Tiger-Striped Chantelle Houghton Goes 'Wild' Outside Parliament
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Tiger-Striped Chantelle Houghton Goes ‘Wild’ Outside Parliament

Wearing little more than painted-on tiger stripes and holding a sign that reads, “The Cruellest Show on Earth – Ban Wild Animals in Circuses”, Celebrity Big Brother star and PETA friend Chantelle Houghton joined PETA in front of the Houses of Parliament to call on the government to ban the use of wild animals in circuses. The action came a day before a scheduled debate in Parliament in response to the government’s failure to implement a ban last month. The rejection was purportedly based on European Union legal concerns, but the European Commission has made it clear that member states are best placed to legislate on animal welfare.

Chantelle Houghton outside Parliament

Tigers and other wild animals used in circuses spend the vast majority of their time confined to cages or cramped trailers. As countless undercover investigations have documented, animals are routinely mistreated behind the scenes, including being beaten.

Chantelle Houghton behind bars

Forcing wild animals to spend their lives in cages or performing meaningless tricks is shockingly cruel. The government’s failure to implement a ban flies in the face of overwhelming public opinion, the recommendations of the British Veterinary Association and the position of every major animal welfare group in the country.

If you live in the UK, please contact your MP via our online action alert and push for a complete and immediate ban.

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  1. avatar Natasha Seva says:

    Please, please, please live up to your HUMAN name and BAN wild animals being used and abused in circuse.

    Kind Regards

    Natasha Seva

  2. avatar mary traynor says:

    Please can we have an immediate BAN on this barbaric, outdated and unwanted spectacle of animals. These animals are not toys. No animal deserves to be exploited by ‘humans’. Do the right thing and end this misery now.

  3. Animals condemmed to circuses is pure misery for them. I once lived in a bedsit and I can assure you that three months of living in such a confined place almost drove me insane.
    Poor, poor animals.
    Please, where ever you are and especially if you are in a place where you can bring about a better life for them, then please, please do so.

  4. avatar nitasmith says:

    There is not reason for this government not to ban wild animals in circuses. They hid behind a loophole in EU law stating it may be a case against human rights. This has been confirmed as not applicable under EU law and the case in question in Austria did not go to court. BAN WID ANIMALS IN CIRCUSES!!!

  5. avatar ricky says:

    this country is moving backwards not forwards as it should, its becoming a joke. despite all the effort of thousands and thousands of people the uk wont ban the use of animals instead they opt for the pathetic and cowardly way out with the use of “strict laws etc” which wont stop circuses using animals because lets be truthful these animals arent going to have an eye kept on them all the time so who knows what goes on most of the time.

    the uk is a circus
    the government is full of clowns
    & david cameron is the ringmaster

    • avatar Victoria Colewood says:

      I recently received an encouraging letter from Stuart Andrew, MP who is also against keeping these animals in circuses. However, Defra seem to have received legal advice that a ban would be illegal under domestic and European law. I am pleased to find that at least one MP is aware of what the humane part of Great Britain want and hope that we will not always be under the shackles of these barbaric laws.

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