Cricketer Wayne Parnell Hits Circus Cruelty for Six in New PETA Ad
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Cricketer Wayne Parnell Hits Circus Cruelty for Six in New PETA Ad

Cricketer Wayne Parnell has set his sights on a new opponent: circuses that force wild animals to perform unnatural and painful tricks. In a new anti-circus ad for PETA, Parnell, who plays for the South African national team, appears shirtless and bound by chains next to the words, “Try to Relate to Their Fate. Say NO to Animal Circuses”.

“I choose to participate in sport, but the animals used in circuses aren’t given any choice at all”, says Parnell. “Animals in circuses suffer a lifetime of abuse – all for a few cheap tricks.”

An undercover investigation into the Bobby Roberts Super Circus by Animal Defenders International (ADI) revealed that workers beat, kick and abused Annie, the UK’s last performing elephant. The investigation also revealed that elephants were trained using bullhooks – instruments resembling fireplace pokers. Trainers embed the bullhooks into the elephants’ skin and soft tissue areas, creating painful lacerations, puncture wounds and abscesses.

Wayne Parnell - Try to Relate

The ad was shot in India by ace photographer Himanshu Seth during the recent IPL season, and Ayesha Wadiwala did the make-up.

Join Wayne Parnell, the majority of the British public and all major animal protection organisations in calling for a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.

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  1. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    When I was a little kid I liked the circus. Now the circus is an atrocity exhibition of cruelty against animals.

  2. […] were convicted. There are approximately 250,000 captive animals in the UK’s zoos, aquaria and circuses. Approximately 3.5 million animals are used in laboratory experiments each year. Nearly 900 million […]

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