how can your conscience be clear??? Do any of you like animals?? In this day and age there are so many ways to test anything without using animals at all. Many companies do not use any animals at all. Get with the program you fools. You all make me sick to my stomach. I am so happy PETA is involved in this.

  11. avatar paula marsella says:

    What is in these chemicals that they have to test on animals or anything for that matter, PLEASE STOP!!!!!

  12. When is this cruelty going to stop? It is insane and unnecessary. If the lab idiots think a product may be harmful, then don’t market it. It’s that simple!

    Animals, like humans, are sentient beings – they can think, remember, feel and reason, just like humans. I have seen tears fall from a duck’s eyes when he mate was killed. I have seen tears stream down a horse’s face because she was in so much pain. And I have seen and felt the love a mother bear had for her cub. Animals are emotional beings, just like humans, but day after day we inflict cruelty upon them. Everyday, I say a prayer for the millions of animals that lose their lives in the slaughter houses.

    I say a prayer for the toad that gets crushed under a car’s wheels. Why? Because every being on earth, and including earth, is composed of God’s Energy, and therefore, is a creation of God’s, which is to be respected and revered.

    There will never be peace on earth as long as we are cruel to animals, the earth and each other.


    • avatar Dan says:

      There will never be peace on earth as long as we are cruel to animals? Yes I agree with you, Al’Queeda flew a plane into into the WTC building because we use animals for chemical testing.

      (“If you can’t tell, I’m using sarcasm to mock you.”)

    • avatar Jamie says:

      Dan, you are picking up on a small part of her argument and twisting her words. It would be like me pointing out that Al-Quaeda is also spelled al-Qaida or al-Qa’id but never “Al’Queeda” and claiming that your mistake invalidates what you are saying. What really invalidates what you are saying is that you are being uneccessarilly petty and sarcastic and thinking that such pettiness will help convince PETA supporters that your opinions are the correct ones. If you don’t think that, then don’t frustrate us with your pointless comments please.

    • avatar Tony says:

      Dan, perhaps your opinions might carry more worth if you didn’t have to resort to “sarcasm and mockery” to attempt to get them across. Usually the last resort of those who can’t articulate their argument.

  13. avatar Dan says:

    And also Anonymous, do you really think that the life of a Human being is equal to that of a Hamster, Mouse, or even Monkey. All i can say is “Grow Up.” This is the real world, why should our own species suffer, when somthing of less value can take our place. Also to test on our own species would be a voilation of Human rights. Now don’t even try to back awnser that using Animal rights, do you not remember that as the dominant species it was “US” that in fact created animal rights. And it is “US” that can just as easily take them away. Just a little somthing to think about.

    • avatar Hannah Bridges says:

      ‘grow up?’ It rather saddens and angers me that the beliefs of we who care for and believe in animal rights are not taken seriously. Speak for yourself – you are entitled to your point of view but if believing in and fighting for animal rights makes me immature then I’m happily a kid forever :)

    • avatar sarah says:

      theres always prisoner testing…how close can you get human DNA to human dna??? and animals have rights, you wouldnt like it if someone came and poked lipstick in your eye or rubbed chemicals into your skin to see if it hurts! it costs more and takes longer not to test on animals, but so what?!? cant afford to manufacture without killing?? why set up the business in the first place??? and yes DAN we could take animal rights away but if we did that to you and took your rights away youd complain to mommy or go to court or something…animals cant do that so someone has to!!!

  14. Let the Light shine on Dan and enlighten him! Animals are not of “lesser value” than humans. How insensitive and arrogant to think that – you are not a nice human being.

    Being cruel is not evolution; it’s a step backwards for mankind. Pushing the boundaries doesn’t mean being heartless. We don’t need animal testing – we need a better a government – one not bought by special interests such as Monsanto. We need cleaner air and food and besides, that we need for healing God put on earth. HERBS HEAL – and you don’t have to test them on animals.

    There are cures for cancer – bloodroot is one of them. I read that a French doctor came to Boston announcing a cure for cancer and he was sent home. The pharmaceutical companies don’t want to cure people because illness/sickness/disease is BIG business.

    We need less people in the world with your mindset.

  15. avatar Ruth says:

    By Injecting deadly bacteria and cutting up animals will not cure anyone!!!

    Look at all the test that was done on Animals to help stop people from getting Cancer and look what happened to the poor Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards she lost her fight, so all the testing on Animals did nothing for her, and the poor Animals that were used lost their lives too, makes no Sense to me!

  16. avatar Susan Scarlett says:

    Maybe 2012 should happen, we as a human race do not deserve any better.

  17. avatar Cynthia Mattera says:

    Wow Dan, maybe they should do these tests on you or your family dog. What is wrong with you?Animals feel pain just like we do. These are the same tests, repeated over and over again, all so these companies can make money. The end results are ALWAYS the same . These poor animals are subjected to a short-lived life in a cage and die a horrible, painful death.

    Animals were not put on this earth to be abused, and tortured. Shame on you for your lack of compassion!

    Here’s a qoute to think about ,from a very wise man!

    “You can tell the greatness of a nation by the way it treats it’s animals”

  18. avatar Dan says:

    You see, you just quoted Ghandi, A man of religion. I however am a man of science, therefore I do not look towards the conception of God for an awnser. I do feel compasion for animals, and hate the fact that they can be abused or misstreated. However the same principles of your argument can be used against you. Substances tested on animals could cure one of your family members from a terrible illness or expand there lifespan to spend their remaining time with loved ones. Did you know after 304 attempts, a scientist in the states just successfully grew a human pancreas in an adolecent gibbon. This means we are very close to a cure for diabetes! To learn, understand, and evolve is the way of Mankind, overall these tests could benifit hummanity greatly, and help is move on as a species. It is of course, our top priority to ensure the survival of the human race above all, somthing to think about.

    • avatar Leanan says:

      Hello Dan, don’t know who you think you are kidding, maybe the 12 year olds but the grown ups can see straight through you. You’re a scientist huh? “Misleaded” ? That something they taught you in advanced scientific language, lol. They grew a pancreas in a gibbon? now just go back to the source of that info and read it again. All they did was grow the organ tissue, it means that they have no cure for diabetes, nor will they find one experimenting on animals, the cure (as with all these self inflicted diseases) is to not get it in the first place…a healthy raw vegan diet will ensure that you not only live to a ripe old age, you will avoid the diet related diseases and you will not age prematurely (as you do on a meat based diet). The company that is patenting the artificially grown pancreas intends to sell them at extortionate prices to people that have f***ed theirs up with a bad diet…that most definitely is not a cure…so you’re going to have to come up with a better example than that…you wont find one though because that is not what animal experimentation is all about. Its already been mentioned but the drug and chemical industries are the ones carrying out animal tests and it is done to profit from grants (they make a lot of experiments up to get more funding/income) and to formulate drugs that mask symptoms not cure. They will not put them selves out of business so don’t expect a cure any time soon. So given that its all a big scam that drug companies profit from then it is completely inexcusable to use other species of animals to further their profiteering. Lastly I think that it is a far too convenient coincidence that you just happen to be a member of the species that you feel is most important, bit narcissistic don’t you think?

  19. avatar Dan says:

    Heres a quote for you, young missleaded man.

    “All Human actions have one or more of these seven causes: Chance, Nature, Compulsion, Habbit, Reason, Passion, Desire.”
    -Irene Joliot Curie-

  20. avatar Lilith says:

    I think, Dan, the word you are looking for would be “misled” and not “missleaded”. Dan, another note to you; stay away from animal welfare sites. Looks to me you are only trying to stir up trouble. You must certainly have a lot of time on your hands to bother looking at articles opposed to animal testing when it’s not something you agree with. My partner, also a scientist, is deeply opposed to animal testing just for the record.

  21. avatar Katy says:

    I personally think that if all these medicines and such are for human use then they should be tested on humans, mostly for the animals welfare but also because we cant actually generalise the results from animal research to humans as we have completely different biology to that of animals. Also, from a religious point of view, the bible says that humans should steward over the animals and this torture must be an abuse of that stewardship?!

  22. avatar Rebecca Sloan says:

    Dan just go away, your attempt to justify animal testing is making me nauseous, and I think you really are a wanker! As far as I am concerned Scientists who choose to test on animals are doing so for their own financial gain and have little regard for humans or animals! Rebecca, New Zealand.

    • avatar Jason says:

      That is your personal opinion. The fact of the matter is even if ONze human life is extended by the death of a million mice the research is would have been worth it. Humans > every other sentient being.

    • avatar Dan says:

      Thank you Jason, at least one person that has the same view on this matter as me.

    • avatar sarah says:

      jason and dan you are pig headed and close minded. you are clearly both trolling to get a reaction. this is a website for animal WELFARE-not illiterate bigots and morons like you two. why are you even on here, its like walking into a church and shouting at the minister the reason you are right and god is wrong about the creation of the earth. want to support animal cruelty-feel free, but just because you live in a tiny box room in your mums house, there are other things to piss people off about-go join the taliban-you seem to have the same nazi views as they do.

    • avatar matt says:

      ha lol poned

  23. avatar Rachel, 14 says:

    The problem with animal testing is the ethical considerations.

    The classic Animal vs. Human rights, in the end people will always put humans first.

    Humans are hardly considered in these tests, the only focus seems to be the torture of the animals, the more publised this realisation comes, then can the public consider animal rights, without being blinded by the lie of “human rights” involvment.

  24. avatar Nuno says:

    …”Al’Queeda flew a plane into into the WTC “… do you still believe it was Al’Queeda, only? I say, grow up and search. Where were the plane pieces that flew against the pentagon?
    …”Substances tested on animals could cure one of your family members”… You scientists or skeptics will use those words forever. If for many years it was true (and still for most medicine on the market), now it’s just a question changing, because there are most effective (proved) alternatives.
    The question i have to you is: – Who pays you to say these words?

  25. avatar M,, says:

    Why use animals at all, when there is a constant supply of tax funded, well fed, healthy specimans in our prison system?

  26. avatar Whocares says:

    I would much rather they tested it on humans than animals. Humans, animals – all THE SAME. When will people understand animals are exactly like US.

    “(…) Mice and rats are mammals with nervous systems similar to our own. It’s no secret that they feel pain, fear, loneliness, and joy just as we do. These highly social animals communicate with each other using high-frequency sounds that are inaudible to the human ear. They become emotionally attached to each other, love their families, and easily bond with human guardians. Male mice woo mates with high-pitched love songs. Infant rats giggle when they are tickled. Not only do rats express empathy when another rat or a human they know is in distress, they also exhibit altruism, putting themselves in harm’s way rather than allowing another living being to suffer”.

    This world is repulsive. The best thing that could happen would be if the Earth exploded to pieces. No more suffering would there be.

  27. avatar Mark says:

    “This world is repulsive. The best thing that could happen would be if the Earth exploded to pieces. No more suffering would there be.”

    Not a bad suggestion.

    Animals should not be used for human gains. They have equal place on this earth and should be treated with respect, and going to a point another raised, now I’m not religious in the slightest but I agree with the notion that we should ‘steward’ the animlas of this world.

    There are plenty of people who would volunteer for human testing (infact many do and paid for testing/trials). and I agree with anothe rposint where there is enough scum on this earht rotting in prisons and on death row that should be used instead of animals.

    For the record, not everyone that loves animals is a hippy, some of us are just concerned enraged citizens that has ethics and morals. Not scientists trying to justify their own exisitance.

  28. avatar Krzysztof says:

    Stop the animal testing once and for all! All living organisms have intrinsic value. Environment and biodiversity supports life on our planet. We must pay respect to all life. It is both unnatural and unethical for humans to treat animals in this way. VIVA ECOCENTRISM!

  29. avatar Dan says:

    It’s Ethical views like all of yours that cause problems.

    • avatar Amber says:

      And it’s corrupt views like yours that wiped out the dodo and started the holocaust. So don’t even think about labelling us as problematic.

    • avatar Anonymous says:

      Excuse me Amber, but that is completely out of order. Admittedly, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and maybe Dan should express his views elsewhere, but likening people who do not mind animal testing to the holocaust is simply sickening, and I hope one day you grow up, and learn not to compare trivial things to one of the biggest instances of genocide ever. 6 MILLION people died. You may think the testing of things on animals is horrific, but do NOT compare it to the mass murder of millions of people. Think before you speak.

  30. […] dish soap, and other household products for generations, but that didn’t stop REACH, the European Union’s massive chemical-testing program, from torturing and killing about […]

  31. avatar Stacey says:

    Everyone avoid mars products as they use really horrible animal testing I don’t know why they need to test animals for chocolate they also make loads of other products e.g dog food,household products , they drowned mice in paint and gassed rats to later cut open. Herseys all the way until mars change there ways I’m avoiding there products

  32. […] Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) – which also happens to be the world’s largest animal killing programme. A recent development has given us hope that the death toll can be cut, and we’ve taken […]

  33. avatar Billy says:

    STOP,Animal testing will not stop. PETA, you are pissing me off. If animal testing stops then everyone will have diseases. Stop your whining and let us test on animals.

  34. avatar Billy says:

    Dan, I love you. I agree with everything you said. PETA read the bible, god put animals on earth for us to rule. READ BIBLE.

  35. avatar duckdude94 says:

    I don’t think animals should be tortured like this. Animals are more important than humans. (But ducks are the most important. Hee hee.)

  36. avatar Jane B says:

    People wrote the bible, so I’m sceptical about everything in there. I don’t believe that the first humans were Adam and Eve.
    I also don’t believe that God said that we could be absolute c**ts to animals if we wanted.
    We do not afford nearly enough respect to animals for what they provide us.

    • avatar Kyle says:

      I agree, we wrote the bible, OUR EVIL WORDS… Religion is evil

    • avatar Laurie says:

      I totally agree with you I like to keep an open mind about religion even though I am Not a beliver people have their faiths and i respect them
      each to their own !!

  37. avatar El cid says:

    Many if not all of today’s past and present medical techniques are derived from animal testing. Although animal testing is cruel, billions of human lives have been saved through medical testing. If you know anyone or you yourself are using or have used any of the following you cannot be against animal testing

    Anti-inflammatory drugs
    Pain killers
    Chemotherapy ( used with all forms of cancer )

    What is needed from groups such as p.e.t.a instead of protest is to use donations to find other forms of testing that do not involve animals.

    Although this post will not be allowed to be published, it means maybe one person in p.e.t.a will read this and realise we are all not as dumb as they think!

  38. avatar Alistair says:

    This is Alistair from PETA and it’s been fantastic to see all the debate this posting has generated. There are far too many different comments to respond to but I just wanted to say a couple of things.

    This post was about one issue, albeit a massive one, the EU’s chemical testing programme, and its failure to use effective and humane alternatives which are available right now. I’d hope that wherever people stand on the ethics of animal experimentation, they’d agree that such obvious wastage of animals’ lives is unacceptable.

    PETA doesn’t support any animal use, of course, and, El cid (last commenter), we do put our money where our mouth is and support the development of non-animal methods too – see here

    As for using animal-tested drugs, yes, all prescription drugs are tested on animals and that means those of us who oppose animal experimentation are put in a very difficult position. We aren’t given the option of taking non-animal tested drugs and I don’t think you can seriously be suggesting that people who oppose animal experiments should die of cancer or suffer untreated pain as some sort of gesture of solidarity with animals. That wouldn’t bring any animals back. Instead, we exercise our choices where we can – such as in what we eat – and fight to end animal tests, which will ensure that future others won’t be put in the same position we are.

    And does medical advancement depend on animal tests? See PETA US’s excellent answer to that claim (and many others) here

  39. avatar Kate Hartmann says:

    Let’s back up – Ghandi was not a man of religion – he was a Spiritualist, just like Jesus, Buddha and Quan Yin. He believed that we, including animals and the earth, are all part of the One God Energy. He had a great reverence for life just as Jesus did.

    And for those who believe Jesus is our brother, he was a vegetarian. He was a member of a peace loving, vegetarian sect of Judism called the Essenes. He came to earth to show us how to live in compassion and unconditional love, but within one hundred years of His transition, His original message was garbled beyond recognition.

    Buddha won’t hurt a fly – literally. He believed that all God’s Creatures, large or small, had a right to be on earth. The modern-day Buddhas have bastardized his teachings because they feel it is okay to eat dead animals. Buddha NEVER ate animal flesh. He understood energy and vibrations and to do so would have lowered his.

    Every advanced being who came to earth to show us how, we as children of God, should be living were vegetarians. They knew how to keep their vibrations elevated so that they could live off the prana, or life-giving force, in the air element.

    God’s Will or Plan for earth is one of compassion, kindness, harmony, peace, beauty, joy, forgiveness and unconditional love. Killing animals, or each other, has NO part in God’s Plan for us and for the earth.

    And for those who are religious, THOU SHALL NO KILL, includes all sentient beings – ANIMALS – and the earth.

    I pray for peace.

  40. avatar Graham says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Dan is a thick as two planks of woods? Dan my old son you are a clown

  41. avatar toni says:


  42. avatar Megan Jane says:

    Can I just say please that many people are either against animal testing or for it in a way I am both. Like some other people have said on here that it is barbaric and shouldn’t be legal I sort of agree I feel that it is in some ways horrible, but also i think that for some things it is sort of okay. Because without it how are we ment to discover new treatments for diseases, our human population is increasing because a) babies are being born and b) not as many people are dying so at least somethings are coming of this !!!
    I am against make-up testing so next time any of you put some make-up on THINK- what died for you to be able to wear this ?????

  43. avatar abbey says:

    LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE,scientist have proven HUMAN! cells and alternatives to test on WHY the animals si it because they are weaker or have less authority ethan us.Well they should just be grateful as we have evolved from apes!

  44. avatar Sylvia says:

    to all who have said or are thinking of it: i totally agree on the test on criminals thing. If they are on death row, with no chance of ever being set free, what have you got to lose? these criminals are the ones whohave no concern for what they have done- a lot of them are even proud of it! if they are going to die anyway as a result of execution, if they DID die in these experiments, in one sense, it would not matter. Of course, there are the issues of human rights and “justifiable punishment”. Surely this kind of punishment would fit the worst of crimes? Also, a system could be set up, where if the subject survived the tests, he/ she could be offered an extended time until they are executed. I have discussed this with many of my peers (many of which are against animal testing), and they all agree on this sort of operation. i just don’t think creatures without a voice should be experimented upon.

  45. avatar jim says:

    what you are doing is so dispraspectfull to animals.. do you want this done to you? do you want to be physically abused by some evil strangers? haha thought not. end it now!!!

  46. avatar jim says:

    testing on animals so stupid! it is so cruel to animals…..imagine if you were an animal and you were getting tested on>>>>sort it out

  47. avatar bob marley says:

    i like animals! how could you do it! im a world wrestling champion and you do this to animals!!!! if you stop this,,ill get u 3 free tickets to wwe!!”/

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