The Only Way Is Freedom: Lydia Bright and Mr Darcy Protest Proposed Pig Farm
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The Only Way Is Freedom: Lydia Bright and Mr Darcy Protest Proposed Pig Farm

The Only Way Is Essex star Lydia Bright posed for photographs with her pig pal, Mr. Darcy, to urge compassionate citizens to speak out against Midland Pig Producers’ plans to build an enormous factory farm in Foston, Derbyshire.

“Mr Darcy really has opened my eyes to how wonderful, smart and fun pigs are”, says Bright. “He loves to go for walks, play in the long grass and feel the sun on his back – all things that the 25,000 pigs who would be housed in this pig prison in Foston would be denied. To keep pigs in close confinement and deny them access to the outdoors and fresh air is cruel. I would ask all of Mr Darcy’s fans to please go to the PETA website and speak out against the proposed planning application.”

Lydia Bright and Mr. Darcy - Photo: Gareth Cattermole / Getty

Lydia Bright and Mr. Darcy - Photo: Gareth Cattermole / Getty

With the deadline for objections to the plans looming, proud pig guardian Bright has also sent a letter of objection to the Derbyshire County Council and is encouraging everyone to do the same.

Lydia Bright and Mr. Darcy - Photo: Gareth Cattermole / Getty

Lydia Bright and Mr. Darcy - Photo: Gareth Cattermole / Getty

According to the plans for the massive factory farm, 25,000 pigs would be imprisoned in the facility at a time and 1,000 pigs would be transported to slaughter each week. In addition to the suffering caused by keeping complex, intelligent animals in filthy, crowded conditions, the facility could pose real risks to human health and the environment. Permitting industrial farms of this scale to be built in the UK would inevitably result in farm animals receiving even less protection that the minimal level they currently have, and this must not be allowed to happen. Please help to thwart Midland Pig Producers’ plans by sending an objection to the council right now.

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  1. avatar Miranda Dane says:

    Please don’t go ahead with an extremely cruel, disgusting and horrific factory farm.
    We all say no to Foston Pig Prison and never want the kilings to be in the name of humans.
    Don’t go ahead with this, 25,000 pigs locked away, never to see the light of day, constant fear, pain, suffering and mysery. What is this coming to?

  2. avatar caroline says:

    it would be disgusting to see another one of those vile farms existing in this world i saw the video by paul mcartney on pig farms and saw the reality of what goes on in this horrible greedy brutal industry the animals were abused to a degree i couldnt imagine possible.i have now have stopped eating meat and have lost a stone in weight and feel amazing. nice to see a young celebrity like lynda getting herself involved and speaking up for animals what a great rolemodel for young girls god bless her.

  3. avatar Rat King says:

    Thank you Lydia Bright – for your courage and heart of gold! You are an angel! May people learn from you and follow your proposition!

  4. avatar I love pigs says:

    Lydia Bright is my hero… save the pigs

  5. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    What type of person would want to own or work at a cruel, inhumane and demonic pig farm. Only a very vile and morally bankrupt person.

  6. avatar Christiane says:

    The everyday cruelty the animals in factory farms face, along with the fact they’re bereft of what God intended them to enjoy – fresh air, nature’s food, sun and freedom – is heinous. Just watch the video “Meet your meat” on this website. The problem is not that not all human beings are vegans. The problem is that the demand for meat nowadays is 200% to 300% more than we normally need! Such excessive demand is what supports those filthy, cruel farms. I believe that if we all became vegans for some well long period of time, then the factory farms’ supply will decrease. I wish all these sadistic workers go to jail or at least become unemployed, and they will be unemployed because every enterprise needs human resources, not bloody slaughters. And, guys, what Lydia Bright and other cute, all-peaches-and-creams models are doing, is just for the view not contributing anywhere. The point is to induce a vast amount of population to go vegan and thus close the factory farms, not smile cutely hugging a pig while holding a cute plaquat. Whatever you do, do it efficiently and effectively, otherwise become a just-model or a just-star; not a so-called fighter for the animal rights.

    • avatar Hannah Knight says:

      I think Lydia here and celebs in general do a great deal to draw attention about these issues to the public. Someone who didn’t know anything about animal rights but who did watch TOWIE could pick up on these pictures and then they would be presented with the information above. Its important to get animal rights issues talked about and make them accessible to most people who wouldn’t otherwise know about them. And using celebs is a great way to do so. The more people who know about the issues means more people are likely to think about going vegan.

  7. avatar Christiane says:

    Hannah, I agree if we see it that way. But the problem is that celebrities often use such issues for their own sake. Many models and actresses claim that the owe their beautiful bodies to a vegan diet. I bet they started vegan diet after their dietologists suggested them doing so, not because they remembered that animals are creatures worthy of love and protection. That’s the problem. We don’t need any rolemodels of fragile beauty to take action against factory farms and slaughterhouses. We need our own strength. Seeing a few images and videos about the living conditions of animals heading to our dishes, is more than enough. We should induce people to watch such videos. Believe me, they will be haunting forever even the most enthusiastic meat-eater. Slowly or later, they’ll turn to vegeterian or vegan.

  8. avatar pat says:

    If people continue to buy cheap pig meat & risk disease from eating pigs then this will continue
    Anyone who eats meet should be made to watch the videos
    Tge peta videos should be played at schools to the children because they probablt don’t know what eating meat involves

  9. avatar wendy says:

    It is beyond me that these horrific places are even given listening space by the councils. or anyone! Humans are the most disgusting selfish beings on the planet. People who get involved or profit by animal suffering and animal death, actually delude themselves in thinking they are good decent human beings, well, I wouldn’t give them breathing space. Too many people do not give a damn if any animal has sufferered and died for their food on their plate, or clothing for that matter. I dont know how these people sleep at night, oh yeah easily as they are too damn selfish! It’s a real shame they don’t loose sleep like i do with all the cruelity against animals! I do get some comfort knowing there are caring people. like myself out there

  10. avatar Pierre et Monique GUETH says:

    Non à l’élevage industriel de porcs.
    Halte à l’alimention carnée!

  11. avatar Martine Vaffier says:

    Just don’t eat meat!

  12. avatar susan says:

    No animal should be forced to live like this, Pigs like to feel the earth under their feet and to wallow in mud. Farming like this planned one in Foston should be banned all together

  13. avatar Sue says:

    Words fail me – animals should be treated with respect and not used or abused. Building this factory farm is all about money, and people who have no conscience and no feelings for beautiful creatures. Meat is not needed in a diet, and if people have to eat it they can source free range…

  14. avatar Lynn Anderson says:

    Please don’t go ahead with this pig farm. Pigs are lovely intelligent animals who deserve a life without pain and suffering as much as humans. A lady on tv said she doesn’t eat pork or bacon because it’s too much like human flesh and I totally agree. Please save the pigs, they are beautiful sentient creatures. It makes me sad to think that others don’t treat pigs with the respect they deserve.

  15. avatar Ivana Zofkova says:

    Pigs are very inteligent animals, nearly as fogs are. To eating them and bad treatment is inhuman.

  16. avatar Ivana Zofkova says:

    Pigs are inteligent animals and should be saved as another living beings. Bad treatment and cruelties on them are inhuman and they should be stopped immediately.

  17. avatar paillard says:

    no to foston pig farm

  18. avatar CHANDER KUMAR SONI says:

    pigs are so cute animal.
    please save pigs.

  19. avatar carol shorten says:

    I hope this type of farming never comes to fruition in my life time.Its cruel and not wanted here. We dont want mass produced food thats tasteless and I hope that this council will refuse planning permission . These are intelligent creatures and to have space to roam and forage is what they need and deserve.

  20. avatar Ann Nevans says:

    I became actively involved in stopping factory farming when I saw a picture of a sow gestation crate, actually it was hundreds of sows in cruel metal barred enclosures only 22 inches wide. They cannot even move to turn around. From start to finish their lives are an unimaginable hell. They are even restrained from touching their offspring when they are born, time after time with artificial insemination. I always knew factory farming must be bad but nothing prepared me for this terrible truth. Every time I excercise or stretch I think that they do not even have this most basic of all rights – to move and walk around. Once we freed the human slaves. Now it is time to do the right thing for our lovely, sentient and innocent animal friends. Otherwise we do not deserve to be in this world.

  21. avatar Lyl says:

    All for this campaign but isn’t this the person that painted her pig’s feet? Pretty sure putting make up or any form of cosmetic make up on an animal isn’t good for them…

  22. avatar laura says:

    no to foston pig farm

  23. avatar Alex says:

    Why would anyone want to be so cruel?!? no to foston pig farm

  24. avatar Ella Schofield says:

    I completely object to this pig farm! The poor pigs will probably become ill anyway and spread disease and it will be all their fault. These pigs have a right to live a happy and healthy life in free range farms. Good on Lydia for supporting it, such a lovely girl! If everyone just stopped buying cheap meat, places like this would have no use. They would be forced to shut down. RIP all the pigs that have lost their lives in harsh ways due to farms like this! If this goes ahead there will be a lot of protesting!!!!!!!!! FIGHT FOR THE PIGS

  25. […] is Essex. She has a pet pig called Mr Darcy (see photo above) and we are happy to say she helped PETA out with their protest against Foston pig factory farm. Well done […]

  26. avatar Steven Mills says:

    Every creature has the right to live in blissful peace. How do cruel people sleep at night?

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